What would you say you do, here?

The Senate has been awfully quiet and boring, aside from confirming a lot of judges (and perhaps making the occasional deal with the Devil Democrats to do it). Contrast with the House holding impeachment hearings.

Why isn't the Senate calling witnesses and taking evidence about SpyGate, or the Biden corruption?

If I had to guess, it's because at least some of their prominent members were involved up to their necks in those issues or similar corrupt abuses of power.

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FBI more worried about "neighborhood gangs" than cleaning their own house

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Justice Ginsbug misses oral arguments for illness

It turns out she had a stomach bug. You know what makes you feel nauseous? Intensive chemotherapy.

UPDATE: I am reminded that I recently speculated that impeachment theater was intended, in part, as an argument to prevent Trump appointing a Supreme Court Justice to replace Ginsburg. This lends significant new weight to that argument.

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Obama official chosen for Roger Stone jury?

The potential for bias is obvious, but at the same time, nebulous. Political enemies rather than personal enemies. Still, to avoid the appearance of impropriety, it seems to me a new juror would be wise.

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Whistleblower in January 2017: "coup has started"

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Supreme Court denies cert in PLCAA case

Sebastian is worried, but Dave Hardy seems calmer, mostly because the litigation is at an early stage. My take on this is that it is disappointing, in that it opens a window for death by legal costs, but a denial of cert by the Supreme Court is not dispositive of the merits. Basically we are going to have to wait and see.

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About that government single-payer health care plan...

UK's National Health Service to deny care to "racists" and "sexists", because apparently, if you have opinions the government doesn't like you should just die. Which is actually a lot closer to Nazi Germany than most of the "racists" and "sexists" who would be affected by this policy are.

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No quid pro quo

The left are doing their best to confuse the issue by hiding the facts. We have the transcripts.

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Making a difference

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New Zealand Gun Grab fails miserably

Bearing ArmsNew Zealand’s gun grab, instituted in the wake of the Christchurch massacre, isn’t going so great. In fact, with less than two months to go before the government-imposed deadline, fewer than 20% of the estimated number of banned firearms have been handed over.

I hope the Democrats are paying attention.

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FBI arrests alleged white supremacist but lets bomb maker go free

Daily CallerThe FBI arrested a 27-year-old alleged white supremacist for attempting to bomb a synagogue in Colorado on Monday.

Undercover agents provided fake explosive devices to Richard Holzer, who then attempted to blow up the Temple Emanuel synagogue in Pueblo, Colorado on Friday, the Denver Post reported. Holzer allegedly brought a knife and a copy of “Mein Kampf” to meet with the agents. He faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.

They let the bomb maker go free because the bomb maker was an FBI agent. I have steadily grown more and more skeptical about these plots where the FBI contacts (or their undercover guys are contacted) people and those people are then given fake bombs and otherwise encouraged to do things they probably would not have done without the FBI's helpful prompting. And the FBI public relations team could really use some media distraction from SpyGate and the upcoming IG report, not to mention the revelations in Flynn's court filings.

As far as I am concerned, if the FBI wants credit for stopping terrorists, they need to find some terrorists who made their own bombs.

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Democrats take Virginia, promise gun control

I hope they regret the overreach, because once gun control passes, the entire area around the seat of the federal government will be unsafe territory for gun owners. That's a recipe for a government that doesn't care about gun rights.

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Germany inches closer to totalitarianism (again)

Bearing ArmsIn an attempt to crack down on “far-right” and Neo-Nazi violence, including the assassination of a local politician a few weeks ago, German members of Parliament are expected to approve more restrictive gun control measures as well as legislation requiring social media networks to report content removed by the sites to law enforcement.

If we're being honest, the way Merkel keeps losing elections yet remaining in power is also concerning. Yes, I know it's a parliamentary system and that works differently.

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Sexual Misconduct rampant at DOJ?

BuzzfeedSexual harassment hasn’t just been a problem in one office at the Justice Department. In May 2017, the inspector general’s office alerted then–deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein to “potential systemic issues” across DOJ. From 2012 to 2016, for instance, the inspector general released summaries of 19 substantiated complaints that included sexual misconduct and either involved high-level DOJ officials or were otherwise of “significant public interest.”

Note that the problems are from 2012-2016 (under Obama) and thus have nothing to do with Trump.

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Elizabeth Warren promises "super duper enforcement" powers for IRS

This is the same IRS that already has enforcement powers that make a mockery of due process and abuses them for political targeting. Now, Elizabeth Warren wants to give them even more.

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DOJ quietly removes FISA official

Conservative TreehouseRumor in the DC grapevine is that a few weeks ago Tashina Guahar was quietly removed from her position as lawyer for the DOJ National Security Division (in charge of FISA applications). This removal happened immediately after IG Michael Horowitz submitted his first draft report to Attorney General Bill Barr for classification review. Ms. Gauhar now reportedly works for Boeing.

Tasha's name showed up occasionally related to SpyGate, notably AG Session's recusal for SpyGate related matters. Following that thread far enough leads to the Assange indictment, suggesting it was a move intended to keep Assange quiet -- something that I suspected at the time. This is supposition rather than confirming evidence, though.

It does suggest that the ever-looming FISA report from IG Horowitz is beginning to have consequences.

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Blackfaced Liberals

For some reason there is a trend of Democrats and liberals -- modern Democrats, people still in office as of 2019 -- having old pictures of them in blackface surface.

This post is intended to maintain a list of them.

(Read More...)

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She's running...

Bill Quick quoting Daily CallerFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton poured cold water Wednesday on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All plan and said she doubts the $52 trillion proposal could ever be enacted.
“I don’t believe we should be in the midst of a big disruption while we are trying to get to 100% coverage and deal with costs,” Clinton said at an event The New York Times hosted.
“The smarter approach is to build on what we have; a public option is something I’ve been in favor of for a very long time,” said Clinton.

I think her plan is to let the munchkins destroy each other and then sweep in at the last moment. That seems to also be Bloomberg's plan.

We'll find out for (probably) sure on Monday. The filing deadline for Alabama is today (Friday, 11/8/2019). If Hillary is running she will file in Alabama today. She only needs 500 signatures,

Unless she writes off Alabama? If she does -- and also writes off Arkansas -- then she could avoid filing until Illinois (12/2/19). Writing off whole states seems like an odd way to campaign, though. So whether or not she files in Alabama should tell us something at least.

Crazy conspiracy theory: Her staffers are lying to her and telling her they are taking care of her campaign? Or maybe they are telling her she is really President?

Also: ugh. A site like gets its data from the Daily Kos? No, seriously, read the footnote.

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Poll puts Hillary tied for first in Democrat primary

Daily WireHere’s where things get interesting – the survey asked respondents to choose a candidate if the pool were expanded to include Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and John Kerry.
Once these candidates are added to the mix, the race changes dramatically. Biden still leads with 19% of the Democratic vote, but Clinton comes in second with 18%. Warren falls to 13%, and Sanders to 12%.

When independents are added to the pool, the race gets even tighter, with Biden and Clinton tied at 13% each. Warren and Sanders also tie at 10% each.

Speaking recently with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, former Clinton advisor Philippe Reines said: “You know, she ran for president because she thought she would be the best president. If she still thought that now, if she thought she had the best odds of beating Donald Trump – I think she would think about it long and hard.”

When Carlson suggested that Clinton “hasn’t foreclosed the possibility,” Reines replied: “No, she has not.”

What did I tell you? She's running!

Or she thinks she is, anyway. Those polls don't write themselves; someone has to commission them, and that someone is either Hillary, Bloomberg, or Kerry. Bloomberg has recently said he's not after considering it (which, to be fair, doesn't rule him out). Kerry's been very, very quiet and was probably included because he tried before against Bush. But Clinton's been making the talk show rounds, (trying to) trash Trump, and going after the other primary candidates too.

UPDATE: Bloomberg is running. He's got people collecting signatures in Alabama, where the primary filing deadline is today. Apparently he changed his mind again, or decided it was better to file just in case he did later.

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Facial Recognition and Bias Recognition

Washington PostThe American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday sued the Justice Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI for records detailing their use of facial-recognition software, arguing that the agencies have secretly implemented a nationwide surveillance technology that threatens Americans’ privacy and civil rights.
More than 640 million facial photos, including from state driver’s license databases, are also available for search by an internal FBI unit known as Facial Analysis, Comparison and Evaluation, or FACE, the Government Accountability Office reported in June. That team has logged more than 390,000 facial-recognition searches from local, state and federal investigators since 2011.

Facial-recognition technology is designed by companies such as Amazon, Idemia and NEC and offered on a contract basis for government use. (Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

[Emphasis added]

Funny how this secret, abusive facial recognition program run by the owner of the Washington Post didn't bother to report on it until eight years and a different president later.

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First batch of Mueller notes released to media

This batch appears to have nothing. Gates, a staffer on the Trump campaign, basically said the campaign was looking forward to WikiLeaks releasing more information about Hillary. No inside information. More notes from Bannon and Cohen, showing the campaign was interested in getting the emails, but was not working with Russians to do it.

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More like this, please

Daily Caller“I know that the people of this community understand this better than perhaps any other community in this country and not just the devastation and grief and loss but what those solutions are,” O’Rourke said during the discussion, FOX61 reported.

One woman in the audience— a Trump supporter named Rebecca Carnes — stood up during the discussion and heckled the presidential candidate, saying Democrats are trying to “hijack” Newtown and “try to make an issue out of getting guns out of good peoples’ hands that can make a difference, and you know that, Beto.”

“This is bullsh*t. It’s about mental health, and it’s about this war on boys and masculinity,” Carnes continued. “You’re bullsh*t by being here. Shame on you, Beto.”

“What do you have to say about mental health? What do you have to say about urban violence? You don’t care. The Democrats have been in charge of urban communities and cities for decades. The Democrats have failed,”

Democrats need to be confronted like this more often.

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They aren't even pretending anymore

The New York paper of wrapping fish has now openly admitted that "refugees" aren't fleeing war or violence in their home countries. They are needed, apparently, to add "cultural diversity" to white suburbs.

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Twitter bans political bans

Seems like this might have First Amendment issues, since they are also engaged in suppressing politics they don't like from ordinary users, and the media presence on Twitter is both heavy and leftist.

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Democrats: Beto shouldn't admit he will take your guns

Daily CallerJoy Behar suggested Monday that Beto O’Rourke should have waited until after he got elected to reveal his plan to confiscate firearms from American citizens.

“They should not tell everything they’re going to do,” Behar jumped in then, suggesting that candidates shouldn’t warn Americans the gun confiscation was coming. “If you are going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected and then take them away. Don’t tell them ahead of time.”

Yes, they want to take your guns, and they are perfectly willing to lie to you to get elected to do it.

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