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McDaniel campaign still in court over runoff loss in primary

They are arguing over filing deadlines while ballots have been printed and absentee voting has already started.

2014-09-29 15:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The Freedom Index

It purports to be a tool for ranking nations in the order of the user's selected importance on various freedom measures, including things like gun rights, limited government, free speech, property rights, drug rights, corruption, and so on.

It produces some interesting and sometimes counterintuitive results that make me question the input data a bit. But the basic idea seems sound, and it's an interesting though experiment.

If I was going to actually use this to determine the best place to live, though, I would need measures for technology, infrastructure, economic stability... etc.

2014-09-29 14:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Should there be a limit to the amount of ammunition you can own?

This question is being posed after a large amount of weapons were found in domestic dispute case in Saddle Brook. A man was stabbed by his wife, and she was charged. The police found the husband’s gun collection and confiscated it in accordance with protocol. He may be charged for the massive amount of gunpowder in his possession.

Does the man’s large gun ammunition collection pose a threat to others? Some feel that his gun collection is no different than any other collection. As long as he isn’t using the guns or gunpowder to harm anyone, he should be allowed to have it. Others are concerned about the man’s intentions – what is the man’s reason for having such a huge amount of ammunition in the first place?

Note that the man was stabbed by his wife and the police confiscated his gun collection. He didn't do anything wrong; in fact he was the victim of a crime. But they took his guns, which he could have used to defend himself (from his wife!). This is a horrific miscarriage of justice.

There's a poll on the ammunition question at the link. Results are running 99.51% to "No, there should be no limit to the amount of ammunition you can own."

I bet they are glad they didn't try to run a poll on "Should you be allowed to shoot your wife if she stabs you?"

2014-09-29 13:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Why I don't support gay marriage

There's a big difference between having a same-sex marriage and having a same-sex marriage at people

2014-09-29 12:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Why police officers are not friendly anymore (Part 3)

A woman in El Paso, Texas, drowned in her car early Monday morning after it got into a drainage ditch. Several bystanders reportedly tried to save the 64-year-old woman but cops stopped them.

People used to cut cops some slack because they knew that police would be there to help them if they ever got into trouble, even at some risk to the officer's life. You earn some credit when you run towards the sound of gunfire. But you lose that credit when you not only refuse to help people in danger, but prevent others from helping in your place. Ordinary people, not in uniform, who get no special privileges, were willing to help -- and the police threatened to arrest them.

That's not friendly.

2014-09-29 11:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fact-Checking the media on Virginia's voter ID law

The facts about voter ID are not being reported.

2014-09-29 10:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Still not officer friendly

Bill Quick links to surveillance video of the man shot in Wal-Mart while holding a BB or pellet rifle he had picked up in the store. In the video, it seems clear that the man was shot while talking on the phone with no idea the police were present. Police claims that they had issued repeated warnings and commands to drop the gun are demonstrably false.

Unlike the case in Georgia, I have some sympathy for the police in this situation, because they had been spun up by a 911 caller claiming the person was "trying to load the weapon" and "pointing it at children", and he did in fact have something resembling an actual weapon. But: the man was shot while casually walking around and talking on the phone. There was no one else around and he was given no opportunity to surrender peacefully for the situation to be sorted out.

Charge the 911 caller with murder, and the police with negligent homicide.

Wearing a badge isn't a get-out-of-jail-free card for murder.

2014-09-29 09:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Loch Ness Socialism

2014-09-27 17:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Jihadi ex-butcher shot and killed in mid-beheading by concealed-carry CEO

I bet he didn't think he was going to need to use that gun on a decapitation crazy Muslim convert when he went to work at his office job in suburban Oklahoma this morning.

Nobody does -- but some of us try to be prepared for the worst that can happen. And yes, it can still get worse.

UPDATE: These are not the ties to terrorism you are looking for.

2014-09-26 16:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Libertarianism in a nutshell

The problem, is that I believe I have no moral right to force MY personal beliefs, preferences, or ideas on anyone else (no matter how "great" or "right" they may be).

I also believe that we have a moral obligation to use the force of government as little as possible (even if doing so may be "for the greater good").

Read the whole thing to see how both progressives and conservatives end up running afoul of the above.

The problem, of course, is that the poeple who are attracted to politics as a career are, almost invariably, people who want to spend their lives telling other people what to do.

UPDATE: Link was broken; fixed it.

2014-09-26 11:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Forest Service demands permit for photography on federal wilderness

The permit costs $1500, with fines up to $1000 for violations. What, are people not allowed to take pictures when they go to a national park on vacation anymore? I honestly can't see any justification for this.

2014-09-26 10:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Reporter refuses to pay his taxes over IRS scandal

It's one of those grand gestures that sounds more grand in the abstract description than in the reality:

I did not pay my taxes this year. I just didn’t have the money. Now I will not pay my taxes until every single Lois Lerner email is released and the people who planned and carried out this governmental travesty are held accountable. So start watching that clock, John Koskinen, if you think you’re going to get my overdue money, and every day this goes on is another day I’m not giving you a dime (soon it will hit 619 days, one for every hard-earned dollar I “owe.”)

I’m not giving you $619 I need so I can subsidize a fraction of a new salary bonus for some unethical bureaucrat who audited my friends and fellow countrymen. Your corruption cast a hopeless pall over this great but troubled country and its great but jaded people.

It's likely this young journalist is still naive enough to believe that not paying the $619 in taxes he owed on April 15th after completing his income tax forms is a significant act to the Internal Revenue Service. He most likely doesn't realize that the bulk of his taxes have been paid, deducted automatically from his paycheck by his employers, and sent to the IRS as an informal loan until the accounts are reconciled each year.

There's a reason people grow more cynical as they grow older: they are learning.

2014-09-26 09:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Even as Holder prepares to depart, Operation Choke Point continues choking

This time, it's popular cellphone-based credit card payment processor that is refusing to process sales related to firearms (along with ammunition, firearm parts, or indeed, any weapons whatsoever; as well as tobacco and cigarettes, another Choke Point target).

2014-09-25 16:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Possible Holder replacement is ex-White House counsel

... and has a history of stonewalling information requests, too, but that Kathryn Ruemmler was once White House counsel to Obama suggests that the White House has a lot to hide here. He's appointing someone he can trust to keep his secrets, not just by friendship and prior employment, but by personal involvement:

I've been told today by several reporters that President Obama's White House counsel, Kathryn Ruemmler, knew for several days -- perhaps weeks --that some Internal Revenue Service officials were engaging in political targeting of conservative groups, and that she did not tell the president as soon as she knew even partial reports about the story.

If this much has leaked out to reporters, what she actually knows is likely much worse. She kept quiet, and this is her reward -- and a place where she can continue to be useful.

2014-09-25 15:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

ISIS has plot in motion to attack NY, Paris subway systems

The US government, through an unnamed "Senior Admin Official", is denying that they are aware of a plot and also denying that Iraqi officials attempted to warn them of a plot.

I guess we'll find out who was right when we hear the explosions.

2 more years before we can even hope to have a competent national security team in place.

2014-09-25 14:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Eric Holder resigning

The only reason I can think of for him to resign now is to try to confirm a replacement before the Senate majority changes hands.

UPDATE: It's also possible he is resigning in advance of the Fast and Furious document log being produced.

UPDATE: J Christian Adams sums up Holder's tenure at the Department of Justice: Goodbye, Eric, and Good Riddance.

2014-09-25 13:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Why police officers aren't considered friendly anymore

When you pull someone over, in a gas station, because you think they weren't wearing their seat belt, ask for their license and registration, and then shoot them when they go to retrieve the documents from their vehicle, you've just committed attempted murder.

Murder is not friendly.

2014-09-25 12:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Reason has a nice visualization for the IRS targeting data

83% of the groups targeted were right-leaning. And it was those right-leaning groups that were delayed, harassed, asked for donor lists to support secret research projects, and so on.

2014-09-25 11:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Moms Demand Nazis

Local chapter head approves of quote from Josef Goebbels, and of course tries to memory hole the quote when called on it (and told who Goebbels is).

It seems to me this is a damning moral failure, or a damning demonstration of historical illiteracy, or possibly both... but damning, definitely.

2014-09-25 10:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Shaneen Allen gets something closer to justice

This change of heart doesn't solve the real problem, but it helps an individual who was facing a lot more trouble than they deserved.

2014-09-25 09:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Laws for thee but not for me

A gun control activist who helped pass the draconian SAFE Act in New York has received a sentence of community service and probation that will allow him, if he is not charged with anything else, to escape the serious felony charges that he himself advocated for -- charges he should have received when he accidentally carried a gun into a school, setting off a raid by the local SWAT team, k9 unit, and the kitchen sink at the police station.

It would be poetic justice if he had actually gotten the sentence he would have liked to impose on anyone else. But apparently he is politically connected and can wiggle out of serious consequences.

2014-09-24 14:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

BATFE updates FFL forms to ask about internet sales

The details about the update are at No Lawyers -- Only Guns and Money. The interesting question is why they are adding this to the form; I can only assume, because Obama, that it is for nefarious purposes. What specifically, though, we will need to wait and see.

Since guns are physical objects and the sale of guns through the mail is already required to go through an FFL dealer physically, it's not like there's an actual regulatory gap that needs to be addressed here. It could be as simple as the BATFE wanting to check and make sure those rules are followed. But somehow I suspect there is more to it than that.

2014-09-24 13:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Obama Admin censored press pool reports

It has taken five-and-a-half years to learn that the Obama administration has been censoring White House print pool reports—and that the media has quietly acquiesced until now.

The embarrassing part isn't that the White House wanted changes made, it's that the press just meekly agreed. Would they have done that for any other president? More and more, Obama's relationship with the press looks like domestic abuse.

2014-09-24 12:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Lerner given hagiography in Politico

It's been all over the web today and yesterday, but I'm not going to link it, because there is no new information in the "interview". There is a bunch of self-justification about peripheral matters, and revealing quotes about how Lerner "loves dogs" and "bakes brownies for the workers she supervises" but no actual new information about the scandal aside from name-checking the Mark Levin Show to justify her quote about Republicans being assholes.

It's more interesting to link to this piece at the Daily Mail, where some of Lerner's colleagues speak out:

But two former colleagues of Lerner's from the FEC, both of whom are Republicans, said she was a partisan to the core, as evidenced by her vocal support of stricter oversight of political donations, a stance generally held by progressives and strongly opposed by conservatives.

'Lois’ ideology is against money in politics, is ‘anti-contribution’; that’s her bias,' Craig Engle, a former executive assistant to a Republican FEC commissioner told Politico. 'Her ideology inhibited fair administration of the law.'

If Lerner was confident she did nothing wrong, she would testify under oath. That she refuses to, even as her own emails and those of her colleagues continue to disappear, speaks volumes.

2014-09-24 11:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The IRS and political bias

2014-09-24 10:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Bush Lite

2014-09-24 09:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Putting those who disagree with the party line in prison

It's a disturbing trend; the IRS is cracking down on organizations that disagree with government, the Senate Democrats are proposing constitutional amendments that gut the right to free political speech, and there seems to be a continuing trend of people calling for global warming skeptics to be jailed. Because that's easier than explaining why the planet hasn't been warming at all for the past 17 years or so, I guess.

2014-09-23 16:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

ISIS kills 300 Iraqi soldiers in chemical weapons attack

They seem to be unpleasantly competent at such things.

2014-09-23 15:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The man behind Obamacare wants to cap his life at 75

He is going on at length in an article published by The Atlantic, saying that his own personal choice is to forgo most health care after age 75 in the hopes of dying a swift and natural death. Now, I don't personally care what health care choices he makes -- except possibly to the extent that I am required to pay for them.

What bothers me is that this is the guy who designed our latest national health care disaster. You know, the one with death panels.

I don't want him making choices for me.

2014-09-23 14:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Kroger appears to be standing up to the Bossy Mommies

Kroger representatives (in Michigan, at least) say that they won't be changing their firearms policy.

2014-09-23 13:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Brady Campaign lawsuits likely to fail

David Hardy explains why. But then, winning the lawsuit wasn't even really their intent. The intent is to get some publicity, possibly a settlement they can wave at the press like the Demanding Mommies have been getting from various non-gun stores, and make it more costly to be in the business of selling ammunition.

At this point, the Brady Bunch are so desperate for publicity that they are willing to claim credit for things that had nothing to do with them.

2014-09-23 12:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Dem Rep trying to push the IRS to go beyond current law in 501c4 crackdown

Dems in the Senate are actually holding votes in the Senate on Constitutional Amendments to effectively repeal the First Amendment as applied to campaign financing. Dems in the House are proudly calling for the IRS to ignore Supreme Court decisions and crack down on political speech. They want donor lists so they can harass people who donate to causes they don't like, and the open opposition to freedom of speech is utterly shameless.

2014-09-23 11:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Austin police officer paints accountability groups as domestic extremists

If you can't read it, it basically says that Berry has come across some information on a "national domestic extremism trend" that is echoed by local activist groups. He claims to have found "mirror warning signs" in "FBI intel." From there, his own report follows, naming such unlikely domestic extremists as CopBlock, CopWatch and Peaceful Streets. Also included are sovereign citizens groups and government accountability activists.

When you get into the details, he's basically saying that because some groups have members that are angry and talk about being angry online, they are "domestic extremists" which, as we all know, is simply police code for "domestic terrorists who haven't done anything.... yet". As a category for police, that's pretty much indistinguishable from "ordinary citizen".

2014-09-23 10:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

They are rights, not privileges

Our Constitution reflects the values we cherish as a people and the ideals we strive for as a society. It secures the privileges we enjoy as citizens, but also demands participation, responsibility, and service to our country and to one another.

They are inalienable rights, Barry, they are not privileges.

2014-09-23 09:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Judicial Watch files for discovery to find missing Lerner emails

In an August 22, 2014 telephone conference, IRS attorneys informed Judicial Watch about the existence of an electronic data backup system that stores all government records in the case of a catastrophic event. The agency’s attorneys also asserted that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (“TIGTA”) is looking into whether some of these backup tapes may include the missing emails, but that the IRS would not search these tapes because doing so would allegedly be too onerous. When Judicial Watch requested that the IRS supplement its declarations to include this material information, the IRS refused.

In short, the IRS is refusing even to disclose to the court the existence of backup systems that may contain evidence.

2014-09-22 18:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Lerner seeks dismissal of lawsuit against her personally

Freedomworks is suing the IRS in its official capacity and Lerner personally for her alleged efforts to target and harass the group, among other conservative groups, in the IRS scandal. Lerner has now filed motions requesting she be dismissed from the suit for lack of personal jurisdiction (in Texas), plus failure to piece federal immunity and lack of alleged violations of well-established Constitutional rights.

The interesting part is the personal jurisdiction argument. If I had to guess, I'd think Lerner is trying to get the case removed to the DC circuit, which Obaam has recently packed full of favorable judges.

2014-09-22 17:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another Obamacare data breach

One of the problems with centralizing personal data into massive government databases is that you create one very big, very valuable target for hackers, and there's a huge political incentive not to report breaches.

2014-09-22 16:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Democrat House Rep thinks he can keep terror threat quiet

Federal law enforcement officers in the El Paso area have reported a contact with Democrat House Representative Beto O'Rourke in which he demanded they cease contact with Judicial Watch. Presumably this is related to Judicial Watch's release of information suggesting an imminent threat of a terrorist attack across or near the southern border.

O'Rouke's office is denying the reports, probably because he has no authority to give such orders and admitting that he tried to give orders to shut up about something that officially doesn't exist would be more embarrassing than to be obviously lying about doing so.

It's astonishing that Democrats are trying to keep this quiet when ISIS has access to chemical weapons and is known to be trying to sneak terrorists across the border -- with at least some success -- and the FBI doesn't know about all of them.

2014-09-22 15:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Remember how Bush Lied and People Died, the liberal chanting point?

Supposedly, we invaded Iraq because President Bush lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Well, those nonexistent weapons of mass destruction he lied about have just killed 14 ISIS fighters trying to load them into a warhead.

What boggles my mind is not that the media managed to memory-hole the many known chemical weapons sites found and secured during the invasion, but that the memory hole was so complete and thorough even within the administration that no one thought to give the order to destroy what they found rather than stockpile it for ISIS to capture later.

This is exactly the nightmare scenario that invading Iraq was designed to prevent, and it's here, now, courtesy of no-boots-on-the-ground Obama.

2014-09-22 14:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Florida police use SWAT teams to check barber licenses

On August 19, 2010, two inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) visited the Strictly Skillz Barbershop in Orlando and found everything in order: All of the barbers working there were properly licensed, and all of the work stations complied with state regulations. Two days later, even though no violations had been discovered and even though the DBPR is authorized to conduct such inspections only once every two years, the inspectors called again, this time accompanied by "between eight and ten officers, including narcotics agents," who "rushed into" the barbershop "like [a] SWAT team." Some of them wore masks and bulletproof vests and had their guns drawn. Meanwhile, police cars blocked off the parking lot.

This is a terror and intimidation tactic disguised as an illegal search disguised as a regulatory inspection. It's why we shouldn't put the government in charge of regulating barbers. A private company can inspect barbers' work stations for the correct number of combs and sanitation practices, without being tempted to turn those inspections into armed raids in search of drugs.

2014-09-22 13:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Whistleblower calls IG report a whitewash and coverup

That the Obama administration is attempting to cover up a scandal isn't really news -- or rather, it should be widely reported, but it isn't going to surprise anyone. That the Inspector General is apparently the one doing it, when their job is actually to uncover and expose scandals so they can be corrected, is definitely a newsworthy and concerning twist.

2014-09-22 12:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The dark side of data retention policies

I've spoken before about the dark side of data retention policies before in the context of the IRS scandal. Now, a Los Angeles school board has provided a pointed example by voting to reduce their email retention period to one year after allegations based on 2-year-old emails surfaced.

2014-09-22 11:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Koskinen denies existence of IRS email backups

You have to parse his words carefully:

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen on Wednesday responded for the first time to assertions by a legal nonprofit that missing emails relating to the political targeting controversy at the tax agency exist on a governmentwide backup system. His conclusion: There is no such governmentwide email trove, and confusing media accounts were based on a misunderstanding.

There is no such government-wide system, no. Each agency is responsible for developing and maintaining their own backup and disaster recovery plans. By specifying government-wide, Koskinen can say something that is technically true but leaves an entirely incorrect impression. The IRS has an email backup systems and a disaster recovery plan -- or did until they canceled the contract a month after Lerner's hard drive crashed. And they don't want to retrieve emails from it because it would be "too onerous" to do so.

2014-09-22 10:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Missouri legislature overrides veto on pro-gun legislation

The legislation preempts local bans on open carry, lowers the age for concealed-carry permits to 18, and allows trained school employees to carry firearms to protect students.

2014-09-22 09:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fact checking background checks

Smaller media outlets are starting to publish facts that contradict the gun control narrative.

2014-09-19 11:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Tie-Dyed Tyranny

2014-09-19 10:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

DC emergency concealed carry licensing legislation

The good news is, DC will try to pass legislation allowing concealed carry. The bad news is, it's going to be may-issue show-cause legislation that is probably functionally identical to the earlier laws:

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier would issue permits to carry weapons under the new regulations, and applicants would have to demonstrate that they require a firearm because of a specific danger.

Under previous law, businesses could hire security guards who would then be licensed to carry a firearm while on the job, and if I recall correctly, business owners who had a registered firearm (of which there were very few) could keep it at their business location, if they had cause -- such as handling a lot of money or jewelry, etc. Under this sort of regime, "I am an ordinary person afraid of criminals" is not usually considered good cause.

If this legislation passes, DC will continue to have a de-facto ban on concealed carry, but will have an easier time defending their law in court.

2014-09-18 14:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

BATFE collecting racial data on gun purchase forms

Form 4473, the BATFE form for collecting data on gun buyers supposedly for the purposes of running a background check, has been amended to include fields for the race of the buyer. Since the purpose of the form has nothing to do with race -- background checks are pretty much color blind -- there's a legitimate question about why that data is being collected. I can think of a couple possibilities.

First, it's possible they are being honest and intend to use the data to distinguish between buyers of similar names and ages but different races when conducting background checks. How useful is the data for that purpose? We can't really know what the BATFE is seeing internally, but unless the dealers are being asked to verify the racial heritage of their customers, it could actually make things worse -- if the John Doe with a felony is white, and the John Doe data on the form says John Doe is black but otherwise identical, how does that improve the situation?

Second, strange as it seems, this could be an actual act of racism; the BATFE could be intending to focus more resources on investigating minority gun buyers for straw purchases and gang affiliations. While the Obama administration is obviously not going to support that as a policy, the BATFE is an agency with a fairly recent history of actual, honest-to-god, racism.

Third, and most likely, is that the Obama Administration intends to use the data at some point in a political attack on the firearm industry. When banks started collecting racial data on people applying for mortgages, the resulting information was rapidly used to file lawsuits alleging racial discrimination in who received the loans. It didn't matter that the loan decisions were generally made on the basis of financial information and documents rather than race; because the outcome was racially disproportionate, therefore the process had to be racist. It will be hard to argue that a federal background check is racist, but maybe they think that they can claim dealers are discouraging minorities people from buying firearms.

It could be as simple as adding one more thing that dealers have to check when filling in the form, and thus more opportunities to harass them.

Hat tip to SaysUncle for the link.

2014-09-18 13:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Brady Bunch suing retailers who sold ammunition to Aurora murderer

I'm sure none of the retailers are happy they sold him anything he used on the day of the massacre, but that doesn't make them legally liable for it. This is pretty much a hail-mary pass thrown at the end-zone by the Bradys. They seem to want background checks or a mental health examination of some kind on ammunition, large magazines, and "body armor" (which as I recall turned out to be a load-bearing vest, nothing more) over the internet.

The only problem is that ever since Reid eliminated the filibuster for judicial appointments, Obama has been busy stuffing the courts with judges he likes. So the end zone is filled with receivers ready to advance the gun control ball.

The end goal here is probably to try to pressure the defendants to settle for money and/or publicity concerns.

2014-09-17 12:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

FBI recognition program now operational

This is one of those computing technologies that is inevitably going to be developed and deployed to some degree, and the question of how oppressive the final result is will depend entirely upon how widespread the use becomes. If the technology is limited to identifying people arrested on other evidence, no problem; if it is used to identify (or attempt to identify) everyone a police officer sees or interacts with, using a dashcam or wearable bodycam as an input source, it could be a nightmare.

2014-09-17 11:43:28.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]
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