Biden effort in Nevada offered money and gifts to vote

Washington ExaminerKey Native American leaders working with the Biden campaign offered tribal members and associates Visa gift cards, jewelry, and other “swag” to vote in the presidential election, according to several videos being used by the Trump campaign’s effort to challenge Nevada’s vote.

In one long video, officials from the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony are shown offering a raffle for gift cards in values of $25, $100, $250, and $500 to those who can prove they voted.

Other gifts for voting include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, T-shirts, and masks.

“If you come here to vote or if you voted already, RSIC is having a raffle,” said RSIC spokeswoman Bethany Sam in one of the videos.

The case was dismissed by the court.

Why have election laws if they won't be enforced?

Sat Dec 05 18:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

IRS sent stimulus checks to foreign citizens

FEEThe $2 trillion+ CARES Act, passed in March, sent $1,200 “stimulus” checks to many Americans in hopes of providing relief and stimulating consumer spending. The feds used outdated pre-pandemic tax information to determine eligibility and who to send checks to. This meant that not only were the relief checks not meaningfully targeted to those actually experiencing financial duress amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, but billions in checks were sent to dead people.

Now we’re learning that the Internal Revenue Service also sent checks to an untold number of random European citizens, not Americans, who aren’t even US residents.

How on earth do you make that mistake?

Sat Dec 05 17:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Biden demands mask-wearing for 100 days

New York PostPresident-elect Joe Biden says he will ask Americans to wear their face masks for 100 days after he takes office in January.

Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday that he hopes the mandate would help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.

“On the first day I’m inaugurated, I’m going to ask the public for 100 days to mask. Just 100 days to mask, not forever, just 100 days,” Biden said. “I think we’ll see a significant reduction.”

It won't do anything to stop the virus, but it will serve just fine as a psychological submission ritual.

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Biden's numbers in PA are simply unbelievable

The BlazeHere are the facts. We know that 2.6 million mail-in ballots have been counted in the Pennsylvania election returns, in addition to nearly 4.2 million Election Day votes. We also know from the secretary of state that Trump won Election Day votes, 2.7 million to 1.4 million. But we are to believe that Biden won 76% of mail-in ballots.

Yes, mail-ins overwhelmingly skewed Democrat, like Election Day votes skewed Republican, but they were not all from Democrats. We know that 64.7% of those votes were from registered Democrats, 23.7% from Republicans, and 11.6% from nonpartisan or other party voters.

What does this mean in simple arithmetic? My friend (who goes by screen name Gummi Bear on Twitter) crunched the numbers and showed that had Biden won 95% of returned Democrat mail-in votes, 21% of returned Republican votes, and 80% of returned independent votes, he would still have come up short of his margin of victory reported in the unofficial tally.

Read the whole thing. It compares Biden/Trump mail in numbers to in-person numbers, primary numbers, down-ballot numbers. None of them make any sense. Biden did not win.

Sat Dec 05 15:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Dominion systems actually are connected to the internet

Geller ReportDuring today’s Georgia hearing, a poll worker of 20 years says that the dominion system WAS connected to the internet. She said that she had someone access her tablet remotely.

Dominion's denials of this look like evidence of deception to me.

Sat Dec 05 14:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

New Seattle ordinance would legalize crime for the "underclass"

PJMediaOn a practical level, if this ordinance becomes law, it will effectively legalize an entire spectrum of misdemeanor crimes, including theft, assault, harassment, drug possession, property destruction, and indecent exposure. Criminals must simply establish that they have an addiction, mental-health disorder, or low income in order to evade justice. The impact of this measure would be enormous. In 2019, the Seattle Police Department reported 25,993 thefts, 8,442 assaults, 6,430 property offenses, 4,194 frauds, 3,910 trespasses, and 1,640 narcotics violations—representing 72 percent of all reported crimes. If the ordinance passes, nearly all these crimes would be permitted under law.

If it passes, red states will be getting a lot more refugees.

Sat Dec 05 13:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Will Sullivan seek to challenge Flynn pardon?

Gateway PunditPresident Donald Trump pardoned his former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (U.S. Army ret.) in the corrupt Russia collusion hoax investigation on Wednesday, November 25. The Department of Justice notified Judge Emmet Sullivan on Monday, November 30 about the pardon and (again) asked for the case against Flynn to be dismissed. Sullivan has not yet acted on the pardon and today, Friday, December 4, a fellow judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Senior Judge Reggie Walton, said at a court hearing in a civil case involving FOIA requests about the Flynn investigation that Sullivan may challenge the Flynn pardon as too broad, according to a report by the National Law Journal.

ABsolutely outrageous behavior in this case. The President has issued a pardon. The matter is done.

I remain extremely curious why Sullivan is so eager to go after Flynn.

Sat Dec 05 12:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA SecState investigating early departure of poll monitors

Just The News"We have launched an investigation into why the monitors from the political parties left before scanning ended," Jones said. "While it was their right to leave early, we want to make certain they were not misled into thinking scanning had stopped for the night when it had not."

An interesting question would be whether poll watchers from both parties are optional or required. If optional, this could be written off as an oops (in theory; other evidence also suggests fraud). But if poll watchers are required, the counters should have stopped on their own initiative until watchers could return.

Having a single state employee monitoring should not be sufficient.

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Arizona legislative leaders call for voting machine audit

AZSenateGOPLegislative Leaders call for audit of Maricopa County election software and equipment


Sat Dec 05 11:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Biden vote spike corresponds to unusual ballot counting video

PJMedia“This spike is mathematically impossible without cheating, and it coincidently falls within the same timeline that the new ballots were captured,” claims Bernard Kerik, the former NYPD commissioner who is helping the Trump campaign collect evidence of voter fraud.

So what's going on in this viral Georgia vote counting video?

What seems clear: poll observers and some workers were told to go home; after they left, counting resumed with ballots pulled from underneath a table in what has been described as "suitcases". Some officials claim this was all normal and that the poll watchers being told to go home because counting had stopped was a miscommunication. Others, including the Trump legal team, point to a spike in Biden ballots that registered at the same time.

So what's really going on?

(Read More...)

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Majority of PA Republican legislatures asks Congress to reject electors

Gateway PunditOn Friday, 76 of 141 Republican representatives in Pennsylvania sent a letter asking Congress asking them to reject the state’s 20 electors, appointed by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, who would be voting for Joe Biden.

The representatives also asked for an independent prosecutor and a review of the agency that oversees elections.

Unfortunately it's not a majority of the legislature itself.

Sat Dec 05 10:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Audit of GA voting machines has ties to Dominion, SecState did not disclose

Epoch TimesThe firm hired by Georgia’s secretary of state to conduct an “audit” of Dominion Voting Systems technology used during the 2020 elections is the same one that previously certified the Dominion systems and also approved a last-minute system-wide software change just weeks before the election.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger failed to disclose that the company, Pro V&V, had a preexisting relationship with Dominion that dated back years, in his Nov. 17 statement announcing the results of the audit.

Raffensperger also failed to disclose that Dominion had used technical conclusions from Pro V&V in a pre-election Georgia lawsuit that questioned the reliability of Dominion’s systems during a last-minute software fix before the Nov. 3 election. The testing from Pro V&V had been characterized as “superficial” and “cursory testing” by an expert cited in court documents.

It sure does seem like Raffensperger has something to hide here.

Sat Dec 05 10:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

LA Mayor bans walking

ZerohedgeAs LA Mayor Eric Garcetti kicks off the most restrictive lockdown in the country in the City of Angels, it appears even walking and exercise are now banned as California takes a page out of Australia's COVID-19 playbook.

Does he have any idea how stupid this idea is?

I swear, it's all just to keep things locked down so Biden can take the credit when it all opens up again.

I was going to say this was the stupidest thing I have ever seen, but... Austin's year-long mandatory mask policy announcement from Mayor's Mexico vacation spot takes that cake.

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What did Fulton County do with the server that crashed during the recount?

Daily WireGeorgia Republican Party Chair David Shafer said Wednesday night that Fulton County is rescanning a batch of 12,000 ballots over “unexplained technical problems.”

“Fulton County Commissioner [Liz Hausmann] just alerted me that Fulton County is re-scanning a batch of 12,000 ballots due to unexplained technical problems,” said Shafer. “We have dispatched Republican monitors back to the tabulation center. This is maddening.”

It's been a couple days now. Where is the explanation? Why did the server crash? Was it replaced or wiped? Where is the original server?

Sat Dec 05 09:15:12 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Donated bail money returned to criminals

MRCTVThe Portland General Defense Fund, a 100-plus-year-old organization that had raised over half a million as of June to bail out left-wing protesters rioting in the streets following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, put up about $100,000 in total bail to spring many of these protesters from jail. After the person’s legal proceedings had concluded, as is customary, the city returned that bail money – just not to the organization. Per the law, the money was reimbursed to the person who’d been arrested, not the group that had actually put up the cash.

Unfortunately a lot of people were stupid enough to donate to charities raising bail money for protestors criminals. When their cases are dismissed by delinquent DAs, the criminals get the money paid on their behalf for bail back. It makes a very convenient payoff loop that actually encourages crimes and violence -- the worse, the better, because judges demand more bail for worse offenses.

Sat Dec 05 09:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

DOJ sues Facebook over H1-B workers

FacebookThe Justice Department on Thursday sued Facebook over allegations that it discriminated against Americans in the way it hired temporary foreign workers for thousands of well-paid positions.

The lawsuit contends that Facebook failed to properly advertise at least 2,600 jobs — and consider applications from U.S. citizens — before it offered the spots to foreign workers whom the tech giant was sponsoring for green cards granting permanent residence.

Facebook’s practices violated federal laws that require employers to demonstrate that there are no qualified U.S. workers available before it offers positions to temporary foreign workers it is sponsoring, the Justice Department said. The government sought unspecified monetary damages and other penalties against the tech giant for the alleged violations, which occurred in 2018 and 2019.

Biden will drop this lawsuit like a faster than chasing his dog's tail right out of the shower.

Sat Dec 05 09:09:42 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Et tu, etsy? Another e-commerce company censors half the country..

PJMediaThis week, Etsy reportedly banned pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” merchandise while allowing sellers to list merchandise with the originally anti-Trump slogan “Not My President.” Etsy has claimed that “Stop the Steal” merchandise “promotes or endorses harmful misinformation,” even though President Donald Trump is contesting the 2020 election results.

Et tu, etsy?

Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

It is increasingly clear that free speech principles are under serious threat.

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New GA lawsuit over presidential election results

NewsmaxPresident Donald Trump has filed suit in Georgia claiming the election process was filled with “significant systemic misconduct, fraud and other irregularities” resulting in “many thousands of illegal votes” being cast and counted.

The suit was filed in Georgia on Friday on behalf of Trump and David Shafer, a presidential elector pledged to the president. The suit named Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and a slew of local elections officials.

It is asking the court to prevent certification of the results and order a new presidential election.

The main focus of this suit is on absentee ballots. While it was filed shortly after the video of suspicious activity at the counting center was shown, it does not appear linked to the activity in the video.

Sat Dec 05 08:29:50 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Mask mandates are nothing more than totalitarian submission rituals

Free BeaconLouisiana’s Democratic governor John Bel Edwards was spotted dining at a country club without a mask, despite his own coronavirus health restrictions requiring people to wear masks in public.

Edwards addressed the recently surfaced photograph, which shows him and others dining at the Baton Rouge Country Club in mid-November, at a press conference on Wednesday. Despite his phase three lockdown orders, which mandate that people wear masks whenever they are within six feet of another person, Edwards claimed he did nothing wrong.

Edwards was right; he did nothing wrong in being around people without wearing a mask. What he did exposed the naked hypocrisy of mask mandates for what is it: a submission ritual.

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Sat Dec 05 08:29:50 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump cracked down on fraud

DOJThe U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and six other federal law enforcement agencies announced the completion of the third annual Money Mule Initiative, a coordinated operation to disrupt the networks through which transnational fraudsters move the proceeds of their crimes. Money mules are individuals who assist fraudsters by receiving money from victims of fraud and forwarding it to the fraud organizers, many of whom are located abroad. Some money mules know they are assisting fraudsters, but others are unaware that their actions enable fraudsters’ efforts to swindle money from consumers, businesses, and government unemployment funds. Europol announced a simultaneous effort, the European Money Mule Action (EMMA) today.

Over the last two months, U.S. law enforcement agencies took action against over 2,300 money mules, far surpassing last year’s effort, which acted against over 600 money mules. This year, actions occurred in every state in the country. The initiative announced today targeted money mules involved in a wide range of schemes including lottery fraud, romance scams, government imposter fraud, technical support fraud, business email compromise or CEO fraud, and unemployment insurance fraud. Many of these schemes target elderly or vulnerable members of society.

“Money mules fuel fraud against some of America’s most vulnerable populations. Without the help of these money mules, many foreign fraud enterprises find it difficult to profit off of U.S. victims,” said Attorney General William P. Barr. “As this initiative demonstrates, the Department of Justice is committed to disrupting money mule networks, taking actions against more money mules this year than ever before, in an effort to cut off the flow of funds from American consumers and businesses to transnational criminal organizations.”

Ever wonder why the media didn't bother to mention this?

Hat tip.

Sat Dec 05 08:29:50 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA SecState: "Ballots were counted unlawfully and in secret"

National FileAfter Thursday’s bombshell security footage that showed vote counting observers being sent home, only for vote counters to pull black suitcases full of votes from underneath a table and begin processing them in the early hours in the morning, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office conceded that “ballots were counted unlawfully and in secret.”

We're beginning to see movement.

Fri Dec 04 10:39:03 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Austin mayor caught on vacation after imposing year-long mask mandate

PJMediaAustin’s mayor and city council on Thursday approved extending its controversial mask mandate for an entire year.

The mandate fines anyone over the Mayor Steve Adler and the city council, Democrats all, passed the extension without discussion.

It was item #43 on their lengthy agenda according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph.age of 10 caught without wearing a mask in public up to $2,000 per violation.

The move comes just one day after Mayor Steve Adler was busted issuing directives to Austin residents to stay home to stay safe, while he was vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Adler has apologized for getting caught.

He wants another year of this bullshit because he can spend his time vacationing in Mexico. Normally I would say he's better off in Mexico than imposing his dictats on Austin, but apparently he can do that remotely. I see one good side to this... after another year of goddamned fucking face diapers, even Austin will vote this guy out.

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Congress passes H1-B expansion

BreitbartEvery Republican and Democratic senator has let Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) pass a bill through the Senate that will supercharge the outsourcing of the white-collar jobs needed by America’s professional class and its college-educated children.

The bill is carefully designed to help the Fortune 500 companies reward their imported workforce of roughly 400,000 Indian workers who are waiting to get the green cards they expected in exchange for taking jobs from Americans years ago.

They passed it by unanimous consent. Any single Republican objection would have stopped it,but they thought we were all distracted. Trump should veto it, assuming they send it to him while he is still in the White House.

Categories Immigration

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New documents link Hillary Clinton to Steele and State Department

Washington ExaminerNewly released documents describe just how involved State Department employees were in British ex-spy Christopher Steele sharing unverified claims about President Trump's links to Russia with the FBI in 2016.

The records, among hundreds of pages declassified in August and released publicly on Wednesday, draw out the links between Steele and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, showing how the former MI6 officer worked with Clinton allies at the State Department to pass to FBI investigators unfounded Russia allegations during an election year that have cast a cloud over Trump throughout his presidency.

This comes as renewed scrutiny is being given to the role that Steele's anti-Trump dossier played in 2016, when Clinton faced off against Trump, and how some of President-elect Joe Biden's picks for top jobs in his incoming administration (such as Jake Sullivan for national security adviser and Neera Tanden for the White House's budget director) played roles in promoting now-discredited Trump-Russia claims.

Trump should declassify everything before he leaves, if in fact he does leave.

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Evidence of illegal votes in Georgia

Gateway PunditOne of many volunteer groups, a Georgia-based voter data analytics firm says it has found that about 40,000 illegal votes were cast in Georgia in the November 3 general election. Mark Davis, President of Data Productions, Inc. and considered an expert in five court cases concerning election disputes found 40,239 people who moved from one county to another more than 30 days before the election and voted in their old county, which is illegal according to Georgia law. Those 40,239 people who voted failed to register their new address in time to vote in their new county, and according to the law they cannot vote in either county until they do.

40,239 illegal votes are more than triple the size of the current margins in the Presidential race as Joe Biden is listed as being approximately 12,000 votes ahead of President Donald Trump.

The analysis also found that 267,255 people notified the USPS that they moved outside the state of Georgia, which means they are no longer eligible to vote in the state, yet, 14,980 of those people allegedly voted in the 2020 election in Georgia, 100 percent of them illegally.

One problem with this is that it doesn't necessarily show who those votes were for, so we can't know the effect of removing them unless we can identify and remove those specific ballots.

Fri Dec 04 08:04:20 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

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