About those Moscow prostitutes and KGB honeytraps...

Daily CallerA former top counterintelligence official has “described his consternation at the recklessness of State Department officials of both sexes during the Obama years who indulged in sexual favors from in-room masseurs during their stays at the Moscow Ritz,” according to a recent story by Politico.

The striking statement, made in the extensive article about young Russians who live and work in Washington, D.C., is not expanded upon. The former official is left unnamed. The anecdote was offered to explain that not every Russian attempt to sexually manipulate intelligence targets is directed toward Republicans.

Yeah, you thought I was talking about the allegations about Trump, didn't you? They always accuse you of the things they are doing themselves, because they think if they are doing them, you must be too.

And, yes, "a White House volunteer" was one of hte people who took advantage of these services so considerately offered by the Russians. And yes, it was covered up by the Inspector General. Not exposed by -- covered up by.

Thu Sep 13 13:56:48 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

How many illegal aliens are really here?

Categories Immigration

Thu Sep 13 12:56:48 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Judicial Watch sues for Bruce Ohr 302s

Judicial WatchJudicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Justice for details of the 302 interviews the FBI conducted with Bruce Ohr, who was removed from his position as U.S. Associate Deputy Attorney General in December 2017. The interviews could be key to understanding how anti-Trump dossier author, British spy Christopher Steele’s information was transmitted to the FBI.

It's amazing that it takes pressure from Congress, pressure from the President, and pressure from the legal system via groups like Judicial Watch to get these documents. It's almost like the FBI and DOJ, including the people making the decisions about what to release and what to withhold or redact, have something to hide.

Thu Sep 13 11:56:48 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

40 million cases of identity theft by illegal immigrants

Washington ExaminerNearly 40 million Social Security numbers have been stolen and used by illegal immigrants and others to get work, according to agency records obtained by an immigration reform group.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute said that from 2012 to 2016 there were “39 million instances where names and Social Security numbers on W-2 tax forms did not match the corresponding Social Security records.”

The group said that there is a “thriving black market” used by illegal immigrants to get Social Security numbers needed to get a job.

That's a lot of identity theft, and every single illegal immigrant who wants to work for a living has to commit it. The presence of illegal immigrants is not harmless, even when they are working for a living and not committing violent crimes.

Categories Immigration

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Whatever happened to civil debate?

PJMediaLast week, PJ Media contributor and Fox News guest Denise McAllister sent out a powerful tweet denouncing the abortion movement. Little did she know, days later she would be in hiding, scared for her life. When she went public about receiving death and rape threats, pro-abortion Twitter users championed the threats against her.

"At the root of [abortion] hysteria is women’s unhinged desire for irresponsible sex. Sex is their god. Abortion is their sacrament," McAllister tweeted. "It’s abhorrent as women have flung themselves from the heights of being the world’s civilizing force to the muck and mire of dehumanizing depravity."

"They are threats outside of Twitter, stating they know where I live," McAllister said. "Threats of rape and strangling. I spoke to the police. I am on home watch."

"My children are very frightened," she added.

On the one hand, threats in general are easy to make online, and usually aren't taken seriously because they aren't made seriously. On the other, it's horrible to be on the receiving end of that sort of thing, and what if you miss someone who really is serious?

Given the rise in politically-motivated violent incidents from left-leaning individuals, I think it's clear that the frantic, inflammatory rhetoric from the Left is inciting real violence.

Thu Sep 13 09:56:48 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

More details on the "media leak strategy"

Sara CarterA number of new text messages reveal that two former FBI lovers appeared to have close communication with members of the media and attempted to frame arguments about Russian interference several months before the 2016 presidential election, according to text messages obtained by The revelations raise “serious concerns” with lawmakers, who question the pairs motives, as well as the bureau’s investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his paramour former FBI attorney Lisa Page exchanged text messages several months before the 2016 election that suggest the pair were writing an op-ed together and that the FBI seemingly “authorized” a Washington Post story on potential Russian interference during the November elections.

Strzok's lawyer has the chutzpah to claim the texts were referring to an effort on their part to stop leaks.

Sara CarterStrzok’s attorney, Aitan Goelman, fired back at President Trump’s tweets regarding the newly revealed text messages and Meadow’s letter saying Strzok’s text regarding “media leak strategy” was referring to an effort by he and Page to stop leaks.

“The term ‘media leak strategy’ in Mr. Strzok’s text refers to a Department-wide initiative to detect and stop leaks to the media. The President and his enablers are once again peddling unfounded conspiracy theories to mislead the American People,” Goelman said in a statement to Fox News.

I don't believe that for a second.

Wed Sep 12 15:17:26 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

That's some serious crazy

Gun Free ZoneOne college employee told police that he held Bird’s hand to calm him down as others tried to stop the bleeding. While waiting for authorities to arrive, Bird said he had shot himself in protest of President Donald Trump, police noted in their report. The report did not elaborate.

The only reason we haven't see mass political violence on a large scale from the Left is that they are focused on high-profile targets, and most people don't wear their politics on their sleeve for every stranger they encounter. We've already seen that wearing a MAGA hat in public can incite an attack. But most people don't, especially in regions where anti-Trump sentiment is strong.

I wouldn't want to be a conservative or Republican in California the day after election day 2020, that's for sure.

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Judicial Watch sues for emails on Weiner laptop

Judicial WatchJudicial Watch announced today that it has sued the U.S. Department of Justice under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for all emails the FBI found on the laptop of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Judicial Watch filed the suit after the Justice Department did not act on two FOIA requests (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No.1:18-cv-02105)).

Judicial Watch has a pretty good record of prying data out of government agencies. If they can get that cache of Clinton emails out, it may spell a lot of trouble for the Clintons. The political significance is limited, because the Clintons aren't likely to run again, or win the Democratic primary for President if they do. But the fallout on secondary targets like the corrupt elements of the FBI or past deals could still have a huge impact.

Wed Sep 12 13:17:26 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

California registering huge numbrs of illegal voters

Front Page MagazineLast week California’s Department of Motor Vehicles sent 23,000 “erroneous” voter registrations to the office of Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who maintains the list of registered voters. The DMV blamed it technical errors and said none of the erroneous registrations involved undocumented immigrants. Padilla was “extremely disappointed and deeply frustrated” and the DMV assured him it wouldn’t happen again.

Legitimate voters have good reason to believe Padilla was not disappointed but delighted. The odds are strong that illegals make up most if not all of the newly registered voters. The registrations of illegals will be happening again, in greater numbers, as the November election approaches.

The day after the 23,000 registrations made news, it emerged that from late April to early August, the DMV registered 182,000 “new voters,” with the largest number, 112,000, choosing “no party.” Neither the DMV nor Padilla would explain the numbers but the trend is evident and all by design.

So why the big effort? Well, there's no presidential race this time around, but House Intel Committee chair Devin Nunes is from California, one of their rare rural seats. They would love to make him stop investigating their party's abuse of the FBI in 2016.

Wed Sep 12 12:17:26 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Democrat Socialist candidate lied about origin, education, beliefs

New York Daily NewsA good government group has withdrawn its backing of Julia Salazar for state Senate, saying the candidate provided information about her academic credentials that proved to be incorrect.

Citizens Union had previously issued its “preference” — the term the group uses rather than endorsement — for Salazar, whose campaign has been plagued in recent weeks by revelations about misrepresentations of her past religious and political beliefs and her immigration status.

“Citizens Union is hereby rescinding the preference it expressed for Julia Salazar in the Democratic Primary for New York State Senate District 18,” Randy Mastro, the chair of the group, said in a statement. “Salazar recently admitted that the information she originally provided to Citizens Union about her academic credentials was not correct, so Citizens Union has decided to express no preference in this race.”

The candidates' party affiliation is mentioned only once, and then in the third paragraph quoting someone else.

Wed Sep 12 11:17:26 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Was Papadopoulos set up?

LifezetteFormer Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos (shown above center) may need look no further than the Clinton Foundation to explain why former Australian diplomat Alexander Downer (above left) just happened to meet up with him in a London bar two years ago.

“The notion that Downer randomly reached out to me just to have a gin and tonic is laughable,” Papadopoulos tweeted late Monday. “Some organization or entity sent him to meet me. For the sake of our republic and the integrity of this investigation, I think it’s time Downer is as exposed as Christopher Steele.”

The answer is, of course he was. And they tried to set him up for a lot worse than he got.

Wed Sep 12 10:17:26 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Google openly opposed Trump, supported Hillary during campaign

ZerohedgeTucker Carlson just blew the cover off the 2016 election influence charade, after he read an internal email on Monday night's show from a senior Google employee who admitted to using company resources to make a "silent donation" to a liberal group that was creating ads and donating funds to bus Latinos to voting stations during the 2016 election in key swing states, in an effort to help Hillary Clinton win.

I'm honestly not sure what the rules are here. This is clearly a lot more campaign-related than paying off a bimbo eruption, and it's not a person but a corporation doing it. And we have email proof not only that it happened, but that it was motivated to help one candidate rather than being non-partisan. Does that matter?

Read the whole article for more, including hints of a smart-phone-based voter record that "aggregates all that is known about them".

I'm skeptical about campaign finance regulation as a matter of principle, but there are all sorts of other potential issues here, including user privacy and abuse of a dominant market position.

Wed Sep 12 09:17:26 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

17 years ago today...

... over 3,000 innocent people died at the hands of a religious fanatic because they worked inside a building that symbolized America in all her decadent, commerce-centric glory. They died because radical Islam teaches murder and hatred to those who heed its call. They died because Islam does not recognize freedom of conscience or choice. Today, all across the world, people are still dying because millions of Muslims, whose behavior is often entirely peaceful personally, refuse to acknowledge and deal with the problems within their midst and within their faith.

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Should billionaires be able to pay for law enforcement on their priorities?

Watts up with thatThe Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) today released a report, “Law Enforcement for Rent,” detailing how activist donors are paying to place prosecutors in state attorney general offices to pursue an expressly partisan agenda.

According to the author, CEI Senior Fellow Chris Horner, private interests underwriting the law enforcement power of the state raises ethical, constitutional, and other legal questions.

The power of the state is not intended to be sold. It is reserved to the state for precisely that reason.

Tue Sep 11 16:15:49 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Terrorist training camps in the US

It's a problem that's been around for a long time. If anything, they have been remarkably ineffective in terms of results.

Tue Sep 11 15:15:49 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Speaking of fake news...

A reporter accused of faking sources at the Houston Chronicle resigns.

UPDATE: Link should go to

Tue Sep 11 14:15:49 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

60 day election window closes for DOJ and FBI

More details at Conservative Treehouse. The tradition is not to release public information (investigations, indictments, etc) that would affect people running for office during this timeframe.

Of course, most of the players currently known are, or were, in career jobs not subject to elections. And Mueller won't hesitate to violate this norm.

Tue Sep 11 13:15:49 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The media leak strategy

Lisa Page and Peter Strzok discussed a media leak strategy immediately before the Washington Post published a story about FISA warrants on Carter Page. We've had hints about this recently. So far, despite the IG report into the Clinton email investigation finding a culture of leaking, there have been no other specific examples of using leaks to the media to jumpstart or affect the direction of an investigation. But that doesn't mean there aren't other examples.

In this case, we have an open admission of the media leak strategy, which probably constitutes a fraud on the FISA court among other things.

I wonder why we didn't get to see these text messages before?

Congress is requesting a review of additional messages from three more sources at FBI and DOJ: Stuart Evens, Michael Kortan, and Joseph Pientka. In addition to those three, Weissman was also involved in media leaking and is still on Mueller's investigative team. McCabe, of course, has been fired for lying about his leaks and is now under grand jury investigation. This is the first batch of new information we've seen in a while, so maybe things are about to start heating up again.

Tue Sep 11 12:15:49 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

About that Russian spy offering sex to the NRA...

... turns out it was fake news. She made a joke about trading sex for car repairs. It was a joke. But for a few weeks, it was evidence she was a Russian honeypot agent influencing the NRA. I'd call it hysteria, but it's malicious.

Tue Sep 11 11:15:49 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Five more classified Clinton emails discovered

Judicial WatchJudicial Watch today released two batches, 184 pages and 45 pages, of newly uncovered emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the U.S. Department of State sent and received over her unsecure, non-“” email system. Five emails contain classified information.

These emails were among those she tried to delete, apparently.

Tue Sep 11 10:15:49 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The police are not subject to the same laws the rest of us are

They should be, but they aren't. They can break into your apartment by mistake, kill you, and get released after questioning. After enough public attention was drawn to the incident, she was finally charged with manslaughter.

Tue Sep 11 09:15:49 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Google, MasterCard invading their customer's financial privacy

BloombergFor the past year, select Google advertisers have had access to a potent new tool to track whether the ads they ran online led to a sale at a physical store in the U.S. That insight came thanks in part to a stockpile of Mastercard transactions that Google paid for.

But most of the two billion Mastercard holders aren’t aware of this behind-the-scenes tracking. That’s because the companies never told the public about the arrangement.

I'm sure it's buried deep in the fine print of the privacy policies no one ever reads, in carefully bland legalese.

Categories Privacy

Mon Sep 10 16:14:23 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

US and other governments demanding encryption backdoors

Apple InsiderThe privacy of Internet users "is not absolute," according to a statement from a five-country coalition that includes the United States following a meeting about security, with the overall theme demanding technology companies to make social networks and messaging services safer and to offer more support to government agencies to break encryption and access potentially sensitive data.

The answer should be no. Any backdoor is a designed-in security failure that reduces the protection available to everyone. And the privacy of individual users should be sacrosanct.

Categories Encryption

Mon Sep 10 15:14:23 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

A single Facebook employee banned PragerU

BreitbartPragerU’s recent Facebook shadowbanning was reportedly due to a single “employee error” — this employee has been sent for guideline re-education but is still employed by the company.

Breitbart News spoke with PragerU recently following their issues with Facebook, the conservative non-profit found that many recent posts from their page were suffering from a 99.9999 percent drop in engagement based on Facebook’s own dashboard. The Social Media Masters of the Universe also pulled down two PragerU videos, which it labeled “hate speech.”

Since then, Facebook has apologized to PragerU, stating that the removal of videos was an error. A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement: “The videos in question were mistakenly removed. While we continue to research what caused this error, we have restored the content because it does not break our Community Standards and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

The recipe for political oppression appears to be:

1) Allow users to click a "report as spam/bad content" easily
2) Wait for millions of leftists to click on that button for conservative content
3) Rely on individual employees who are overwhelmingly leftist (because most are in California, and the culture in Silicon Valley is very, very left) to make the "human factor" decisions about flagged content
4) When caught, blame the algorithm for the big effect, blame the employee who failed to override it for the individual case, then retrain the employee and return to step 1

Ultimately, whatever algorithms are being used to censor people should be fixed. The way to do this is simple: remove the damn algorithm that's trying to decide (ie, control) what people should see. If you follow someone, you should see their updates. If you do not, you should not. Perhaps add some user specific controls on top ("I want to block this guy") or categories ("show me baby pictures but not political posts"). But don't feel like you have to determine for the users what is or is not spam, or fake news, or whatever. On a site like facebook, you should get what you sign up for and nothing more.

Mon Sep 10 14:14:23 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The free college chutzpah

It's one thing to want free college, especially if you're about to graduate high school and your parents expect you to take responsibility for student loans that could buy you a house instead. Not even necessarily a small house.

It's quite another to demand from the taxpaying public free college for illegal aliens.

And to do it while running for office seems insane. That's something even American citizens don't get, and a politician wants illegal aliens to get it, paid for by the taxes of American citizens?

Gosh, it's like he's pandering to voters. Except illegal aliens don't vote. Or.... do they?

Mon Sep 10 13:14:23 CDT 2018 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

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