A Justice's Sense of Privilege

"Thirty-five minutes into the speech we were approached by a woman who identified herself as a deputy U.S. marshal," Ms. Konz told me in a telephone conversation on Friday. "She said that we should not be recording and that she needed to have our tapes."
In the U.S., this is a no-no. Justice Scalia and his colleagues on the court are responsible for guaranteeing such safeguards against tyranny as freedom of the press. In fact, the speech Mr. Scalia was giving at the very moment the marshal moved against the two reporters was about the importance of the Constitution.
Ms. Konz said neither she nor Ms. Grones wanted to comply with the marshal's demand.

Scalia has already apologized and indicated that the marshals were not acting in accordance with his wishes or instructions. In light of that I don't have much of a bone to pick with him. The marshals, however, have clearly absolutely no comprehension of the limitations upon their powers.

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