Down the memory hole

I've been participating, mildly, in the immigration debate occurring on Megan's blog.  It seems Megan has been deleting posts she doesn't like.  I am reproducing my latest comment below, just in case.
Looks like my post vanished into the memory hole as well.  Very disappointing, especially as I am one of those people most likely to agree with Megan on the principles involved.  I will try one more time to describe my position:

I want to be able to choose who is allowed into the country, and I want those who are not allowed here to be removed; I want illegal immigration stopped completely, so that everyone who enters the country is someone who asked and received permission.  I want the felons deported.  I want the honest, hard-working immigrants to be able to live their lives with the expectation of equal protection under the law.

I want this because I want to make it that much harder for a terrorist to sneak a team of hijackers armed with box cutters or an Iranian or North Korean nuke across the southern border.

I do not particularly care about the details.  I'll take an amnesty if it transforms the undocumented workers into documented workers with a legal right to be here.  Whatever the process needs to be to make sure the legal immigrants and applicants are not disadvantaged by people who broke the law to come here is fine by me. 

So far, Megan's response to this has been to ignore and delete my comments.  I do not find her arguments convincing. I'll be posting this one on my own blog, just in case it goes away too.
I had a lot more respect for Megan before this fiasco.

Mon Jun 25 19:36:57 CDT 2007 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

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