"Until you ban them all, you might as well ban none."

David Codrea spots another gun banner revealing their true intentions in his Gun Rights Examiner column.  Here's the beef, from Senator Howard Metzenbaum talking about the Clinton gun ban:
Anti-gun Sen. Howard Metzenbaum complained that the Clinton ban didn't go far enough, saying, "until you ban them all, you might as well ban none." But, it "will be a major step in achieving the objective that we have in mind," he said.
Remember this the next time someone claims that the gun bigots don't want to ban guns.

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Second Amendment Book Boost

There's an effort being launched to boost the sales rank of Halbrook's latest work on the 2nd Amendment.

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Machine gun bans upheld in post-Heller case

Eugene Volokh has the details.  Not an unexpected result, but still a disapointing one.    Getting machine guns back will require a concerted effort over decades.

UPDATE: We did get a consolation prize.

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Democrats plan to nationalize auto industry

Now that Obama is safely elected, even the New York Times is sounding the alarm about the plans within the Democratic Congress to nationalize the auto industry.

Mr. Garten said he was stunned by the scope of the intervention that Washington was now considering. ?I don?t know that we?ve seen anything like this since the government told the automakers what kind of tanks to make during World War II,? he said. ?And that was just for the duration of the war ? this could be for much, much longer.?
It doesn't stun me; they are socialists and they have just made huge gains in a national election.  Of course they are taking the opportunity to act on their true agenda now, with a financial crisis making the headlines and the continual threat of a depression to use as an excuse.  Never mind that their policies are likely to create that depression...

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HS Precision makes a very bad decision

In case you haven't already heard, HS Precision has decided to use an endorsement from infamous Ruby Ridge sniper Lon Horiuchi.  This is a bad decision on their part, because the only people who recognize that name (without knowing the man personally) are not going to have positive feelings about it.

I'm kind of late to the party on this one.  That's OK.  HS Precision has not used the opportunity to back off of the endorsement, so they deserve the attention.  In fact, they have even confirmed itTwice.

I won't be buying anything from HS Precision.  Ever.  I suggest my readers avoid them as well. 

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