Much Ado About Nothing...

It's not just a Shakespearian comedy, it's also a description of this "news" report from WSBTV.  They are scared that people are lawfully buying and using explosives.  They used one of the video's from Joe's Boomershoot site as part of their report, which drew some reaction from the man himself.  Seems a little reckless to be using video from a man who has acquired the necessary licenses to do what he does to incite fear and panic in legislators.  Perhaps even libelous.

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Building a Boomershooter

I briefly flirted with the idea of putting together something based on the AR platform. As it turned out I'm glad I didn't; I'm not very familiar with that platform and trying to learn it rather than an already-familiar bolt-action would have probably interfered with actually learning to shoot accurately. I may try it for a future event, though -- but I'll make sure I have a lot of time for familiarization first.

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Congratulations to NASA on the Phoenix landing...

It seems NASA has managed to land on Mars again.  

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Better Boomershoot photos...

If you're looking for better Boomershoot photos, check out Xenia's blog.  The ones I've been posting come from my cell phone camera, which works but isn't exactly a great camera.  I did have someone there with a better camera, but haven't had a chance to retrieve their pictures yet.  You can also check Barron's blog.

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The Other Way to Shoot Boomers

Most people who come to Boomershoot do so with the idea of practicing their long-range shooting with an accurate rifle.  A few, however, think that iron sights and volume of fire are the way to go.

From what the owner of that little beauty told me, it was converted to semi-auto and they didn't really have much chance of actually hitting anything at boomershoot ranges -- but it was fun to play with.  They had hopes of hitting the larger targets at the 380 line mainly by luck, but anything longer than that turned the whole thing into a very expensive way to move snow and dirt around.

I forgot to check back after the event to see if they managed to hit any boomers with it.

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Picture of the shooting position

My shooting position at Boomershoot.  I was travelling fairly light, so I was basically limited to throwing down a tarp and two mats, with minimal sandbags.  I was able to borrow sandbags from other people there and next time will definitely bring more (mind you, I might acquire the filling material locally).  Others who were there put a lot more effort into preparing their spaces.

It's not immediately obvious but most of the actual targets are in the left of this picture, with the furthest out starting about the center line.  The picture was taken before adjusting the shooting position to more closely match the target area.  Note how the mats are set up perpendicular to the berm when they should be pointed substantially left.

At the top left of the picture you can see a patch of snow.  That's about 500-600 yards away and provided a good range marker for the two days of the PRC.  It was mostly gone before the actual event and the targets in the snowfield itself pretty much got rid of any remaining snow.

The device on the tripod is a spotting scope, sort of like a telescope but optimized for a wide field of view.  It's easier to see a bullet impact through a spotting scope than a riflescope, though a good riflescope can definitely be used.  My spotter and I traded off between the two.  One definite advantage to the spotting scope is that you can get your head out from behind your rifle; after three days of shooting pretty much all day, I was definitely having trouble remaining in the right position to see and spot through my riflescope.  It's one good reason to make sure your shooting position is as comfortable as possible -- at least if you'll be stuck there for three days. 

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