I've been quiet lately, I know.

Busy with other things.  Feeling the ennui with activism topics, I feel like my energy is better spent elsewhere since the government mostly isn't listening.   But the return of Total Information Awareness gets at least a mild reaction.  This is the program started by Homeland Security to data-mine consumer datasets in search of "terrorists" that caused enough of a public outcry for the program to be canceled.

Supposedly canceled, anyway.  As predicted, it was renamed and funded from different sources and didn't miss a beat.  And it's already being used in domestic criminal investigations -- notably unrelated to terrorism.  Data from car rental companies, hotel chains, and even department stores is being correlated.

This is exactly what the 4th Amendment was intended to prevent.

Wed Sep 23 12:36:50 CDT 2009 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

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