Imperialism or charity?

View from the PorchBut what happens when an American company offers free trial internet access to Indians? IMPERIALISM!

Both sides have a good point here.

This is a classic case of looking the trojan horse in the mouth. The "Internet Access" being offered is limited, basically, to Facebook itself and perhaps a few other sites. That's clearly a self-interested offer to gain market share. On the other hand, it's free, and the people taking the offer probably have no affordable alternatives (or if they do, can take those alternatives instead of the limited free offering).

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Christie endorses Trump

BreitbartNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie surprised reporters at a press conference with Donald Trump in Texas, endorsing the billionaire presidential candidate for president.

My take: Christie wants a cabinet position in the Trump Administration, because he knows he won't get reelected in New Jersey.

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VA inspector general refusing to release reports

Hot AirThis is how President Obama manages to have, in some people’s minds, a scandal-free administration. It’s not that there haven’t been any scandals, it’s just that evidence of the scandals is suppressed for months and sometimes years until no one even remembers there was an ongoing investigation.

Exactly. The administration stonewalls and refuses to release any information, leaning on friends in the media and delaying matters until the scandal seems old news. Once it's old news the media has an excuse not to report heavily on any new developments. And when the media isn't reporting on the developments, the people forget about the whole thing by the time the next election rolls around.

It only works because the media plays along, but so long as they do -- and so long as the alternative media can't break into big audiences effectively, which twitter and facebook (to pick two examples) are working hard to prevent -- it does work.

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Islamic bomb threat ignored by authorities

Progressives TodayWhile a Greyhound bus was passing through Amarillo, Texas yesterday, passengers apparently heard two Muslim men on the bus, identified as 30 year-old Singh Daljeet and 34 year-old Mohammed Atif Chotri, discussing a bomb on the bus and immediately notified the driver of the bus.

Once pulling over to the road, the local authorities arrived and vacated everyone off the bus, while taking the two men into custody. Authorities never found discovered a bomb on the bus.

Today, when the names were released of Daljeet and Chotri, the FBI also announced that the two had been released from their Terroristic Threat charges.

It's clear that the authorities are taking the threat of Islamic terrorism very, very seriously. So seriously they are refusing to do anything about it at all.

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Confiscation in Lexington

Young ConsAmong other things, Article 34 includes any firearm that is semi-automatic and can accept a magazine that will hold more than 10 rounds. It also includes any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. The article also has a provision in which Lexington’s licensed gun owners who own firearms included in the ban would be forced to sell, render inoperable, or have them seized and destroyed by the police department.

The town of Lexington will be discussing Article 34, at their annual town meeting beginning on March 21st. There will be robust discussion before the vote, but ultimately it will come down to how the town meeting members vote.

The last time someone tried this, it started the American Revolution. We've lost a lot since then.

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Reclaiming the value of work

The FederalistSo here’s my rather immodest proposal for making America great again. We need a sea change in our attitudes toward work. Those of us who have easy jobs, let alone ones we love, better damn well remain grateful for the opportunities we have. And all of us, especially our elected representatives, ought to start showing one hell of a lot more appreciation and support for those among us who do the hard work necessary to provide the services and produce the goods that make America a safe, secure, and comfortable place.

The problem with allowing absolutely everyone to vote just because they exist is that people who are unproductive drains on society can vote themselves enough money taken from those who are productive benefits to society in order to exist in relative comfort without any need to change. Today's "poor" have subsidized housing with air conditioning, subsidized food, subsidized (mostly free) health care, and large flat screen TVs that mysteriously appeared in their subsidized housing after a hurricane destroyed their last subsidized housing.

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Impeach Koskinen

Americans for Tax ReformYears after it was revealed that the IRS targeted tea party and conservative organizations, no one has been held accountable.

Despite overwhelming evidence, the Department of Justice (DoJ) recently announced that no IRS employee including Lois Lerner would face criminal charges over targeting conservative groups.

The Obama DoJ dismissed the treatment of groups as mere “mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia,” despite the fact that just one conservative group was granted non-profit status in a three-year period.

American taxpayers are left with only one option: Impeachment.

There's a petition to sign at the link.

It would be really interesting to see if people on that list have a higher audit risk than the general population.

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Will Obama order the military to violate the law in closing Guatanamo?

CNS NewsRyan reminded reporters that Congress voted overwhelmingly for the National Defense Authorization Act, which contains a provision saying the president may not move Guantanamo inmates to U.S. soil. "We are making legal preparations if the president tries to break the law," Ryan said. "And what boggles my mind, is that the president is contemplating directing the military to knowingly break the law.

"Our law is really clear, and by the way, Democrats wrote this law when they were in the majority, when they ran Congress, which is, these detainees cannnot come to American soil.

"So if the president proceeds with knowingly breaking the law and asking the military to break the law, he will be met with fierce bipartisan oppostion here in Congress, and we're taking all legal preparations necessary to meet with that resistance.

But the White House on Tuesday refused to rule out executive action...

Obama is exactly the type of president for which Congress was granted the impeachment power.

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An end to mutually assured destruction

PJMediaTed Cruz and Marco Rubio are sharp, appealing candidates. Are they wise enough to know that neither can win without the backing of the other’s core supporters, and that destroying those supporters’ preferred candidate is not the way to get it? There are not enough committed conservatives in the country for Cruz to win without broadening his appeal. And Rubio cannot win without conservatives, who like Cruz and who are very suspicious of Rubio. No one expects the two senators to stop competing with each other, but the pair needs to home in on Trump’s progressive, incoherent record. They also need to project the uplifting aspects of their candidacies. If, instead, the fratricide continues, some of their disaffected supporters will opt out of the process entirely while others gravitate to Trump, who will waltz to the nomination. And then the Democrats will waltz to victory in November.

Can we please have an end to the mutually assured destruction before it destroys a lot more than two candidacies?

While I like the idea here, and I'd like to see Rubio drop out and endorse Cruz so we could have something closer to a two-person race on more issues than just immigration, it's not going to happen. Kasich and Carson need to leave the race first, so we can see where their voters go, and also see how well Cruz does in the next big set of primaries that includes his home state of Texas and other likely Cruz-friendly states.

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Playing the prediction game

The HillThe deliberate approach is meant to draw a contrast with the snap judgment the White House says Republicans made just hours after Scalia’s death, when they pledged to reject any nominee Obama put forward.

“There’s still 11 months left in the president’s term here, which provides ample time for the president to fulfill his constitutional responsibility and ample time for the Congress to fulfill their constitutional responsibility,” Earnest said Monday.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction.

I think Obama will slow-walk his nominee, giving the Senate ample time to obstruct things, fight about whether or not to have hearings, whether or not to have an up or down vote, and all the things the Senate does that make it look unproductive and obstructionist. In the end, the Senate will either take no action or vote down Obama's nominee.

This is exactly what Obama wants.

He's eying the gap between the November elections and the incoming Senate. If Congress votes down his nominee, he will nominate someone new -- who appears more moderate -- but late in the game. If the Senate does not act on his nominee, Obama will wait till after the election to act. In either case, he will focus on making the Senate look obstructionist and lobbying those Senators who have just been reelected. He will want Senators whose seats are now safe for the next six years to cave on his nominee. He will argue, if a Republican wins, that that Republican will have the chance to appoint his own nominees fairly (and threaten to obstruct those nominees if his own is blocked). He will argue, if a Democrat wins, that the Senate is better off appointing his own "moderate" pick than whoever the new President picks.

And he will say that whatever the Senate does, the voters will have forgotten about it in 6 years.

Will it work? I dunno, but I think that's how he's going to play this. Let the Republicans posture and attack them after the elections.

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How the left manipulates the legal system

National ReviewI attended a hearing on Monday afternoon before District of Columbia federal district court Judge Richard J. Leon that was one of the most “extraordinary” federal court hearings I have ever attended, to use Judge Leon’s description of the case. The hearing was over the temporary restraining order (TRO) and preliminary injunction (PI) being sought by the League of Women Voters and a host of other leftist groups to stop the recent decision of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to allow Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, and Arizona to enforce their proof-of-citizenship voter-registration requirement.

If you're interested in the details of the case, read the whole thing. And realize that the shenanigans the DOJ is engaged in here -- basically conspiring to surrender to ensure their favored outcome rather than defending the law as their duty requires -- are not only a pattern at DOJ (see the Philadelphia Black Panthers voter intimidation case) but a pattern throughout many government agencies under this president.

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Obama announces that he will close Guantanimo Bay base

No word on what he intends to do with the remaining 91 prisoners. Perhaps he will let them found a terrorist training camp once he regifts the base facilities to Cuba.

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College students favor socialism...

Legal InsurrectionFifty-eight percent of young people choose socialism over capitalism (33 percent) as the most compassionate system. Sixty-six percent say corporate America “embodies everything that is wrong with America,” compared with 34 percent who say corporate America embodies what’s right with America. A plurality of 28 percent say the most pressing issue facing the country is income inequality – one of Sanders’ top themes. Next on the list of pressing issues among young people is the cost of education, with 24 percent. This is another main theme for Sanders in his campaign.

... but mainly because their whole lives have been spent in the socialist public school system, and they are now being bled dry by debt in a "higher" education system run by liberals as an indoctrination center and the Liberal Messiah with White Hair is promising them free college (by which he means someone else with a job will pay for it). It doesn't help that the people currently in college cannot remember a time when the Berlin Wall was intended to keep people in their socialist prison on pain of death and are about to graduate into a job market destroyed by socialism despite being told that the United States should be despised as a capitalism nation.

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Trump gets it wrong on Iraq and 9-11

MediaiteAt a campaign event in Bluffton, South Carolina Wednesday morning, Trump was slamming the George W. Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq when he casually mentioned that there are “secret papers” that might show that “the Saudis” were actually responsible for the attacks on 9/11.

Although 15 of the 19 terrorists were Saudi nationals, no evidence has ever been presented that the government of Saudi Arabia was behind the attacks of 9/11.

More importantly, the events of 9-11 were not presented as a justification for invading Iraq, except to the extent that nations which presented a terrorist threat (which intelligence estimates on Iraq indicated it did) should be dealt with proactively instead of waiting to respond to a potentially devastating attack.

The justification for invading Iraq was based primarily on the belief that they had an active chemical/biological warfare program and were seeking to obtain the material for a nuclear program. The first turned out to be true, if not as dangerous as believed at the time, and the second had enough evidence to convince almost everyone in politics with access to the classified material at the time... including Trump.

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Trump flips! Trump flops!

Gateway PunditGOP frontrunner Donald Trump told David Brody from the Christian Broadcasting Network that as president he will defund Planned Parenthood as long as they are involved in abortions.

Here's the thing. In the last debate Cruz attacked Trump for Trump's opposition to defunding Planned Parenthood. Trump called Cruz a liar, had a temper tantrum, and then admitted that Cruz was right and said that Planned Parenthood does lots of wonderful things for women... except, you know, those abortion things.

Now, he's promising voters he'll sign a bill to defund the organization as long as they do abortions. (Of course, they will always do abortions; it's why they exist, and the rest is just a sideshow).

I agree that Planned Parenthood should not receive government funds. For any reason, not just for abortion, but abortion seems like a particularly horrible use of government funds particularly when a large portion of the electorate would like to ban it completely and has a reasonable argument for doing so.

So Trump is now claiming to be in the right position.

But he was still defending the idea of government funding for Planned Parenthood in the debates last week. He flipped on this issue this week because he will say whatever he needs to say to seal the deal in the South Carolina primary. And he will flop back to his old position for the general election, I'm sure. How many other positions will he flip to win the primary and flop for the general election?

Let's not find out.

Vote Cruz.

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Republican Debate Comments

Details below the fold.

(Read More...)

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SHARE Act vote this week

Only Guns and MoneyDespite the name - the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2015 - it isn't just for Fudd's. Yes the act does include a lot of things for hunters but it also includes many things for the Gun Culture 2.0 non-hunting shooter. Stuff like protecting against regulations concerning lead ammunition, support for the development of shooting ranges, and forcing the US Army Corps of Engineers to allow people to protect themselves with a firearm on Corps managed recreational projects. It would also protect knife owners and gun collectors who may have knives or guns with elephant ivory grips.

If we want positive legislation for our side to pass, we have to keep the pressure on Congress even when there's an opposition president in power.

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Bogus charges against Perry dismissed

Legal InsurrectionWednesday morning, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the state’s highest criminal court, dismissed the remaining charge against former Gov. Rick Perry.

This is not the first openly political charge coming out of this particular DA and jurisdiction. It's time the state of Texas took systematic steps to fix this problem, and frankly, I'd like to see some sort of ethics charges brought up on the DA. That will likely never happen, but it would be justice.

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Mass murder in Kansas

CNNMultiple people were killed Thursday in a series of shootings that ended at Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas, Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton told reporters.

The suspected shooter, an employee at Excel, was killed.

"There could be as many as three or four others (dead), and possibly up to 20 people that have been injured," Walton said.

The shooter is not named, which to me says his first name is Muhammed. But we'll wait and see.

UPDATE: Well, maybe not:

Clayton Cramer quoting the fishwrap of record
A gunman who killed three people and injured more than a dozen at a Kansas manufacturing plant worked at that factory, and had been served with a restraining order just 90 minutes before he began his shooting spree, the county sheriff said Friday.

Sheriff T. Walton of Harvey County said at a news conference that the protection from abuse order, usually intended to keep perpetrators of domestic violence away from their victims, might have set off the rampage on Thursday. He identified the gunman as Cedric Larry Ford, 38, who died inside the plant in shootout with a police officer.

That restraining order sure was effective, though.

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Another round of light bulb regulations

The HillThe Energy Department proposed Friday a new round of energy efficiency standards for light bulbs... The new standards only apply to fluorescent and light-emitting-diode (LED) bulbs and exempt incandescent bulbs, thanks to a spending bill provision that prohibits regulators from implementing rules to make them more efficient.

Never mind that IFL and LED light bulbs cost about 10x-20x more than traditional incandescent light bulbs, don't necessarily last any longer (I've had several under-1-year failures), and are already a huge step up in efficiency. Never mind that redesigning the bulbs to get even MORE efficiency will cost quite a bit just when the market was settling down into the new bulbs. Never mind that consumers are perfectly capable of choosing between three types and multiple brands and models of such bulbs on their own and that more choice is better.

No, the government has to regulate the market.


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Court overturns order keeping Fast and Furious documents sealed

The HillA federal appeals court on Friday overturned a lower court ruling that kept a lid on a handful of documents related to a lawsuit from Congress over the Obama administration’s botched “Fast and Furious” operation.

The ruling does not necessarily mean that the eight documents will be released. Instead, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D. C. Circuit merely referred the matter back to a lower court to seek clarity about another judge’s order.

The immediate practical problem with using the courts as a remedy for executive misbehavior is that the courts drag out problems rather than solve them in a reasonable problem. This case should have been resolved years ago when it was still relevant. Instead, we're unlikely to see these documents before the end of Obama's second term. If they contain evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors by Eric Holder, he's resigned already. If they contain evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors by Obama, what's the point of opening an impeachment trial when he has less than a year in office remaining?

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Does Trump have fraud charges hanging over his head?

Legal InsurrectionHillary Clinton is not the only presidential contender muddling through legal battles this election season. An upcoming trial scheduled for May 6 could pull Donald Trump off the campaign trail.

Listed as a witness by both sides of the bench, Trump will likely be required to testify in a trial over the now defunct Trump University which has been accused of fraud.

I'm not sure what to make of this and how much it threatens Trump as an individual rather than whatever legal entity was using his name to run this "university". It would be sort of amusing if Trump's run for president turned out to be the biggest jury-tampering attempt in history.

Frankly, though, even if Trump gets hit with personal charges of fraud over this (which I don't think seems likely), Hillary's almost-two-thousand felony counts of negligent handling of classified material dwarf it.

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Don't trust ANY potential Obama nominee

From the barrel of a gunSurprise: Obama vetting GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval for Scalia’s Supreme Court seat

Naw, can't be. The Prez has got to be f**king with us, or he has the same kinda s**t on this guy as he has on Roberts. I'd be fine with this guy based on this if he would answer two questions in regard to gun rights and the Constitution.

Strict Scrutiny and Originalism?

Those are my red line for an Obama nominee.

The mistake here is having any red lines for an Obama nominee at all. Obama could nominate Cruz himself and I wouldn't trust it. Between the (speculated) NSA blackmail material on Roberts and the assumed willingness of any nominee to lie through their teeth during nomination hearings, and the utter certainty that Obama is not willing to act in good faith, there is no one he could nominate that I would trust. No one.

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Obama's EPA urging states to ignore Supreme Court injunction

The HillPresident Obama’s chief environmental regulator is encouraging states to stick with their plans to lower carbon emissions from their energy sectors despite the Supreme Court’s halting of a federal rule this week.

He's not technically calling for states to ignore the Supreme Court, he's just saying they should voluntarily comply with the rules anyway. That seems like a desperation move. If states wanted to enforce those rules, they could pass legislation to set tighter rules than the federal government does. Some states do this already (California).

The HillEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy told state regulators Thursday that market forces are already pushing the power sector toward cleaner energy, a trend that began before the Obama administration finalized the Clean Power Plan rule that the Supreme Court delayed on Wednesday.

Those would be the free market forces giving us tremendously low oil prices, and the free market forces of billions of taxpayer subsidies and government loans to failed companies like Solyndra? I think that the EPA thinks government regulations and subsidies are market forces.

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Socialism versus Liberalism

PoliticoSocialism and Sanders have their heart in a different place—economic equality before all else. Socialism is still the dream of those who don’t worry about concentrating power in the state or about the perverse effects of making goods and services available at a zero price. To bring socialism back from the dead wearing New Deal liberalism as a mask is no service to either. Socialists should know the difference, and liberals should too. After feverish right-wing accusations that every liberal proposal is tantamount to socialism, the last thing liberals need is a Democratic presidential candidate blurring that line.

You mean like the one who's been in the White House these past 7 years?

The truth is, liberals have been full-on Socialists for decades. The same president who gave us New Deal Liberalism gave us ethnic concentration camps, tried to pack the Supreme Court, and prevented a farmer from growing food on his own farm to feed to his own animals because it was "interstate commerce".

The claimed liberal concern for free speech and other rights extends to Neo-Nazis, naked dancers, and shouting down people who disagree with them on college campuses. It doesn't cover any ordinary person trying to live their life.

Hat tip to Instapundit

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