Hitler finds out the FBI reopened the investigation into Hillary's email

Worth noting here that Hillary and her close aides are under at least three active FBI investigations now. The email investigation was just reopened, which covers Hillary herself and all of her aides. Weiner is under investigation for his sexting. The Clinton Foundation is itself the target of a corruption investigation that hasn't gotten much news media play compared to the email investigation. The circumstances of the email discovery on Weiner's device make it likely that Huma lied to the FBI when she told them she had turned over all devices that had Hillary emails, which is a crime.

UPDATE: Oh, and there's the possibility of an investigation into Hillary's half-million donation to the wife of a top FBI official supervising the email investigation. No one has announced an investigation into that, as far as I know, but that seems exactly like the sort of thing that should be investigated.

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James O'Keefe may have something on Donna Brazile

PJMediaHaving already gotten Democrat operatives Scott Foval and Robert Creamer (Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's husband) to "resign" after the release of the first two parts of his recent sting, James O'Keefe just hinted that he's got bigger fish to fry

He's talking about Donna Brazile, Democratic National Committee chairwoman whose predecessor was forced to resign just a few months ago after being caught rigging the Democrat primary election for Clinton.

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Megyn Kelly takes apart Donna BrazIlle

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Patterico asks and answers: What if Ted Cruz had been on stage for the 3rd debate?

Yeah, I think he would have done better than Trump did. But he wasn't on that stage... this time.

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Texas Rep pushing to hold contempt vote on Platte River Networts

Dallas NewsA top Texas Republican is ramping up his fight over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server, vowing on Thursday to hold in contempt of Congress one of the companies involved in the scandal.

Rep. Lamar Smith, chair of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, said that Denver-based Platte River Networks didn't hand over certain documents subject to a subpoena. The company was one of three at the center of an investigation Smith has launched.

Based on the FBI data released publicly, the vote for contempt should be unanimous.

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FBI Agents may have had Huma Weiner's email cache for weeks

Dallas NewsAlso Sunday, sources familiar with the case told The Washington Post that FBI agents assigned to the investigation knew in early October that some of the messages recovered in a separate inquiry might have bearing on the Clinton probe.

But they waited weeks to brief Comey on their findings. It's unclear what the agents have been doing in the meantime or if the substance of the messages ultimately prompted them to take the matter to the director.

So, what does this tell us? It tells us that Comey's letter to Congress reflecting his ignorance of the contents of the new cache of emails (likely from Weiner's computer and obtained during their investigation of his sexting) is merely reflecting personal ignorance. If the FBI agents have had these for weeks, they've certainly had time to go through them and figure out whether they had anything truly significant.

In other words, Comey's statement that he doesn't know anything about the contents of the emails and whether or not they are significant may be true for him, but it's likely not true for the agents conducting the Weiner investigation. And it appears that there is a third investigation, into the Clinton Foundation fund raising, that is still ongoing even before the new emails were discovered.

UPDATE: Weiner's cooperating with the FBI. I hope he's on antidepressants so he doesn't suddenly feel suicidal, and he should probably give up weightlifting and any habits of taking walks in the city late at night. And, you know, sexting 15-year-olds.

UPDATE: Sigh. The fix is in. USA Today reports "federal authorities" are negotiating to get access to Huma's emails, which were on a laptop that was already seized by the FBI investigating Weiner's sexting. Why are they negotiating? What possible value could negotiating provide the FBI when they already have the emails through Weiner's cooperation?

The only possible outcome of these negotiations is an immunity agreement that protects Huma, like all the other Clinton aides already received, and thus protects Hillary by removing any pressure points on her aides. Also likely resulting in the FBI agreeing to destroy evidence before Congress can demand it.

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Obama ally selling citizenship for private gain

Judicial WatchAn Obama ally embroiled in a corruption scandal as a big-city mayor is using a controversial foreign visa program determined by Homeland Security officials to be plagued with “crippling fraud and national security vulnerabilities” to raise millions of dollars for his company. Hundreds of foreigners, mainly from China, are expected to bankroll a skyscraper project via the EB-5 program that provides visas and a path to American citizenship for foreign nationals that invest $1 million in the U.S.

The left seems to view government office as a profit center.

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Don't give up on Trump yet

RasmussenIt’s too early to measure the impact of last night’s final presidential debate, but Republican Donald Trump now has a three-point lead nationally on Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online White House Watch survey finds Trump with 43% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Clinton’s 40%. Six percent (6%) still prefer Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and three percent (3%) favor Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Another three percent (3%) like some other candidate, and six percent (6%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Clinton and Trump were tied yesterday at 42% apiece. Clinton held a seven-point lead at the beginning of last week just after the airing of an 11-year old video showing Trump making graphic sexual remarks, but she began losing ground after the second presidential debate. The lead has been shifting back and forth since late last week.

I'm not going to get into the intricacies of poll analysis. It's sufficient to note that the poll above is probably an outlier, but that in polling, predicting the demographics of the electorate (those who actually vote) is at least as important as how individuals respond when they are polled. If Rasmussen is getting the electorate right and the other polls aren't, Trump could well be leading.

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Term limits and the convention of the states

In the last debate, Trump called for term limits on Congress. That's a proposal that's unlikely to get much support from Congress (though it should get some) since Congress is unlikely to reach a two-thirds majority vote for cutting off its own gravy train.

On the other hand, an amendment proposed through a convention of states doesn't have to go through Congress at all.

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Hillary Clinton lied about adding to the national debt

The FederalistTo review: Hillary Clinton said these words in this very order: “I’m not going to add a penny to the debt.”

Even if Clinton could tax the wealthy at a 90 percent top marginal rate, and raise rates on corporations, and enacted every other trickle-down tax on consumers she desires, and there’s still no way she would not add to the national debt. If she failed to enact her agenda and did absolutely nothing as president (we should be so lucky), Hillary would still add to the debt. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which accepts her economic plan on its face, found that under it debt would rise from $14 trillion to more than $23 trillion over the next decade — with her plans adding $200 billion.

You, like me, might find this estimate implausibly low. But even in the fantastical world of contemporary progressive economics, $200 billion is a lot more than a “penny.”

Four more Hillary lies from the debate at the link above.

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Hillary Clinton's IRS

Washington TimesImagine: What if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) singled out hundreds of grassroots citizens groups across the nation and subjected them to ill treatment because of their political beliefs and values, mainly in opposition to the president of the United States? And imagine if that president ordered an investigation of the scandal and the lead attorney was a maximum donor to the president’s political campaigns. And then imagine if the president appointed as IRS commissioner to “clean up” the scandal someone who was a maximum donor to the president’s political campaigns. Can you imagine such a thing? The watchdogs in Congress and the media would never allow such clear partisanship to rule the IRS, right?

But that is exactly the situation we have watched unfold over the past three years, since the Treasury inspector general for tax administration (TIGTA) confirmed that the IRS had, indeed, targeted conservative groups — hundreds of them — for singular mistreatment and abuse. The Department of Justice attorney charged with “investigating” the targeting was Barbara Bosserman, an individual who had contributed the maximum to President Obama’s political campaigns.

And what about IRS Commissioner John Koskinen? He is yet another maximum Democratic donor. Since 1997, Mr. Koskinen has contributed $51,550 to the Democratic National Committee, various Democratic congressional and Senate candidates and the presidential campaigns of John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. ...

Let's let this sink in for a moment. Barack Obama's IRS abused his political opponents, quite likely making the difference between defeat and reelection in 2012. When this effort was discovered, at first the IRS attempted to laugh it off as a mistake, and later on successfully covered up the details -- including where the orders came from -- by destroying evidence and lying to Congress. Almost 8 years into Obama's presidency, while the election to select his replacement is only a few weeks away, the IRS only last week approved some of the groups they were targeting.

If Hillary wins, the IRS will face no consequences and it will absolutely continue to put its thumb on the political scales.

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Journalists surrounded by mob of environmentalists

RedStateThe situation became so dangerous that the journalists feared for their safety and called the police, who arrived in force to allow McAleer and Sagieda to drive through. The police presence was large, including SWAT vehicles and air support.

The crowd, says McAller, turned violent when he began asking difficult questions, like how they could protest oil and pipelines, but use oil based products in their campaign.

Which side is it that resorts to violence and intimidation again?

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Voter ID and aliens voting

PJMediaIt's important for those who care about election integrity to be ahead of the curve, not behind it. Voter ID is important. Free and easy voter ID should be the law in fifty states. But it's increasingly likely that voter ID is yesterday's fight, at least to Democrats. There is a much more plentiful harvest to be had in the fields of alien voting. Sadly, federal law, namely the no-verification provisions of Motor Voter, makes the harvest all too easy.

If we want Americans to elect our own government, we have a lot of work to do.

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Third Republican campaign office vandalized

Ace of Spades HQAn office in San Antonio used by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign was burglarized on Wednesday, FOX29 reported. Police detained a suspect around 5:30 a.m. and authorities believe that person targeted other buildings in the area, too.

Remember, a major theme of the campaign has been Hillary trying to incite violence at Trump's campaign events. The facts seem to be that Hillary's followers are actually willing to be violent, and Trump's are not.

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Where's the FBI on the Veritas videos?

PJMediaIn the wake of the two bombshell Project Veritas videos that show Democratic operatives engaging in nefarious and possibly illegal campaign activities, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has a pointed question:

"Where is the FBI, why is the FBI not investigating this?" he asked, "You have a deliberate, willful effort to foment violence, to break up a presidential campaign, [and] to intimidate voters."

Weasels gotta weasel, which doesn't leave a lot of time for enforcing the law.

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DNC scheming to intimidate women at Trump rallies

View from North Central IdahoAaron Black, the deputy rapid response director for the DNC is caught on camera bragging about his involvement with the Chicago Trump protest that turned violent in March. In this video he schemes about getting men to bully women at a Trump rally, saying “That is what I’m going to do. That is the hit.”

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More fake Islamophobia hate crimes

PJMediaI don’t know how far young Abdul Aziz lives away from school, but in a photo of him that was released after the supposed attack, the boy has his arm in a sling but otherwise looks happily unscathed. He hardly looks like a boy who has just been beaten all the way home from school. No facial marks whatsoever. Nary a bruise. No black eye. No fat lip. The bullies were strikingly ineffectual -- if they existed at all, and it looks as if they didn’t.

So here we go again. Hate crimes are political capital, which is why we keep seeing fabricated hate crimes like this one. When real ones don’t exist, they must be invented.

I'm just assuming as a matter of policy that all reported "islamophobic" hate crimes are taqiyya until proven otherwise.

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About that election that isn't rigged...

IndyStarAs Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump repeats his message that the general election process is "rigged," the top election official in the home state of his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, said she has found thousands more incidents of what she characterized as potential "voter fraud."

Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson said her office has found voter registration forms containing first names and birth dates different from what voters provided. She said she has handed those altered records over to the Indiana State Police for review.

The chances of the police doing anything with those records seems low. But don't ever let anyone tell you that voter fraud doesn't exist.

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A Stark Choice

Real Clear PoliticsThis nation is now going down the drain. And while I would prefer to have President Reagan back, we don't, so what I'm looking at is I'm voting for Mr. Trump for the thousands of women who deserve to not be murdered as an example by the one of the 1.2 million illegal criminals, illegal alien criminals in this nation. There is violence. It's about economic freedom. It's about the jobs. Again, I mentioned earlier the 3.7 million women in poverty since Obama became president. So, yes, of course we would prefer fabulousness at every level. From Mr. Trump, I prefer to be offended by him on occasion than be left for dead by Hillary.

We have a stark choice before us: one candidate who will continue the destruction of our nation and one candidate who will, however awkwardly, attempt to save it and perhaps more importantly thinks our nation is worth saving. Our choices in this election are between assisted suicide and emergency surgery.

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Were new Hillary emails found in Huma's yahoo account?

PowerLine thinks that the emails discovered may have been Huma's yahoo account. The FBI knew of the account but Huma claimed it was rarely used for business. If, in fact, the FBI discovered thousands of Hillary emails in that account (or recovered those emails from deleted files on a computer she used to access it) that could explain the FBI's announcement. But that doesn't necessarily seem sufficient by itself to publicly announcement they were reopening the investigation.

The public announcement makes me think they found something that changes the game. Not just a new stash of emails, but something in that stash of emails that potentially reopens the prosecution.

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Judicial Watch claims partial credit for FBI reopening investigation of Hillary's emails

Judicial WatchThe FBI’s seeming decision to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information is astonishing. Once again, we suspect our Freedom of Information Act and other investigations have spurred the FBI to act. This decision highlights the corruption, favoritism, and incompetence in the FBI/Justice Department investigation of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s email misconduct and lies, aided and abetted by the Obama administration, have created a national crisis. The FBI needs to disclose more information about what it found and when – the American voters deserve answers now.

I'm not sure whether I buy that they deserve credit for reopening the investigation, but they have a good track record of forcing information out of government agencies, and the timing of the announcement coupled with the Judicial Watch lawsuit is interesting to say the least.

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Democrat tour bus caught illegally dumping sewage

Clayton Cramer quoting from CBS Channel 46Lawrenceville police are investigating a claim that involves a Democratic National Committee tour bus illegally dumping human waste into a storm drain between campaign stops.

While they're at it, can they also investigate whether the people on the bus are legally authorized to vote and have done so only once?

In the meantime, I'm sure the Environmental Protection Agency will be right on top of this environmental hazard.

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Trump calls for congressional term limits

The HillDonald Trump on Tuesday called for term limits in Congress as part of his new ethics reform proposal.

“If I’m elected president I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress,” Trump said at a rally in Colorado Springs, Colo. “Decades of failure in Washington and decades of special-interest dealing must and will come to an end.”

This seems like a positive proposal.

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New allegations of sexual assault against Clinton

BreitbartSpeaking publicly for the first time in a Breitbart News video exclusive interview, a former local television news reporter from Arkansas claims she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton on three separate occasions in 1980.

Just so we're clear, given the National Enquirer's claims that Hillary is a lesbian with her own sexual scandals, the new allegations are against BJ Clinton rather than Hillary Clinton.

Personally, I'm not a fan of last-minute October Surprise allegations based on decades-old events that are difficult to prove. But if they are fair game for Trump, they are fair game for the Clintons.

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