Media Bias: Comey miniseries desperate to sway voters

Just The NewsShowtime miniseries based on former FBI Director James Comey’s memoir has been rescheduled to debut before Election Day, after its creator made an emotional plea for a chance to sway presidential voters.

Billy Ray, who wrote and directed “The Comey Rule,” recoiled after learning Showtime originally planned to debut it in late November.

Ray wrote an angry letter to his cast and crew about the post-election date obtained by The note suggests a collective agenda behind the project...

I suspect this will be too radioactive to air by the time Durham is done, but that might well be after the election.

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Flynn begins to talk

Lifezette“He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off the books,” Powell said.

Flynn has started talking, it seems. He may not be able to reveal details publicly, but I would be very surprised if he can't find a way to get the information into hands that will be able to use it effectively.

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Texas hospitals not overwhelmed with Kung Flu patients

Two important facts to understand before you panic: first, hospitals usually try to run at high utilization rates for their care space. That space is expensive to have and staff, and it needs to be used to keep the hospitals in business. And second, many hospitals are testing and reporting everyone who comes in for Kung Flu. And of course if they are in the hospital for something else and test positive, that's reported as a hospitalized COVID-19 case even if they are actually in the hospital for a motorcycle accident.

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Fired SDNY prosecutor ignored Biden-Burisma allegations

Full story here, and a summary. This is in addition to being involved in things like the Michael Cohen investigation that likely used "fruits of the poisonous tree" from illegal surveillance.

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Senate subpoena of SpyGate figures

There's a list of witnesses and their involvement in SpyGate at Daily Caller. Some of them are almost certain to plead the 5th,

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Suddenly the false flag mass shooting idea seems credible

A mass shooter in Canada, who shot 22 people, withdrew $475000 using a method only accessible to RCMP confidential sources. While it's possible the man was an informant of some kind, without any relationship to the mass shooting itself, police are denying any relationship with him.

While a "special relationship" with a mass murderer would be embarrassing, denying once the evidence is out raises the question of what else is being hidden.

Hat tip to Joe

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Austin votes to defund the police

I live in Austin; things just got real. The vote did not specify what or how much would be cut; there will be separate votes later. But it was a unanimous vote.

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Fifth target of Rosenstein scope memo reveals himself

It's Walid Phares, which suggests a foreign policy focus around Egypt and the Iran deal.

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Flynn pretext investigation continued on Obama's orders

So says the just-released bombshell of Strzok's notes on the January 5th meeting, intended for Strzok's consumption. They appear to say that the Kisliyak call was legitimate, Biden proposed the Logan Act excuse, and Obama ordered the investigation to continue by saying "These are unusual times". Obama also said "Make sure you look at things" (ie, continue the investigation) and "have the right people on it" (ie, reliable Deep State folks).

I mentioned these yesterday before we knew what they contained. The Flynn case was ordered dismissed today by the appeals court.

It's worth noting there are still significant portions of the notes blacked out. There may be even more explosive information under those redactions.

UPDATE: Initially wrote that these were Comey's notes. They appear to be Strzok's notes from a conversation with Comey after the meeting.

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Appeals court orders Flynn charges dismissed

At long last, justice is done. With the termination of the case should also come the termination of Judge Sullivan's gag order on Flynn preventing him from talking about the case in the media. If Flynn has anything to say to the public, he's now free to say it. And Trump is now free to put Flynn in a position of authority should he be so inclined.

UPDATE: Decision.

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German government deliberately placed children with pedophiles

BrietbartA former Chancellor of West Germany, Berlin senators, bureaucrats, and members of the educational establishment have all been implicated in a network “in which paedophile positions were accepted, supported, and defended”, according to a report into the placement of homeless children with known paedophile foster parents by the German government.

For over a year, researchers at the University of Hildesheim have undertaken the examination of thousands of files in the Senate Education Administration in Berlin. The 57-page report, which was published this week, found that a “network of actors in the Senate administration and institutions of educational reforms during the home reform of the 1970s tolerated the establishment of shared apartments and foster homes for paedophile men”.

A man with a criminal record for child abuse, referred in the report as Fritz H., was able to rape and abuse at least nine children that were given to him as foster children under the government-backed scheme. Despite the extreme warning signs, Berlin youth welfare officers consistently chose him as a foster father to children, who were often six or seven years old.


There sure seems to be a lot of this going on.

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Vote-by-mail fraud

A town in New Jersey just sent hundreds of Republicans primary ballots with only Democrat candidates listed. This obviously prevents them participating in the primary for their chosen party. It's being called a human error... but strangely the human errors always seem to go in the same direction.

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DOJ: New page of Strzok notes discovered

Just the NewsA source directly familiar with the discovery of the document told Just the News they include one paragraph of notes believed to be taken around Jan. 4, 2017, the date Strzok relayed a request from FBI leadership to the lead agent in the Flynn case asking him not to shut down the investigation as had been planned. The notes are "highly exculpatory," the source said, declining to describe them more fully because they are under seal.

Hey Barr... hurry the f up with the indictments, would ya?

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AG Barr says the Kung Flu has slowed down the Durham investigation

I had already figured out that the virus was being used and overhyped for political purposes. The virus -- or more accurately the excessive hype and panic that induced and extended the economic lockdowns -- has effectively destroyed Trump's massive economic success in his first term. It serves as a very useful media distraction from anything related to Durham's investigation being declassified (in fact, the timing of that is particularly suspicious).

But I hadn't quite made the leap to realizing that shutting down grand juries due to virus concerns would inevitably delay Durham's work, particularly with respect to filing charges.

Remember that the Deep State's aim is simply to draw the matter out past the election. If they can beat Trump, they can shut down any investigations or prosecutions easily. That was also the aim of the Mueller investigation and even the impeachment proceedings -- it would be nice if either got Trump out of office, but it was always a long shot. The real goal was delaying any ability to investigate and prosecute past the election.

And a virus which conveniently shuts down court systems, and thus grand juries, for the 5 months or so between now and election day is just what the Deep State ordered.

Sundance noticed an anomaly in the second part of the interview, when discussing Mifsud. Maria asks the question -- wearing glasses. Barr answers. Maria discusses the answer a little and asks the next question -- without glasses. Barr answers, and Maria returns with glasses.

There was an edit made there. Why? If it was trying to hide something Maria said in her initial response, the insertion of a without-glasses response (presumably recorded later, hence the continuity blip) is odd and serves as a very easy to notice and very easy to fix indicator of the edit. So why didn't they get it right?

My guess is that Maria said something that Barr doesn't want to be public yet, but I have no idea why they would make the edit so obvious.

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More background on the investigation into Trump's foreign policy team

Sundance lays out the case. Start with this twitter thread. This is a good piece for understanding how the investigations into Page, Papadopolous, Flynn, Manafort, and (recently revealed) Phares all link together, and also form the link from the pre-election illegal surveillance and the post-election Mueller investigation.

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More fake hate?

WSVNThe discovery of the noose Sunday afternoon in Wallace’s garage stall comes as the United States, and NASCAR in particular, more squarely address America’s systemic racism in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd.

Wallace, the only Black driver in NASCAR’s top circuit, has been an outspoken advocate of the Black Lives Matter movement and the corresponding protests against racism and police brutality. He wore an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt before one event, repainted his car with the “Black Lives Matter” phrase and pushed NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag.

I would bet a huge amount of money that this is another incident of "fake hate", and another large amount of money that the "noose" was placed in Wallace's garage by Wallace himself or someone with authorized access to the garage who is an ideological fellow traveler of Wallace and BLM.

As for the idiot who had a plane fly the confederate flag over the track after the flag was banned, well, the jury is still out on that one. It would be an expensive stunt. (How much does it cost to hire a plane to fly a banner?) And while a flag may offend the easily offended, it's a long ways from the death threat that a noose consists of.

UPDATE: And it looks like I would have won my bet. The "noose" is hanging from all the garage doors. It's how you close them.

UPDATE: Followup.

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Court rules against Trump rule requiring medical price disclosures

I have no idewa about the legal merits of this ruling, but the merits of the policy are obvious. Of course people should be able to know the prices of medication before buying it.

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Leaked Facebook memo suggests illegal hiring practices

Project Veritas has a leaked memo describing Facebook's official policy of giving priority to H1-B immigrants over Americans. While the authenticity of the memo is not certain, if in fact it is real it appears to describe practices that are illegal on their face. H1-B visas are supposed to be hired only if no Americans can be found with the needed skills.

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Discord spies on you

Discord BlogWe have invested in people — Trust & Safety is one of the largest teams at Discord — and in technology to proactively identify and ban bad actors from the platform. In 2019, more than half of the servers we removed for violent extremist content — many of which were white supremacist servers — were removed proactively by our team, before they were reported to us. We will keep increasing that number. In recent weeks, we have been monitoring our platform very closely to find and remove anyone seeking to use Discord to organize around violent extremism or disrupt protests.

The key phrase is "before they were reported to us". Also note the repeated use of "proactively".

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Privacy concerns with virtual classes

There's a reason I don't do videoconferencing. This is it.

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Another member of the swamp self-identifies

AG Barr announced that a DOJ attorney was resigning, but the attorney denied it and said he would remain in the post until his successor was confirmed by the Senate. The combination reveals the attorney (responsible for investigating Michael Cohen, among others in the Trump orbit) is a member of the Deep State. The attorney knows the Senate confirmation process will take forever, especially when the idea is to replace a Deep State ally, and if he remains in his current position he can wield power to defend his allies while giving Trump a black eye in the media. If Trump fires him (which he should), the attorney gets to play the martyr and start a gofundme to reap the riches of high profile political opposition to Trump.

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Austin continues to tax and spend for useless light rail

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Defund the police?

It sounds crazy, and it is, but there appears to be support for it. Austin has a proposal before their council as well.

What do they imagine they will replace the police with? Social workers?

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Supreme Court denies cert on all pending 2nd Amendment cases

Of Arms and the Law has a little more, but not an explanation.

Me, I speculate that one or two of the Justices on the right is signaling that he won't vote in favor, but doing it subtly. The large number of cases was an effort to find one that justice liked, but he didn't like any of them.

Speculating further: It's Roberts and he's being blackmailed.

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Supreme Court blocks Trump from stopping DACA

It was Roberts and the usual four liberals in a 5-4 decision. Roberts claimed that Trump gave only a single reason for stopping the program and that wasn't enough. Trump's reason was that the program was outside of presidential authority and therefore unconstitutional. Apparently that's not good enough for Roberts.

The decision is horrible. Given Trump's power as President, he should be able to reverse any previous Presidential decree with or without a reason. Regardless, in this case he gave a reason, and a very good one that should be more than sufficient. The predictable result here is that Trump will simply further expound on that reason and win the next case. Of course, in between now and then there will likely be an election with a lot of hispanic voters who will presumably be freshly invigorated by being reminded of this issue. That's the real motive for Roberts and the left, or perhaps for whomever on the left has his hand stuck up Roberts' ass when he votes.

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