Fact-checkers tied to Pfizer

UncoverDCIn its “Trust Principles,” news organization Thomson Reuters pledges its obligation and commitment to “supply unbiased and reliable news services” to the many outlets it serves. Mr. Jim Smith represents Reuters as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He is also a Director of Pfizer, Inc., serving on the company’s Board since 2014. Known as James C. Smith at Pfizer, he is a member of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Partnering Against Corruption Initiative and the Forum’s International Business Council. Additionally, he serves on the International Advisory Boards of British American Business and the Atlantic Council.

Interestingly, Thomson Reuters Corp.—a $40 billion international multimedia company—is a significant and growing force in the “fact check” world, with a fact-checking unit based in its editorial department. Partnered with Facebook’s third-party fact-checking program since February 2021, the principal aim of the unit is to “fact-check visual material and claims posted on social media.”

What's the relevant line here from ethics rules? Something about avoiding even the appearance of impropriety?

However, regardless of ethics and financial interest, using "fact checkers" to label, block, censor, limit, ban users, or in any way prevent people from having an honest conversation online is improper. It's not up to Big Tech to be that annoying stranger inserting himself into a conversation between friends and appointing himself the arbiter of facts, the telling everyone else to shut up.

And don't forget, much of this "fact checking" was done at the request of government officials, making it also a 1st Amendment issue.

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Durham expands his investigation

PJMediaSpecial Counsel John Durham is not yet finished with his investigation into the Obamagate scandal, and a new report says his efforts have expanded.

According to recent court filings, Durham has gained access to a significant amount of FBI internal affairs files in his effort to uncover the Obama administration’s maneuvers to promote bogus allegations against Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Team Obama’s disingenuous investigation of the anti-Trump allegations, called Crossfire Hurricane, relied on the discredited Christopher Steele dossier, which was paid for by party activists.

The Washington Times reports that “Three times in his 19-page submission Mr. Durham tells the judge that his team is conducting an ‘active, ongoing criminal investigation’ not limited to the defendant, former Hillary Clinton campaign legal adviser Michael A. Sussmann.”

No more excitement without more indictments. But this is like a welfare check. Every so often Durham surfaces in public -- usually by obscure court filings -- so we know Hillary hasn't had him killed yet.

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Wisconsin amendment to ban private election funding

Fox 11 OnlineWisconsin Republicans are proposing to make it unconstitutional to accept private grant money to help administer elections.

The amendment addresses a Republican complaint about grant money that came to Wisconsin in 2020 from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech and Civic Life.

Fixing the problems being exploited by the left should be an easy ballot question.

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Canadian pastor arrested to prevent him from speaking at trucker rally

Gateway PunditArmed policemen arrested Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski again at his home on Tuesday before his scheduled appearance at the peaceful Freedom Trucker rally in Milk River to show support at the Freedom Convoy.

According to the police, Pawlowski has committed a ‘mischief offense’ under $5,000.

Pawlowski’s son, Nathaniel, told Ezra Levant of Rebel News that the raid was done by an undercover SWAT.

Take note of the timing. It was clearly intended to prevent the pastor speaking at the trucker rally.

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Petition to decertify AZ 2020 election

Gateway PunditArizona State Representative Mark Finchem has started a nationwide petition to decertify Arizona’s fraudulent 2020 election and reclaim the fraudulently certified Presidential Electors.

Sign the petition.

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NSA admits to violating the 4th Amendment

Conservative TreehouseThis is the 5th straight year where the National Security Agency (NSA) produces a document admitting their metadata capturing system, the system that captures all electronic communication of every single American and puts it into a stored database, is continually used as a research library for unnamed federal agents to scour (without search warrants) for the private documents of American citizens.

At this point, the NSA admission without consequence is simply just another Tuesday, it literally doesn’t even make the headlines anymore.

Trump was, and probably remains, our best chance to fix this. He has been personally bitten by all this in a way that no one else in the political class ever has.

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DoD tries to memory hole medical data showing vax issues

Robert Malone (quoting DoD here) “But Peter Graves, spokesperson for the Defense Health Agency’s Armed Forces Surveillance Division, told PolitiFact by email that "in response to concerns mentioned in news reports" the division reviewed data in the DMED "and found that the data was incorrect for the years 2016-2020."

Officials compared numbers in the DMED with source data in the DMSS and found that the total number of medical diagnoses from those years "represented only a small fraction of actual medical diagnoses." The 2021 numbers, however, were up-to-date, giving the "appearance of significant increased occurrence of all medical diagnoses in 2021 because of the underreported data for 2016-2020," Graves said.

The DMED system has been taken offline to "identify and correct the root-cause of the data corruption," Graves said.”

In an article on DoD medical data regarding vaccine harms, I noticed the above quote. I've bolded for emphasis.

They aren't saying the post-vaccine data is wrong. They aren't saying it has been incorrectly analyzed. They aren't claiming there was some conflating factor. No.

They are saying, right out there in plain langauge, that the historical data will be adjusted to suit the present political narrative.

That should be setting off your 1984 alarm bells.

In a little while -- maybe a few weeks, maybe months -- we will start to see tiny little tucked away articles with headlines like "DOD data shows no harmful vax effects" with no mention of the earlier "corrupted" historical data having been "corrected".

And when we do, I'll have this article to look back to and point at and call bullshit, because they can memory hole the DOD database, but they can't easily memory hole me.

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The political targeting continues

Gateway PunditOn Friday, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) announced they are pairing with several federal intelligence agencies and other law enforcement divisions to launch “enhanced intelligence operations and investigations” that will target individuals who are participating in the Canadian Truckers For Freedom Convoy.

US law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will also assist with the crackdown by investigating “online threats that originated in the US,” despite little to no evidence or behavior that has indicated any violence is being planned.

According to the OPS statement, the ‘enhanced investigation’ will begin targeting the key figures who are behind the organization of the convoy as part of the Canadian government’s “increased effort to identify and target protestors who are funding/supporting/enabling unlawful and harmful activity by protesters.”

Now our intelligence agencies are investigating Canadian political protesters.

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Fact-checking or narrative enforcement?

Just The NewsThe fact-checking industry, empowered by the vast resources of social media giants, is under sustained scrutiny amid a possible legal battle among the British Medical Journal, Facebook owner Meta and a contractor it pays to flag purported COVID-19 misinformation.

Facebook stopped some readers from sharing a BMJ investigation of "data integrity" issues in a Pfizer COVID vaccine trial, BMJ editors wrote in an open letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in November. It also slapped "missing context" labels on posts that went through, warning users they could be penalized for sharing the article.

Contractor Lead Stories seemed more interested, however, in promoting guilt by association and policing political views than checking the facts, the journal's editors wrote in a blistering New Statesman op-ed last week.

Narrative-enforcement, of course.

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WA law criminalizing speech about election results advances

PJMediaCandidates and elected officials complaining about election fraud would be slapped with a gross misdemeanor charge, fine, and/or jail sentence under a plan by Washington’s far-Left governor Jay Inslee. The anti-free speech bill has now advanced from a Democrat-controlled committee with a “do-pass” recommendation to the state legislature.

In WA -- which already has universal mail-in voting, to enable constant Dem fraud -- even asking to check the work of the people counting the fake ballots will get you thrown in jail.

This is a rule for totalitarian states run by dictators, not for America.

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NYTimes ignored fact checkers with Palin editorial

NYPostEmails revealed during Sarah Palin’s defamation trial against the New York Times Friday showed the paper’s editors ignored fact checkers before publishing an editorial that linked the former Alaskan Governor to a mass shooting.

The emails were entered as evidence on the second day of the libel trial against the paper after a June 2017 editorial linked Palin’s political action committee to a mass shooting in Arizona that wounded former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords and killed six people in 2011.

It has taken 11 years and Palin still does not have justice for the blood libel against her.

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Russia invades Ukraine

I'm not even going to try to keep up with quoting news on the situation. Foreign policy is not my expertise nor interest area.

I admit to being surprised Putin actually invaded. I'm half convinced he was bluffing and then decided to go ahead and do it when Biden publicly blamed him for it -- if you're going to pay the piper you might as well dance the tune, right?

Putin has legitimate security concerns about NATO on his borders. That doesn't make invading a sovereign nation OK. When said nation had a "color revolution" less than a decade ago that was likely led by the intelligence agencies of your foreign enemy, it clouds the matter up even more.

The only sane play for us at this point is to sit it out. The time to arm Ukraine was well before the conflict started. If there is a long lasting resistance, maybe we can arm them. For now, we wait and see.

Sanctions will likely be useless. Especially with oil prices so high due to Biden's idiocy. That played into Putin's hands.

China taking Taiwan, or at least trying, is now probably inevitable. If we have to pick one to defend, Taiwan is it. In case you haven't noticed, TSMC is there. They manufacture a huge chunk of the most successful and high performance computer chips and components. China can probably force us to choose between China capturing those facilities intact and simply destroying them. Either one would be a huge economic blow.

A new nuclear arms race is also likely inevitable. If you're a small nation and the US says "Give up your nuclear program, we will protect you", well, you now know that's a lie and those nukes will stay.

Will Putin stop with Ukraine? Probably ... for a while. He'll wait for China to move on Taiwan and if we get heavily involved in that he gobbles up a few more ex-Soviet territories.

Will China stop with Taiwan? Probably not. China has well defined territorial ambitions and planned fortifications throughout the region, including contested areas with most of their neighbors. China will grab everything they think they can hold and dare us to dislodge them. And we will let that stand, too, because we can't fight China and Russia with trans-admirals.

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COVID genome has Moderna-patented DNA

Daily MailMore evidence Covid was tinkered with in a lab? Now scientists find virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began

* Genetic match discovered in Covid's unique furin cleavage site on spike protein
* Matched genetic sequence patented by Moderna for cancer research purposes
* Researchers say one in 3 trillion chance Covid developed the code naturally

This appears to be proof beyond a reasonable doubt that COVID is the result of gain-of-function research in a lab. The question of which lab conducted that research may have suddenly become a lot more interesting.

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Mask-protesting students locked in freezing gym

TwitterGetting reports that after hundreds protested against school mask mandates yesterday, today, @OakdaleJUSD barricaded any student not properly wearing a mask in the gym and refused to turn on the heat. Police were called for a wellness check and police turned on the heat.

At least the students didn't get run over. But I think, rather than pointing out that this is part of the dehumanization campaign against the unvaxxed, it's more likely to be the result of that campaign. These are kids! Students, not even yet adults, who are not at risk from COVID nor at risk of transmitting it to anyone. They aren't even sick. They just don't want to wear masks all day, every day, for the rest of eternity. Many of the teachers who locked them in the gym know their names, talked with them nearly every day for months at a time. And yet, their humanity is rejected because their faces can be seen?

This is insanity.

Also: if you were under any illusions that teachers in public schools actually cared about your kids, this should straighten that out right quick.

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Pelosi suggests olympic athletes kowtow to China

Conservative TreehouseThe United States Speaker of the House of Representatives, a Democrat, told the U.S. Olympic athletes today to drop their inherent freedom of speech perspective and comply with the Chinese Communist Party rules.

It seems the viewpoint of the United States being a beacon of freedom has morphed into a situation where the official position of government is to turn off the lights and adhere to the totalitarian state. Quite a remarkable shift in worldview.

It's unAmerican, but Pelosi is an honest politician. Once bought, she stays bought, and the Chinese own her soul. And they know they are safe from criticism.

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AZ AG wrapping up election investigation?

Gateway PunditDoug Logan: The attorney general appears to be doing a thorough investigation. I’ve talked with them twice, and I’m aware of quite a few other people they’ve reached out to and have interviewed. Last time I spoke with them they indicated that they were starting to wrap up the investigation, and we should have the results relatively soon.

Logan told us that his last meeting with investigators was on January 28th. He spoke with Special Agent Roger Geisler and multiple other special agents.

I'm skeptical of the thorough part.

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AZ AG caught hanging out with election official under suspicion

Gateway PunditPresident Trump released a statement sharing a report that the Arizona Attorney General Brnovich was hanging out with Maricopa County Recorder when he should be indicting him. Time for Arizona to get a new AG.

President Trump shared a statement about Arizona’s Attorney General Brnovich who should have indicted numerous individuals in the state months ago. Instead, the AP is hanging out with those he should have already indicted. The AG is now running for Senate in Arizona.

This does seem like the appearance of impropriety.

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A small victory in Canada?

Behind the BlackThe decision by the Trudeau government in Canada to freeze the bank accounts of the truck convoy protesters and their supporters now appears to have backfired monumentally, so much so that it has threatened to possibly crash the Canadian banking system as people apparently began rushing to withdraw their money out of fear it will be taken from them.

The next indicator is the decision yesterday to unfreeze almost all of those bank accounts. That decision, along with Trudeau’s announcement today that he is revoking his emergency powers, suggest that the banks had put pressure on him to act, because the withdrawals had not ceased, and if he didn’t act the entire system would have crashed.

Whether Trudeau’s actions will end the panic however is quite unclear. I know that if I had any cash in a Canadian bank I would right now be looking to put at least some of it elsewhere. The same thought applies to American banks, as their recent effort to shut down accounts of conservatives like Mike Lindell suggests that many banks will go along with a similar order by the Biden administration. And with an American truck convoy just now gearing up and heading for Washington, no one should be surprised if such a draconian action is just over the horizon.

This was unexpected. Not the bank run part, the part where Trudeau blinks.

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CDC admits natural immunity is superior, still pushing vax

Just The NewsNatural immunity from COVID-19 is broad and durable. The lowest risk group for COVID complications should get vaccines — and boosters, for those authorized — regardless of their health.

These statements came out of the CDC two days apart, illustrating the agency's mixed messaging as ongoing research fails to show a meaningful effect on viral transmission from COVID interventions [ie, vaccines], especially in children.

They have also exposed a potential rift between the agency's researchers and its social media team, which proclaim the gospel of vaccines and boosters even for research that is more circumspect.

Assuming that the difference in messaging is merely a disconnect between the scientists and the social media team is ignoring the politicians and bureaucrats standing in between the two.

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Renewed challenge to Medicare/Medicaid vax mandate

Just The NewsSixteen states again are challenging a federal COVID-19 vaccination mandate for health care workers who work at facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Friday's filing in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana comes after the issuance of final guidance on the mandate from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), arguing the guidance is an action that is reviewable.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled by 5-4 vote Jan. 13 against the original Louisiana challenge to the mandate and a similar Missouri filing.

The 5-4 decision was tremendously stupid. This is a chance to revisit that decision with updated information.

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An increasing pattern of police abuse

Just The NewwThe legal team for former Trump adviser Steve Bannon leveled explosive charges Friday night, accusing federal prosecutors of snooping on one of his defense lawyers and the FBI of misleading the grand jury through omissions.

In a motion filed in U.S. District Court where Bannon is charged with contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a subpoena for the Jan. committee, lawyers disclosed evidence the Justice Department and phone carriers turned over to them show prosecutors obtained phone and email records for defense lawyer Robert J. Costello.

After you have spied on the president, spying on attorneys in violation of privilege must seem like a very small thing indeed. But the federal government has shown a disturbing pattern of such behavior. Bannon, here, is just one case. The FBI earlier leaked privileged attorney-client material to the New York Times following a raid that was itself questionable.

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Canada's parliament upholds Emergency Act

Conservative TreehouseThe Communists (NDP) and the Socialists (LPC) united in the Canadian House of Parliament today to vote their support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s deployment of the Emergency War Measures Act.

The vote was 185 in support and 151 against, as the Canadian government now officially declares war against citizens who protested against government.

The parliamentary support of the Emergency War Measures Act now gives the government the authority to hunt down their political opposition, arrest any dissident member who may have petitioned their government with grievances against the covid mandates, and begin seizing the financial assets of anyone who might still challenge the government mandates of Justin Trudeau.

The government of Justin Trudeau has already announced their intent to make the authority within the emergency act a permanent status in Canadian law. A state of economic civil war now exists in Canada.

The DiplomadThe destruction of Canadian democracy continues apace. The Reichstag Parliament has extended the Enabling Act Emergency powers, giving the Fuehrer Prime Minister the legal and political cover to continue dismantling Canadian democracy. I am no expert on Canadian politics, but some of the statements by party leaders were stunning; they voted to give Herr Trudeau the powers of a dictator in order to avoid the collapse of the government and the calling of elections. What? Isn't that one of the features that parliamentary government supporters always cite as the superiority over our Presidential system? If the PM loses support, elections are called. They don't have to wait as we do with Biden.

Canada has fallen. Putin has, evidently, taken what parts of Ukraine he desires. It appears things are about to get even more exciting. The WEF's Great Reset now stands revealed as yet another plan to take over the world, albeit one that has seen more success than most.

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Making a bad thing worse

EFFPeople don’t want outsiders reading their private messages —not their physical mail, not their texts, not their DMs, nothing. It’s a clear and obvious point, but one place it doesn’t seem to have reached is the U.S. Senate.

A group of lawmakers led by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have re-introduced the EARN IT Act, an incredibly unpopular bill from 2020 that was dropped in the face of overwhelming opposition. Let’s be clear: the new EARN IT Act would pave the way for a massive new surveillance system, run by private companies, that would roll back some of the most important privacy and security features in technology used by people around the globe. It’s a framework for private actors to scan every message sent online and report violations to law enforcement. And it might not stop there. The EARN IT Act could ensure that anything hosted online—backups, websites, cloud photos, and more—is scanned.

This is a tricky one to figure out. The bright side: it repeals section 230, making tech platforms on the internet responsible for their content. The dark side: this is done through the scary tactic of child pornography and would impose even more draconian controls as a result.

The whole point of Section 230 in the original legislation (which was also flying a false flag of protecting children online) is to insulate platforms from legal responsibility for what their users posted, as long as they let their users post whatever they wanted and did not impose editorial control.

Today's Big Tech desperately wants to -- and is -- imposing editorial control, often at the behest of government officials.

This legislation appears to repeal section 230 and replace it with what amounts to you must submit all messages for review by law enforcement. Even if law enforcement could be trusted as a neutral arbiter that would only act on violations of clearly understood law (ie, child porn) it's essentially impossible to hand those determinations over to an algorithm and equally impossible for law enforcement to review all messages flagged as somehow suspect manually. Such review would itself be an invasion of privacy and a violation of the Constitution's bill of rights (1st, 4th, 5th at at least). You could even argue it would violate the 3rd Amendment by effectively placing a police "agent" in every home network, something that I don't know has ever actually been done before.

Big Tech and Section 230 are problems, but this legislation is not a solution.

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Canada's parliament to vote on emergency powers act

Gateway PunditPrime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that he will not revoke the Emergencies Act, opting instead to allow the Canadian Parliament to proceed with tonight’s vote that will decide if the Act will remain in place.

Flanked by members of his cabinet, Trudeau held a press conference on Monday morning to tell Canadians the “state of emergency is not over,” adding that, despite the freedom protesters being cleared from downtown Ottawa, he needs his emergency powers to remain in effect in order to prevent future protests that could pop up.

Just The NewsLegislators in Canada's House of Commons are scheduled to vote Monday night on whether to allow Canadian authorities to continue to use emergency powers against a now-disbanded protest held by the so-called Freedom Convoy truckers in opposition to the nation's COVID-19 mandates.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said earlier Monday that his government still needed temporary emergency powers in the wake of the truckers' blockade.

A dictator's emergency powers to suppress political opposition are always described as temporary, but they never seem to actually end.

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On human rights

Writer In BlackIf the only rights you have are those granted by government than no government can ever be said to violate “human rights.” The rights, after all, are what the government says they are, neither more nor less. The UN Human Rights Council is meaningless. (Well, I agree it is, but not because rights are only what governments say they are, but because of the UN’s penchant for putting representatives there whose positions are anathema to the very idea of human rights.) All the “sanctions” against various nations for violating human rights? In error because how can a government that gets to decide what rights one does or does not have possibly violate rights. If it kills you, has it not simply decided you don’t have a right to life? If it imprisons you, has it not simply decided you do not have a right to liberty? If it impoverishes you, has it not simply decided you do not have a right to property? And so on.

Rights are meaningless unless they constrain government actions.

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