Fake Hate

CBSThe person responsible for the racist graffiti found at C.K. McClatchy High School last week has been identified, the Sacramento City Unified School District announced Thursday.

Last Friday, someone wrote the words “White” and “Colored” over water fountains at McClatchy High, a reference to the Jim Crow era. The district’s race and equity monitor, Mark T. Harris, told CBS13 a Black female student confessed to the vandalism and cameras caught her in action.

In other news, Sacramento apparently has a full time paid position for "race and equity monitor." The causal relationship between these two news items, sadly, remains unexplored.

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Dems want taxpayers to buy crack pipes for addicts

Gateway Pundit HHS later confirmed to Senator Marsha Blackburn that the kits did indeed include free crack pipes for drug addicts.

On Friday Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) proposed a bill to prevent US taxpayer dollars from paying for crack pipes to addits.

TRENDING: RCMP ESCALATION: Mounted Police on Horseback Trample Handicapped Woman with Walker in the Street (VIDEO)

Top Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) blocked the bill.

Pretty sure they don't expect to get votes from this. Rather, the more money they can flow through the "social services" infrastructure, the more gets skimmed off and fed into pet political campaigns.

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American GreatnessThe Left, of course, immediately seized the opportunity to slither away from any blame and set about tweaking the history books to ignore or gloss over their indefensible conduct.

Fast-forward to 2022 and see if you can spot the parallel.

If we replace Cold War with COVID, we can see that the Left is planning the same gambit. Except this time they are not waiting for the Republicans to let them off the hook. They are already working to shift responsibility, even before the ink is dry on the new script: “We’ve never been at war with Europa; we’ve always been at war with East Asia.” (Whoops, that’s Orwell, not real life. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes.) “We’ve never been in favor of lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures, and mandatory vaccinations. We’ve always been in favor of freedom and prosperity.”

The Dems would love to be able to rewrite history here, and they have been able to do so successfully in the past. However, this time, their base is still locked into mask paranoia, and the mistreatment applied to the unvaccinated -- including, in particular, injuries and lost jobs or forced shots from mandates. Those people will not forget, even if Democrats move on.

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Biden to renew COVID state of emergency

Conservative TreehouseJoe Biden informed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that he intends to extend the federal National Emergency declaration beyond its termination date in March. [STATUTE HERE]

By statute the State of a National Emergency expires one year after initial declaration. That meant the COVID National Emergency declaration was scheduled to end March 1st. However, the statute allows the extension if the executive office informs the legislative branch within the 90-day window prior to expiration.

COVID was never really an emergency. The emergency is all political, and it has to continue.

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Biden appoints drag queen to nuclear energy post

Just The NewsPresident Joe Biden appointed a gender-fluid LGBT+ activist who plays the role of a drag queen and "pup" fetishist to serve as the deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposition in the Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy.

As "Sister Ray Dee O'Active," Brinton is an active member of the Washington, D.C., drag queen society "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence." At the Sisters' "Lavender Mass 2021," Brinton spoke about "Daddy Fauci" before performing a song. Fauci has been criticized by the LGBT+ community for his slow response to the AIDS epidemic.

"Sister Ray Dee O'Active" bragged about being "slutty" in an interview with MetroWeekly in 2015.

"I am the slutty one," Brinton said. "And the nerdy one."

It used to be policy to keep insane people away from nuclear weapons.

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Who to blame for the vaccine mandates

Gateway PunditGOP Senators Mitt Romney, Jim Inhofe, Lindsey Graham, and Richard Burr all did not show up for a vote on an amendment to defund Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Them not showing killed the amendment. This also gave Democrats an excuse that the opposition to not defunding them was bipartisan.

A substantial minority among the GOP prefer to lose.

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Reminder: No more excitement without more indictments

EmeraldThe first question you should be asking yourself is why it took the Justice Department almost 6 years to figure out those spying activities.

Let me use the proper analogy here. It’s like going back to your old ex-boyfriend who never treated you well because he called you once over the holidays. You know that it’s going to end badly before you even call him back — but you’re lonely and you can’t help yourself. It’s a troubled and abusive relationship — the one between FBI Special Counsel John Durham and American voters who want justice for the Russia Hoax. I don’t want to see you get your feelings hurt.

Let me explain why you’re probably being played again.

I'm giving Durham the benefit of the doubt, but that's most because I have quite a lot of doubt and someone should get benefits from it.

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PA election whistleblower

The FederalistThe video (and audio) hits just keep on coming from Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where a whistleblower secretly taped the aftermath of the chaos from the 2020 presidential election. Two recent recordings exclusively obtained by The Federalist from a source with knowledge of the recordings provide further evidence that systemic problems plague the large Pennsylvania county.

The whistleblower, Regina Miller, began recording conversations involving Delaware County officials after she became concerned with what she saw as a contract worker assisting election employees. A source familiar with the videos explained that Miller made the recordings as election workers scrambled to find—and in some cases create—documentation in response to a “Right to Know” request that sought copies of the paperwork that would confirm the accuracy of the vote tallies certified for the 2020 election.

It's becoming increasingly obvious that the only thing unusual about 2020 was that the fraud needed to beat Trump was so much larger than the fraud they planned to beat Trump that the fraud was obvious.

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Wisconsin election investigation report

Gateway PunditA group investigating Wisconsin election fraud recently presented interim findings about the 2020 election. The informal hearing was held by the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections in Madison, the WI capitol. Over the past 14 months, this group has had 1,500 volunteers, and spent $60k purchasing election lists at the State and County level. They currently use a supercomputer in Texas to process the data through 8 stages. Using public document requests, they also gained insight into the WI election administration.

Step by step, the fraud is unraveling.

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CDC using swabs for genomic sequencing

Conservative TreehouseOh dear, it would certainly have been better if the CDC stated the “genomic sequencing” was for the virus.

Alas, in their Twitter announcement the CDC left the possibility of genomic tracing for the individual person tested open to interpretation.

Yeah, they probably meant the virus. But these days, the conspiracy theories about CDC statements have more truth value than the CDC statements. And collecting genetic data about the US population is something the CDC (and the government in general) would love to do.

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DOJ's new domestic terrorism office

Just The NewsOhio Rep. Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, is requesting the Justice Department provide information about its new domestic terrorism office, considering the agency's plans last year regarding parents at school board meetings.

"The creation of this domestic terrorism office appears to contravene advice from career Justice Department officials, and raises serious concerns about how the Biden administration will use the new office in light of the Justice Department’s misuse of existing counterterrorism resources to target concerned parents at school board meetings," read a letter Thursday to the agency from Jordan and fellow committee Republicans Reps. Mike Johnson, of Louisiana, and Andy Biggs, of Arizona.

The lawmakers suggested the creation of the new office, with the agency's National Security Division, has spooked "longtime dedicated career lawyers" at the agency who believe it is "unnecessary and potentially harmful."

After 9-11, the vast majority of "domestic terrorism" in the country has been aided and abetted by the FBI, who -- at a minimum -- looked the other way despite being warned repeatedly.

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Scotland to no longer publish COVID data by vaccine status

Gateway PunditThe Public Health Scotland (PHS) announced on Wednesday that they would stop publishing the data of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths by vaccine status after data was “inappropriately misinterpreted” by anti-vaxx people.

The COVID-19 data will not be published claiming that it’s misrepresented by “anti-vaxxers,” according to reports. Instead, the officials will concentrate on publishing “more robust and complex vaccine effectiveness data.”

PHS is worried that the data might be used to show that the vaccines are ineffective and dangerous.

Shut up, they explained.

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Pfizer pulls vaccine from India after gov demands local trials

Gateway PunditPfizer pulled its application for emergency-use authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine in India after the country’s pharmaceutical regulator’s demand for a local safety and immunogenicity study, Reuters reported.

On February 3, India’s COVID-19 Subject Expert Committee (SEC) reviewed the data presented by Pfizer during a meeting. The committee did not recommend the Pfizer vaccine due to serious adverse events reported abroad and the companies’ lack of safety and immunogenicity studies in the Indian population.

The local trial is a standard procedure imposed in India when a new vaccine is available to determine its safety and generate an immune response in its citizens.

What are the vaccine manufacturers afraid will come out?

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Veritas exposes vaccines

Project VeritasFDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole: “You’ll have to get an annual shot [COVID vaccine]. I mean, it hasn’t been formally announced yet ‘cause they don’t want to, like, rile everyone up.”

Cole on President Joe Biden: “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible.”

Cole on plans to approve vaccine for toddlers: “They're not going to not approve [emergency use authorization for children five years old or less].”

Cole on pharmaceutical companies: “There’s a money incentive for Pfizer and the drug companies to promote additional vaccinations.”

Cole on the financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies: “It’ll be recurring fountain of revenue. It might not be that much initially, but it’ll be recurring -- if they can -- if they can get every person required at an annual vaccine, that is a recurring return of money going into their company.”

These statements are damning because they are the common-sense truths that the official narrative has been denying for years.

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NIH gave only 2% of budget to COVID pandemic

PJMediaDespite the ubiquitous presence of Dr. Anthony Fauci on television to pontificate about COVID-19, it appears the National Institutes of Health (NIH) spent very little of its expansive budget on COVID research. In an analysis in preprint, researchers found only 2% of the NIH budget was allocated to COVID studies early in the pandemic. The investigation found that 2% of grants and 5.3% of the NIH budget got allocated to COVID research in 2020 overall. It also found that the average time to award a grant was 151 days.

This seems somewhat at odds with the fear porn in the media constantly.

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WSJ reports on Durham's latest

Wall Street JournalSpecial Counsel John Durham continues to unravel the Trump-Russia “collusion” story, and his latest court disclosure contains startling information. According to a Friday court filing, the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign effort to compile dirt on Donald Trump reached into protected White House communications.

The filing relates to Mr. Durham’s September indictment of Michael Sussmann, a lawyer who represented the Clinton campaign while he worked for the Perkins Coie law firm

For people who only believe "real media".

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New York Mayor fires a thousand people who refused vaccination

Legal InsurrectionNew York City Mayor Eric Adams fired 1,430 city workers who refused to get the COVID vaccine.

The fired included “36 NYPD personnel, 25 Fire Department workers and 914 Department of Education staffers.

This is punishing people who refused to harm themselves merely to demonstrate their subservience. It is disgusting.

That said, what's up with the huge number of Dept of Education workers? Are there just that many more of them?

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Biden's vulnerability to Durham

Just The NewsSpecial Counsel John Durham's investigation isn't just imposing accountability for Hillary Clinton's 2016 political trick to dirty up Donald Trump with the FBI; it's also encroaching on the credibility of President Biden's current chief foreign policy adviser and point man for the current Russia-Ukraine crisis.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan was a senior adviser to Clinton's 2016 campaign and, by his own admission, spread the word to reporters back then that Democrats believed Trump was colluding with Vladimir Putin to hijack the election and had a secret computer channel to the Kremlin. Neither proved true.

But long before that Russia collusion narrative crumbled like a stale Starbucks muffin, Sullivan gave sworn testimony to the House Intelligence Committee disputing that anything the Clinton campaign spread around Washington was misinformation.

Remember, Biden's administration is filled with people from both the Obama administration and some with ties to the Clintons who were involved in Spygate. It's not just a Clinton plot, though for the moment Durham seems to be pursuing that angle. Biden himself, as VP, was in at least some of the high level meetings where this was discussed.

If Durham is an honest man, neither Hillary, Obama, nor Biden himself are safe. Even Democrats are starting to think Durham should investigate Hillary. (He probably is already).

Whether Durham is actually honest remains an open question; but it does appear, for the moment, that he's taking this seriously.

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Judge dismisses Palin's NYTimes libel suit

Just The NewsA U.S. district court judge has ruled that the libel lawsuit brought forward by former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) against The New York Times should be thrown out.

I think this decision is pretty clearly a case where someone "got to" the judge, or perhaps the judge was simply biased. I base that on a couple things.

First, the timing; the question of whether Palin showed evidence that the NYTimes knew the editorial was false or acted recklessly is fundamental to the case and both could have and should have been decided before the jury even began deliberating. The only reason to let the jury start deliberating -- and even finish after the judge's decision to throw out the case -- is to effectively give the NYTimes two bites at the apple; the judge throws out the case (which will inevitably be appealed) and the jury deliberates, which cannot be appealed on a not guilty verdict. So if the jury says not guilty, it's over; and if they say guilty, the judge has already thrown out the case (subject to appeal). And, as a bonus, if the jury hears the judge threw out the case they may be influenced to come back with a not-guilty verdict as a result.

Basically, I think someone got nervous that the jury was taking too long and told the judge to end it. Or maybe the judge got nervous on his own account.

Second... is the uncomfortable fact that Palin did in fact present evidence of both of the things cited by the judge, or at least has been widely reported as doing so. She produced emails from fact-checkers objecting to the mention of her name in the editorial, pointing out that there was no actual link, and the paper published the editorial anyway, with the mention of Palin apparently being added at the last minute and even then over the objections of the fact checkers. That seems like textbook evidence of reckless disregard for the truth and knowledge of falsity.

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Should the GA report on Dominion machine security be public?

Just The NewsBiden administration officials at the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) are urging a judge not to release a report on Dominion Voting Systems equipment in Georgia by arguing that the move would "threaten election security."

CISA has already obtained an unredacted version of the report, which was written by University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society Director J. Alex Halderman. The professor has been criticized by both Dominion and Georgia Secretary State Brad Raffensperger (R).

The report should be released after being reviewed under CISA's Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure process, ​​Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Boyton and Department of Justice attorney Bringham Bowen argued in the Feb. 10 filing, obtained by The Epoch Times.

Common practice in the computer security field, when a security issue in a product not under your control is found, is to report that issue to the product owner and allow them time to respond and correct the problem before releasing public information about the vulnerability. If the product owner does not take it seriously or refuses the fix the problem promptly, the information can be released publicly.

In the case of election systems, there's the election itself, a hard deadline that limits the time to respond to flaws, and the complicating factor that fixing problems often requires public pressure.

Regardless, the public should know if their election systems are secure or not. The report must be released. Preferably before the next election, and the sooner it is released, the sooner fixes can be made and verified. Given the timing, it may be necessary to wait until after the primaries; but no longer than that. Since it has been over a year since the last large scale election, more than enough time to fix any fixable problems has passed. The people deserve to know.

It's interesting that Raffensperger wants the report released. Does he feel like the redacted information would minimize the security issues, or does he just want to point to his argument to claim he is in favor of election security?

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EU to investigate menstrual issues linked to vaccine

Just The NewsThe health agency of the European Union announced Friday that it will investigate reports of menstrual problems following the administration of some COVID-19 vaccines.

The European Medicines Agency's (EMA) Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee is "assessing reported cases of heavy menstrual bleeding (heavy periods) and absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) with the COVID-19 vaccines Comirnaty and Spikevax," according to the press release.

Suddenly people are admitting there are problems.

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Masks don't work

Bloomberg Masks have been the most visible part of America’s pandemic response, but one of the least consequential. The fact that 500,000 people worldwide died during the omicron surge means it’s time to change tactics, and focus on what went wrong that led to so many hospitalizations and deaths…

…The benefits of universal masking have been difficult to quantify. One controlled study in Bangladesh showed a small but statistically significant benefit — among people who consistently used masks, 7.6% got symptomatic infections compared to 8.6% in the control group. Other studies have been inconclusive…

…The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota have laid out a more complex analysis: Given the current understanding that the virus is transmitted in fine aerosol particles, it’s likely an infectious dose could easily get through and around loose-fitting cloth or surgical masks.

This has been obvious for a very long time. But now the midterms are forcing even the media to admit it.

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A new antibody treatment that works against Omicron

Just The NewsThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration this week announced an emergency use authorization for a new monoclonal antibody treatment against COVID-19, a course which it said would be effective against the waning omicron variant of the virus.

If there are effective treatments, we don't need mandatory vaccines. In fact, if the FDA was functioning normally, even one effective treatment would end the EUA for the vaccines because it would no longer be an "emergency".

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Forever Shots

Just The NewsThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week released data showing that effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine booster wanes markedly in the months following that shot, though the agency still said uptake of the booster is important for fighting against the virus.

Or, you can acquire natural immunity from the mild Omicron strain and treat it like a cold, barring serious comorbidities.

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Critical Race Theory in education

Paul RossiMy school, like so many others, induces students via shame and sophistry to identify primarily with their race before their individual identities are fully formed. Students are pressured to conform their opinions to those broadly associated with their race and gender and to minimize or dismiss individual experiences that don’t match those assumptions. The morally compromised status of “oppressor” is assigned to one group of students based on their immutable characteristics. In the meantime, dependency, resentment and moral superiority are cultivated in students considered “oppressed.”

All of this is done in the name of “equity,” but it is the opposite of fair. In reality, all of this reinforces the worst impulses we have as human beings: our tendency toward tribalism and sectarianism that a truly liberal education is meant to transcend.

Recently, I raised questions about this ideology at a mandatory, whites-only student and faculty Zoom meeting. (Such racially segregated sessions are now commonplace at my school.) It was a bait-and-switch “self-care” seminar that labelled “objectivity,” “individualism,” “fear of open conflict,” and even “a right to comfort” as characteristics of white supremacy. I doubted that these human attributes — many of them virtues reframed as vices — should be racialized in this way. In the Zoom chat, I also questioned whether one must define oneself in terms of a racial identity at all. My goal was to model for students that they should feel safe to question ideological assertions if they felt moved to do so.

Read the whole thing.

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