CO considers legislation to criminalize election audits

Complete ColoradoColorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and Democrats at the statehouse–along with lone Republican sponsor, Senator Kevin Priola–have come up with an outrageous bill that would criminalize county clerks or anyone else with the temerity to investigate the accuracy and security of their elections. Senate Bill 153 changes Colorado statutes to rob clerks of their lawful elected duty to assure their county elections are fair and honest, and hands the keys of the election kingdom entirely to the secretary of state. If the bill passes into law, clerks will be blocked from examining records to find out if their elections have been compromised or hacked by outside internet intrusion. That’s unless they want to spend a couple of years in jail and pay a fine up to $100,000 for a class 5 felony.

This is insane. Why can't we audit our election machinery to make sure it works?

The answer is obvious: they know it doesn't work and enables fraud, and that's how they win.

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More information about the covid genetic sequence deletion

Gateway PunditA trove of documents that were uncovered by a recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request reveals the National Institutes of Health (NIH) secretly deleted information about the genetic sequencing of the Covid-19 virus in the summer of 2020.

No surprise, former NIH director Francis Collins and NIAID Director Tony Fauci were front and center with this cover-up too.

Fauci and a lot of other government officials are sure acting like they have something to hide.

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A better explanation for the trans push

The Stars Came BackI’m seeing a lot of people on the right share this meme. While it may be a strong satirical response to those who get lost in nuance, it fundamentally fails to recognize why the left wants to talk to your kids about sexuality. Let’s connect some dots. 1/23

The left doesn’t want to diddle kids. They want to create little revolutionaries. To do that they need to sever the bond between students and the parents they believe are raising their children to be hateful bigots. 2/23

This is much more practical than calling it a humiliation ritual, and less pure-evil than "They just want to molest kids", but I'm not ruling out "All of the above". Not necessarily all of the above in one person, of course.

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GOP Candidate caught altering petitions in primary race

Just The NewsBefore he dropped from the race, a GOP challenger to Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., was captured in video footage altering information on voter petitions to secure his access to the ballot.

Just the News obtained two videos shot by a Stefanik supporter that show Lonny Koons making changes to the forms while sitting in his car March 24 in a Walmart parking lot in Ticonderoga, N.Y.

The videographer who shot them confirmed their authenticity to Just the News.

In an interview Friday, Koons confirmed the videos to Just the News, and said he was was "correcting errors and blanks on the petitions" and had only recently learned what he did might be considered fraudulent or cheating.

Both parties do it, which is why it has been so hard to get the GOP to investigate it.

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GA goes Constitutional Carry

The Truth About GunsAfter some back and forth between the Georgia House and Senate reconciling different versions of constitutional carry bills, the Senate voted 34-22 in favor of the latest version that passed the House earlier this week. That sends the final bill to Governor Brian Kemp who has said he’ll sign it into law.

Now fully half of the nation. This is what winning looks like.

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The Battle for America's Childten

C Bradly ThompsonThe time has come for the American people to address the fundamental question of our age: who is responsible for the education of your children, you or the State? Put differently the question is: do you want to live in a free society where parents control the education of their children, or do you want to live in an authoritarian society where the State controls the education of your children?

The choice is yours, my friends. Make it well.

Laying out the stakes for the battle over control of education.

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Consequences for intelligence officials lying to the public

Gateway PunditOn Tuesday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced a new House Resolution that would strip security clearances from dozens of federal intelligence officials who signed on to a letter declaring the infamous Hunter Biden laptop as “Russian disinformation” shortly after it emerged in the months leading up to the rigged 2020 election.

I suspect there are some procedural issues here. Such as, is this a bill of attainder and thus unconstitutional? And, does Congress have any authority over security clearances, which are normally an executive function? Regardless, it's clear that consequences for intelligence officials misusing their access and the presumption of public trust for political gain are sorely needed.

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Alaska election will not be signature-verified

Gateway PunditAlaska’s Division of Elections will not verify the authenticity of voter signatures on the ballots cast in the upcoming June 11 special statewide primary to replace Rep. Don Young.Multiple bills have been introduced in the current legislative session to address voter integrity issues, including voter signature verification, but they have languished in various House and Senate committee assignments. Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer submitted legislation to the current Legislature to address this issue, but his Senate Bill 167 has languished in the Senate State Affairs Committee since Jan. 18th with no movement. Several other bills dealing with voter signature verification have been introduced, including House Bill 96 by Gov. Mike Dunleavy. That bill has stalled in the House State Affairs Committee.

One of the first events in my own memory that caused me to question the integrity of our electoral process was when Republican senator Lisa Murkowski won a write-in campaign for Senator after losing her primary. Winning a statewide campaign as a write-in candidate is unheard of and can only be driven by corruption.

It appears Sarah Palin will be running in this special election. Is she a genuine candidate for the people or an establishment fakeout? I don't know. As a way to shore up McCain (whose hate-hate relationship with his own party's base was well established) Palin got a lot of good attention. But her actual record is thin and not always positive. I'm cautiously optimistic, though. And not being Alaskan my opinion matters little.

But even more interesting will be watching the election itself, and trying to figure out if it's honest or fraudulent.

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Did the FBI set up a Republican congressman?

Gateway PunditFortenberry was convicted on three felony counts – one count of falsifying and concealing material facts and two counts of making false statements (each count carries five years) by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles.

Fortenberry’s lawyers argued at trial that the FBI lured the Congressman into giving two interviews – then indicted him after he couldn’t remember all the details about a conversation he had with an FBI informant about the illicit campaign donation.

“Defense lawyers said the FBI “set up” Fortenberry after a national investigation fizzled into foreign money funneled to members of Congress. They said Fortenberry’s flaw was voluntarily meeting with agents and prosecutors to help their probe and having a faulty memory.” – AP reported.

I see two red flags here. First, the setup by the FBI to create a staged event and then claim in a subsequent interview that any minor discrepancies are deliberate lies. And second, the conviction was in LA when the man represents Nebraska. A very friendly, reliable jury.

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FBI won't release crime statistics

Of Arms And The LawStory here. There are just too many PDs that aren't sending in data. I don't recall this happening before, there were some scandals in individual cities (in the 60s, the FBI stopped reporting NY City for a time, after concluding it was cooking the books to make things look better than they were), but I don't recall any mass failures to report.

I expect the word went out to the left-wing cities with big crime problems following the year of "mostly peaceful" protests and lockdowns: if you don't report your stats, the FBI won't be able to publish them and that will help Democrats in the midterms.

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Loss of immune system capability by the vaccinated?

Daily ExposeThe latest official figures from the UK Health Security Agency show that triple vaccinated people aged 30-70 have now lost at least 70% of their immune system capability compared to the natural immune system of unvaccinated people.

Their immune systems are deteriorating between 10 and 30% per week on average, with the detioration much larger and quicker among the younger age groups.

If this continues at the current rate then all triple vaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds will have 100% immune system degradation by the middle of April 2022, with all other triple vaccinated age-groups following suit not long after.

In other words, official UK Government data strongly suggests the triple vaccinated population are rapidly developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

I'm not clear on exactly how bad this is, but it seems pretty bad.

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True the Vote on Wisconsin ballot harvesting

Gateway PunditCatherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips from True the Vote testified Thursday before the Campaigns and Elections Committee in the Wisconsin Assembly on their investigation of ballot trafficking at ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin.

According to True the Vote 7% of the ballots in Wisconsin at the ballot drop boxes were likely fraudulent votes. They estimate over 137,000 ballots were trafficked in Wisconsin. Joe Biden “won” Wisconsin by less than 21,000 votes.

The evidence just keeps adding up.

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Final report on Maricopa County

Gateway PunditThe final report from Maricopa County covering the routers and Splunk logs related to the 2020 Election was released on Wednesday. The results were puzzling as the auditors make broad statements that would be impossible to confirm.

This report stinks.

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PA Supreme Court rules against election audit

Gateway PunditThe Pennsylvania Supreme Court stepped in and stopped an audit of Dominion Voting Machines in Fulton County. The Court prevented the state Senate from performing an audit of voting machines in the state even though the legislature oversees the election process in the state.

This seems like an abxurd ruling. Why can't the legislature, which is in charge of elections, audit the election machines?

That said, if the Dominion machines can't be audited, they can't be used, either. The legislature can simply choose something else and make auditability a requirement.

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AZ toughens citizenship checks for voting registration

Just The NewsArizona lawmakers approved new voter restrictions that supporters said ensure only U.S. citizens can cast ballots but opponents said will wipe countless voters off the state’s rolls.

A unanimous Republican caucus approved House Bill 2492 on Wednesday in the Senate, sending the legislation to Gov. Doug Ducey for consideration.

While Arizona is one of the few states that already require proof of citizenship before registering to vote, residents can bypass that by registering for a federal-only ballot under the National Voter Registration Act and can vote on federal contests.

HB 2492 would require counties to check those individuals for citizenship against multiple databases. Counties must reject any federal applications if they find the individual is not a U.S. citizen. Any official knowingly ignoring the requirement could be charged with a Class 6 felony.

This is a very important change that other states should make sure to put into place. The federal "motor voter" registration bypasses citizenship checks. Ther were enough federal-only votes in Arizona to change the results in 2020; I checked at the time.

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Electronic audit of Colorado election reveals manipulation

Emerald Robinson1. Creation of multiple databases: The Mesa County voting system server should have had three databases in its election project for each election. But in Mesa County’s system, two additional databases were found for two separate elections. The existence of those additional databases, and the movement of ballot records between them, breaking the chain of evidence needed for ballot and vote authentication is proof of voting system non-compliance with Federal Voting System Standards mandatory under Colorado law, and proof of manipulation. This is akin to having two sets of accounting records in a business, to hide fraudulent and illegal financial transactions.
2. A pattern of multiple illegal databases in separate elections: Multiple databases were found in both the 2020 election records, and in the 2021 election records. Slight variations in the method of ballot and batch record copying between databases reinforces the conclusion that the manipulation was deliberate.

Read the whole thing. And this is what they did in Colorado, not any of the swing states they desperately needed.

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Indiana goes constitutional carry

view from the PorchFinally, after a dozen years of trying during which it died in House or Senate committees time and time again, constitutional carry legislation was signed into law by Governor Eric Holcomb yesterday.

I believe this makes 24 states, nearly half. I remember when this movement started, people thought it would never happen. Now it has.

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Government still spying on Project Veritas

Gateway PunditJames O’Keefe on Tuesday revealed the Biden DOJ spied on Project Veritas journalists with sealed search warrants then concealed the communications from a federal judge.

Project Veritas obtained legal documents from Microsoft Corporation revealing the DOJ obtained an extension on two sealed search warrants after a federal judge denied the Department’s efforts to “unsupervised and unfettered access to privileged emails and contacts of eight PV journalists.”

And they are trying to hide it from the judge.

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GA SecState gets subpoena power in election investigation

Just The NewsThe Georgia Elections Board has approved a subpoena to secure evidence and testimony in an ongoing investigation into whether third-party liberal activists illegally gathered thousands of absentee ballots in the 2020 general election and a subsequent runoff that determined Democrat control of the U.S. Senate.

The vote was a major win for Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who announced the investigation into alleged ballot harvesting in January and was seeking the subpoena authority to assist the probe.

The subpoena power will allow Raffensperger's team to secure evidence about a whistleblower who alleged to an election integrity group that he participated in a large operation to gather ballots in which activists were paid $10 for each ballot they delivered.

Ah, now I understand. Raffensperger wants to know what the whistleblower knows and who he is so he can protect his own ass.

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Electronic voting machines in WI flawed

UncoverDCOn Monday, March 7, Garland Favorito and David Cross from VoterGA held a press conference at which they released the group’s latest findings. The presentation was entitled “Conclusive Evidence Showing Fulton 2020 Election Results Were Electronically Manipulated” and featured a 15 point analysis conducted by VoterGA’s volunteer research team over the past year.

If you believe in democracy, you owe it to yourself to understand this information. Because you may have been misinformed.

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Illegal ballot harvesting in WI

Gateway PunditOn the afternoon of March 16th an all star cast of election integrity experts, investigators, and constitutional attorneys appeared for a WI press conference. They showed the various forms of 2020 election fraud in Wisconsin. Jefferson E. Davis led the group with a powerful and passionate presentation. At one point he chokes up in disgust, almost in tears, disclosing his own dead family members were put on WI voter rolls. Awhile later Jefferson drops this bomb.

“We have the ballot drop box video footage. We have the cell phone ping data. True The Vote has merged the two together. They will share their Wisconsin information on Thursday March 24th. Game Over for Wisconsin.”

Video proof the election was stolen.

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The WEC is defying Wisconsin's supreme court on ballot boxes

Gateway PunditThe Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled ballot drop boxes couldn’t be used in next month’s election, but Milwaukee is keeping them in place.

Milwaukee election officials said they have found a way to let voters continue to drive up and drop off their ballots by temporarily turning early voting sites into extensions of the elections office.

There must be consequences, or the law is meaningless.

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More election security laws in GA

Just The NewsHouse Republicans in Georgia passed a bill late Tuesday that will further, they believe insulate Georgia against election fraud.

House Bill 1464 gives the Georgia Bureau of Investigation the ability to investigate election fraud without a specific invitation from other state or local officials. The bill also creates a detailed chain of custody requirement for ballot handling, and would allow for paper ballot inspections following an election.

The inspections and chain of custody are nice, but actually allowing police investigation without potentially implicated politicians requesting it may be the most important. The requirements only matter if they are enforced.

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COVID aid fraud

Just The NewsAn investigation has been launched into a multi-million-dollar COVID-19 vaccine outreach contract that Harris County in Texas entered into with a company that reportedly has ties to Democratic Party operatives.

Texas Department of Public Safety’s Texas Rangers executed search warrants Friday and confiscated computers and phones of at least two employees working at the Harris County Administration Building. The search warrant didn’t apply specifically to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

Any time government announces free money, the political insiders are first in line to claim it. If you think that isn't by design, you're a fool.

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Clerk charged with ballot tampering

Just The News former Michigan county township clerk has been charged with ballot tampering and official misconduct in connection with an expected recount in her own August 2020 primary election.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced the charges on Friday against ex-Flint Township Clerk Kathy Funk, a Democrat who will face trial in Genesee County District court.

Funk is accused of intentionally breaking a seal on a ballot container so the votes could not be counted in an anticipated recount. Funk was running for reelection, and narrowly prevailed in the unofficial count, Nessel said.

Stalin was right -- it's not the votes that matter,it's who counts the votes. If the counters aren't honest, the act of voting and holding elections is almost meaningless.

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