Jan 6th Committee lies again

Gateway PunditI know this including from how it was described by the U.S. Government when the recording was provided to the defense attorneys.

First, notice there is NO crowd noise on the recording. This is NOT a recording from the US Capitol. No one on this recording is at the US Capitol.

This is a recording of people all over the country watching the news on TV.

What they are describing is what they are seeing ON TV.

Not the first time they have done something like this. It's a sign of desperation, I think. They know they are going to have to cheat really, really hard, and they know people will be watching for that. But why do they fear just taking an election loss so much?

It would be nice if thew news media was doing their job and questioning the BS.

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Political subpoenas are intended to chill political opposition

Legal InsurrectionAssume, for the sake of argument only, that such subpoenas were proper and necessary to investigate alleged crimes associated with the January 6, 2021, Capitol Hill riot. That’s a big assumption, but it proves the point, which is why now, some 18 months later?

If these subpoenas were so necessary to the investigation, why did DOJ/FBI wait a year and half until we are in the thick of the runup to the midterms?

These subpoenas are a big freeze not only on Trumpworld, but conservative and Republican worlds. When people know that dozens are being subpoenaed by the feds regarding hundreds of people or entities, people stop talking to each other and engaging in perfectly lawful political activity out of fear that they will be next. Lawful political communication with the wrong person could find you on the receiving end of a DOJ subpoena and FBI home visit, or as just happend to Mike Lindell and others, being confronted on the street or in public by FBI agents.

It’s a way to shut down a political movement without having to arrest, indict, or prosecute anyone.

Even if nothing else ever comes from these investigations, subpoenas, or seizures, the chilling effect on the midterm elections will have already done the harm.

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SAF files suit against new New York carry law

Second Amendment FoundationThe Second Amendment Foundation today filed a federal lawsuit challenging a new gun control law adopted in New York State following the Supreme Court’s nullification of its previous concealed carry state that required “proper cause,” alleging the state’s new statute is just as unconstitutional as the previous law.

Joining SAF is the Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc., and two private citizens, Brett Christian and John Boron. Defendants are Kevin Bruen, superintendent of the New York State Police, and John J. Flynn, Erie County District Attorney, in their official capacities. The case is known as Boron v. Bruen. It was filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York.

According to SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, passage of Senate Bill S 51001 by state lawmakers in Albany “replaced one unconstitutional licensing scheme with another.”

The new measure bans the lawful, licensed carry of firearms in so-called “sensitive places,” and presumptively most property in the state, creating a de facto ban on firearms carry for personal protection. As a result, SAF and its partners are asking for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief from the court.

New York has also instituted rules for firearms licensing that require a check of social media history that clearly falls afoul of the 1st Amendment.

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Facebook provides FBI with private messages proactively

Conservative Treehouse Facebook has been spying on the private messages and data of American users and reporting them to the FBI if they express anti-government or anti-authority sentiments — or question the 2020 election — according to sources within the Department of Justice.

Under the FBI collaboration operation, somebody at Facebook red-flagged these supposedly subversive private messages over the past 19 months and transmitted them in redacted form to the domestic terrorism operational unit at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, without a subpoena.

“It was done outside the legal process and without probable cause,” alleged one of the sources, who spoke on condition of ­anonymity.

“Facebook provides the FBI with private conversations which are protected by the First Amendment without any subpoena.”

The answer to this is end-to-end encrypted communications, which somehow has never quite taken off.

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Biden Admin pushing FBI to exaggerate "white supremacist" threats

Washington TimesRank-and-file FBI agents are accusing the Biden administration of exaggerating the threat of White supremacists and pressuring agents to cook up domestic terrorist cases involving racist extremists.

Current and former FBI agents told The Washington Times that the perceived White supremacist threat is overblown by the administration. They said top bureau officials are pressuring FBI agents to create domestic terrorist cases and tag people as White supremacists to meet internal metrics.

“The demand for White supremacy” coming from FBI headquarters “vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy,” said one agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than we can actually find.”

It seems pretty clear that the goal is to have something to use to paint Republicans as racists for the midterms.

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Heller wins again

The Truth About GunsIn July, Heller filed another lawsuit, this one also styled Heller v. DC. This latest action challenged the city’s limit on the total number of rounds a concealed carry license holder can carry in the Capital when armed. The city, in its infinite wisdom, had set a totally arbitrary limit of 20 rounds for concealed carriers.

Given the current legal landscape, as Rob Romano reported last night, the city threw in the towel and used “emergency rulemaking” powers to repeal the 20-round limit.

I would rather have the precedent, but there are other states.

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Danchenko a paid FBI informant

TechnofogToday, Special Counsel John Durham moved to unseal this motion in limine in the false statements case against Igor Danchenko.

This motion provides new information on the details of Danchenko’s lies to the FBI, further information on how Special Counsel Mueller ignored Danchenko’s false statements, expected testimony from Clinton-connected executive Charles Dolan, and one crazy development.

But we’ll start with the the most damning development: Danchenko was on the FBI payroll as a confidential human source (CHS) from March 2017 through October 2020.

Bear in mind, Mueller kept paying Danchenko (and investigating Trump) even after Trump was elected and Danchenko admitted what he claimed about Trump was bullshit and bar talk.

More information.

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More video evidence of potential vote fraud

Gateway PunditThe two men are seen rolling a flatbed filled with 13 postal trays used to transfer ballots in Detroit, 3 large (heavy) storage containers, and a large filled blue bag with red straps (we believe this bag was used to transfer ballots from satellite voting centers, potentially to the Detroit City Clerk’s office), and two open boxes filled with absentee ballots into the back of a black minivan that is backed up next to the drop box. It should be mentioned that, according to a thorough examination of the surveillance tapes by MC4EI, a scant total of 95 ballots were deposited throughout the day on Election Day, and only ONE ballot was dropped off after 6 pm on Election Day—so, where is this massive haul of ballots coming from?

When they are finished loading the contents of the flatbed, which includes several large black containers that are so heavy it requires two people to load them into the back of the minivan, they close the doors, and ONE person drives away, ALONE—with a van filled with thousands of ballots almost 3.5 hours after the polls have closed.

It's certainly suspicious,

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The vaccines are worse than the virus

Gateway PunditA new pre-print study by nine health experts from major universities showed that the COVID-19 vaccines are 98 times worse than the virus, and mandatory booster vaccination in college is “ethically unjustifiable,” as reported by Epoch Times.

Serious studies.

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Democrats and Guns

Just The NewsCalifornia Democrat Rep. Karen Bass, who is running for Los Angeles mayor, said she had two guns stolen from her home when it was broken into Friday night.

Bass said she called the Los Angeles Police Department after coming home to find that her home had been burglarized.

For some reason, elected Democrats like to own guns, while insisting that ordinary people shouldn't own them.

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Clinton judge bars enforcement of election integrity law

Gateway PunditA Clinton-appointed federal Judge blocked a new Arizona election integrity law from being enforced in the upcoming 2022 General Election.

HB2247 is meant to clean the voter rolls and remove registrants who are registered in another state and no longer live in Arizona. The new law would add a statement on voter registration forms, specifying that if a registrant permanently moves to another state after registering in this state, their registration will be canceled.

It would also direct the county recorder to cancel a voter registration when they confirm that the registered person is dead, that the person is not an Arizona resident or resident of that County, or that they are not a citizen of the United States.

It's unclear what justification the judge used to block a law that would remove people who aren't allowed to vote from the list of voters. Presumably there will be appeals, but the judge is hoping those appeals don't take place until after the midterm election.

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Compare and Contrast

Coffee County, GA, had issues with their ballot scanner in 2020. They brought in experts after the election to examine the machines and find out why.

Gateway PunditAt the end of the testing, both Logan and Lenberg wrote up reports on what they found, which were seemingly ignored by officials outside of of Coffee Co.

On the ICP machines, they were “reversing ballots” at a fairly high rate (about 15%) and the reversal was 4 to 1 Trump to Biden ballots.

On the high speed scanners, it was a little more shocking: Lenberg explains that the user interface allows you to change many different scanning parameters like gamma, contrast, sensitivity etc. Lenberg explained: “Well, that’s nuts on its surface. If you have a certified piece of equipment that is counting votes, you don’t want to let an administrator go in and adjust how its going to scan votes. You would never do that!” Yet, one could, even after certification.

Before they began playing with the parameters, Lenberg claims they could run ballots through perfectly with no issues. Thousands of ballots. But when they got to the tenth parameter, that all changed. This parameter allowed the user to “ignore red, blue, green or none”. It was defaulted to “ignore red”. There was no red on any of the ballots they were running. However, when they set that parameter to “none”, the machine would not run Trump ballots properly. They couldn’t run 20 Trump ballots before rejecting a ballot. It would run Biden ballots through no problem, though.

Start by reading the summary. If you have time, watch the podcast. It's a little over an hour, but you will get a first hand account of what actually happened from people who were involved. Then, read the way Associated Press frames the events.

Associated Press The prosecutor investigating whether former President Donald Trump and others illegally tried to interfere in the 2020 election in Georgia is seeking information about the alleged involvement of a Trump ally in the breach of voting equipment at a county roughly 200 miles south of her Atlanta office.

The widening of the probe highlights the latest instance in which unauthorized people appear to have gained access to voting equipment since the 2020 election, primarily in battleground states lost by Trump. Election experts have raised concerns that sensitive information shared online about the equipment may have exposed vulnerabilities that could be exploited by people intent on disrupting future elections.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is seeking to have attorney Sidney Powell, who tried persistently to overturn Trump’s loss, testify before a special grand jury seated for the investigation into possible illegal election interference.

So, an investigation into the integrity of voting machines in one county that found problems resulting in code changes from the manufacturer is apparently being called illegal election interference even though investigating and testing the machines after the election has been decided could not possibly interfere with legitimate results?

Why the coverup, AP? What is on those machines in GA you so so so desperately want to keep hidden?

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Fauci: "Not enough time for human trials on COVID boosters"

Just The NewsDr. Anthony Fauci says there is not enough time to wait for clinical trials before the authorization of updated COVID-19 booster shots.

"We don't have time to do a clinical trial because we need to get the vaccine out now," Fauci said on CBC this week, per The Epoch Times.

They had time to do clinic trials on the initial COVID vaccines, and those trials appear to have been a horror show. The data is still trickling out, extracted by court order from the government agencies. Now, Fauci wants to rush out a booster without doing any human trials at all, when the COVID pandemic is effectively over?

No, Fauci, and the syringe you rode in on, too.

This is really about Fauci giving himself a nice retirement present of another batch of drug royalties.

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Special Prosecutor appointed over election disputes

Gateway PunditThe Michigan Attorney General now joins in with DC Supreme Chancellor Joe Biden in weaponizing her office against her political opponent in the November election.

On Thursday, Dana Nessel appointed the Democrat prosecutor from Muskegon Co, DJ Hilson, as special prosecutor to investigate election fraud election “tampering”.

Making it a crime to question the results of elections seems like a very thuggish way to run a republic.

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Byrne on election fraud

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Video footage of illegal ballot trafficking in Detroit

Gateway PunditElection Integrity investigators in Detroit, Michigan captured never-before-seen footage of DOZENS of ballot traffickers dumping HUNDREDS of ballots into ballot drop boxes during the 2020 US presidential election.

"The most secure election ever" my ass.

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Judicial Watch finally obtains IRS scandal depositions

Judicial WatchJudicial Watch announced today that it received previously sealed court documents, including depositions of IRS officials Lois Lerner, the former director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and Holly Paz, her top aide and former IRS director of Office of Rulings and Agreements, which show that they knew most Tea Party organizations were legally entitled to tax-exempt status in the run up to the Obama reelection in 2012.

A decade later, the public finally learns that Lois Lerner and Holly Paz knew they were illegally targeting conservative organizations for political purposes, and escaped without punishment.

A decade later.

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Bayou Renaissance ManUntil recently I'd have laughed in your face if you'd tried to persuade me that such a plan could exist, much less succeed. Now . . . now I'm not so sure. The evidence is all around us that our current social, cultural and economic plight has been deliberately crafted and manufactured by the World Economic Forum and its acolytes. I think the onus is now on those who don't believe in "omnicide" to prove their case.

I independently conceived the idea that COVID was being used (regardless of origin) to cull the elderly and save social security programs shortly after hearing about the New York governor's plan to put the sick into nursing homes where they could spread the disease to everyone else there. I have since seen nothing to change my mind about that. Things have only gotten worse.

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Dem runs over Republican over political argument

BreitbartAccording to a local North Dakota report, early Sunday morning a man called 911 and admitted to the hit and run of an 18-year-old. His motive? A “political argument” with a Republican.

Forty-one-year-old Shannon Brandt said he was afraid 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson was “part of a Republican extremist group and that he was afraid they were ‘coming to get him.'”

So he allegedly killed Ellingson with his car.

Not the first casualty in the slowly boiling pot of civil war. I hope he will be the last. But I don't think that's likely.

And he is already out of jail.

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Cleaning the voter rolls

Gateway PunditHill found 9,000 ineligible voters on East Lansing’s official voter rolls. A full 36% of the city’s 26,000 voter registrants should not be on the rolls. Worse, 1,935 (21%) of those ineligible registrants voted in the 2020 election, and their ballots were counted.

Read the whole thing.

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FBI pressuring people to put themselves on the NICS list

PJMediaAccording to a wealth of internal documents and communications obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by the gun rights organization Gun Owners of America (GOA), the FBI secretly coerced Americans into signing documents that waive their rights to own, buy, or even use firearms — a blatant assault on their Second Amendment rights.

“The forms were presented by the FBI to people at their homes and in other undisclosed locations, according to bureau documents,” the Daily Caller reports. “At least 15 people between 2016 and 2019 signed the secret forms, which ask signatories to declare themselves as either a ‘danger’ to themselves or others or lacking ‘mental capacity adequately to contract or manage’ their lives.”

The form states that signatories woud be permanently registered with the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which would bar them from purchasing, possessing, or using firearms. It’s unclear how the FBI targeted signatories but according to investigation notes on some of the forms, many signatories allegedly made violent threats online, in person, and on social media.

If they made real violent threats, convict them in court and they will go on the NICS list. If you can't do that, probably they should keep their 2nd Amendment rights. Worse, this form originated with an Obama-era program to get people who were NOT dangerous to sign away their rights -- people on social security who needed help managing their finances, for example. That program was shut down by Congress.

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Record-keeping requirements and honest election outcomes

The FederalistUnfortunately, election officials across the country are not keeping the most basic data to monitor election outcomes. Even when they say they do, the numbers do not come close to matching up.

It was a simple goal: match the number of voters with the number of ballots cast. After the last general election there were concerns that ballots were counted multiple times (so that there could be more ballots cast than voters who voted) and that ballots were destroyed (so that there could be more voters who voted than ballots cast). But, through our examination, we learned that it cannot be determined if these discrepancies exist, because most states and counties simply do not keep timestamped records of who voted as required by law.

That these records have been aggressively destroyed across the country following the 2020 election is a major red flag.

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A credit card code for firearms purchases

Gateway PunditThe mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, along with other elected officials and state pension fund trustees, have requested that major credit card companies implement a weapon code for the purchase of firearms and ammunition.

“New York City Mayor Eric Adams, New York City Comptroller Brad Lander, trustees of the New York City Employees’ Retirement System, Teachers’ Retirement System and Board of Education Retirement System, and elected leaders today called on American Express, MasterCard and Visa, three of the world’s largest credit card companies, to support a proposal to establish a merchant category code (MCC) for gun and ammunition stores,” according to the news release.

The only legal use for such a code would be to make sure 2nd Amendment purchases are tax free. Somehow, I doubt that's that they have in mind.

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Ballot curing ruled illegal in Wisconsin

FOX 11A Wisconsin judge on Wednesday ruled that state law does not allow election clerks to fill in missing information on witness certification envelopes that contain absentee ballots, delivering a victory to Republicans nine weeks before the election in the battleground state.

It's actually a victory for everyone who believes in honest elections.

The shameful part is that it took 6 years to reach this point.

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DOJ appeals special master order in Mar-A-Lago raid case

Conservative TreehouseA comprehensively corrupt and politically motivated U.S. Justice Department has appealed the part of Judge Cannon’s previous order appointing a special master with authority to review documents the FBI collected at Mar-a-Lago last month.

In essence, the DOJ-NSD, an agency within the justice department created by Eric Holder, is claiming no one outside the DOJ-NSD should be allowed to review the documents they have defined as “national security” interests. Main Justice really, really doesn’t want anyone seeing what the DOJ-NSD are defining.

For normal classified information, picking someone with a reasonable security clearance already and reading them in to whatever this specific information is would not be an issue. The only thing that DOJ needs to hide this badly would be the things that incriminate them in targeting Trump, because anyone who sees the full extent of that information and actually pays attention to it will immediately understand that this is more of the same.

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