EU goes stupid on copyright law

Boing BoingUpload filters: Everything you post, from short text snippets to stills, audio, video, code, etc will be surveilled by copyright bots run by the big platforms. They'll compare your posts to databases of "copyrighted works" that will be compiled by allowing anyone to claim copyright on anything, uploading thousands of works at a time. Anything that appears to match the "copyright database" is blocked on sight, and you have to beg the platform's human moderators to review your case to get your work reinstated.

* Link taxes: You can't link to a news story if your link text includes more than a single word from the article's headline. The platform you're using has to buy a license from the news site, and news sites can refuse licenses, giving them the right to choose who can criticise and debate the news.

* User generated content exemption: the right to use small excerpt from works to make memes and other critical/transformative/parodical/satirical works.

So in other words, this post would be illegal, and automatically blocked by censorship bots at Google, Facebook, etc, simply because I quoted from the person I linked to and added my own comments.

That's stupid, and why we have a First Amendment in the US.

But will that matter, or will the EU impose their law on the US internet?

Note that this law makes political debate online, or really any discussion of the news or current events, essentially impossible. That's not accidental with various European governments seeing political threats growing.

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