Red Flag Laws in action

A Seattle man was arrested and his guns seized under a red flag law. The "cause" was supposedly online threats about the Joker movie. As described in the article, as a joke it was in bad taste. Apparently he had prior social media posts that some people found disturbing and threatening, but apparently none of those were legally actionable. Aside from the joker post, they describe a few things: "guns in his home, tucked into his waistband, or displayed in wooded areas." I don't see anything illegal or disturbing about that. He had photos of standard capacity magazines for a rifle. Nothing problematic there.

One post mentioned using gun kits to make "ghost guns" by scrubbing the serial numbers off; that's illegal if it is described, but that's not what you do with a gun kit. The normal way this works is: you manufacture a lower receiver (the regulated "firearm" part) from a rough blank and then assemble the full firearm from parts obtained separately. If you do it right, it's legal, with some limitations (like you can't sell it).

Don't try this without researching the laws yourself or ideally with a lawyer. I'm not one and I haven't ever done this. But I understand it's legal when done right.

And the man obtained a concealed carry license in May, which was later revoked. No word on whether it was revoked because of the recent red flag confiscation, but that seems a logical assumption. And they issued it in May, meaning at that time he didn't have a felony criminal record.

And they confiscated his guns "without incident", which sort of suggests he was not a threat, just someone who posted a bad joke on social media and happened to own guns.

Assuming my read is correct, I hope this guy sues.

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