Attempted assassin was gun control and BLM advocate

Fox NewsThe suspect charged in Monday’s targeted shooting of Louisville, Kentucky, mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg has been identified as an activist for civil rights and gun control.

Quintez Brown, 21, was charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment, the Louisville Metro Police Department confirmed to Fox News Digital.

Brown previously worked for the Louisville Courier Journal as an intern and an editorial columnist, according to the newspaper. In December, Brown shared a short campaign video on Twitter announcing that he was running to represent District 5 for Louisville’s Metro Council in 2022. His writing advocates for the ideals of communism, socialism, liberation and has criticized "gun-loving" Republicans.

As a freshman in college, Brown also reportedly was selected to meet former President Obama.

Greenberg is a Democrat, and police have not provided details about the possible motive for the shooting.

He is also affiliated with Black Lives Matter, and a local nonprofit paid for his bail on the attempted murder charge.

Like the Bernie Bro who tried to kill the Congressional Republican baseball team, look for the left to memory-hole this as fast as possible.

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Bloomberg goes to Iowa

Bloomberg goes to Iowa and endorses ethanol. I consider this his announcement for President in 2020. He's already been buying Democrat support with gun control donations. If he runs on gun control and wins, with a Democrat house and a very narrow Senate majority, we're in real trouble. Bloomberg will want to push the issue.

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