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Just for background, the Senate is currently having it out over the gun liability protection bill, and the way that it was set up to come to a vote, the anti-gunners have the opportunity to add their own amendments to the bill. And boy, they are sure trying hard to throw everything they can at it -- including the kitchen sink.

Here's what has passed so far:

Still in the wings waiting for a vote are the Assault Weapons Ban amendment, a bill establishing national concealed-carry for law enforcement, and probably one or two pieces of small cutlery.

This presents a question: what do we do about the bill? It has some gun control measures attached now. In an email to, the NRA promises that it will kill them in conference committee:

The legislative process in Congress is complex and far from perfect. Fortunately, Congress is a bicameral (two house) legislative body and both the House and Senate must agree on the same bill before enactment. While we are uncertain of the outcome of several pending anti-gun amendments in the Senate, the House is strongly pro-gun and it (or a conference committee) will not accept any anti-gun Senate-passed amendment as part of the final product to be sent to the President.

The question is whether to trust them. They've tried this and been caught by surprise before. To my mind, it depends on what the stakes are; under no circumstances is this bill worth a renewal of the AWB. Nor is it worth eliminating gun shows.

As it stands right now, though, it's a tougher question and you'll have to make the call for yourself. Speaking of which, Congress still needs phonecalls: 1-202-224-3121. Give them a call EVERY SINGLE DAY this is on the table, and tell them you are a supporter of gun rights and you DO NOT want any anti-gun amendments on S1805. Tell them that if the AWB amendment or the gun show amendment is added, kill the bill. And if you've decided that the trigger lock or ammunition amendments aren't acceptable, just tell them to kill the whole thing... but tell them it's because of the anti-gun amendments on the bill!. You don't want the senator to mis-identify you as a member of the Brady Bunch.

The message here is loud and clear, regardless of your decision on the bill as currently amended: the clean bill was good, anti-gun amendments are bad. The only question is whether the existing amendments are bad enough to kill the whole bill. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has been generating the accusations about an NRA deal on this issue, and they say kill the bill.

Remember, politicians are like mules; they'll take the easy way down a slippery slope and they'll balk if they aren't carefully managed -- especially when you're trying to go back up the hill.

If you want to watch things as they happen, here are some sources:

Action items for today:

Sample Email to Senators

I have been closely following the progress of the gun manufacturer's protection
act (S1805) in the Senate.  I SUPPORT this bill but OPPOSE any anti-gun 
amendments being added.

Already, two GUN CONTROL AMENDMENTS have been added to this bill.  More are 
being considered.


to this bill, I urge you to KILL THE BILL.

The American people will not accept a compromise.  We will not accept additional 
gun control even attached to an otherwise desirable bill.  We will hold you AND 
YOUR ENTIRE PARTY responsible for your votes individually and the overall 
outcome of this legislation.  We will remember how you vote when it is our turn
to vote.  It may be years before you are up for re-election -- but we will


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