California passes two anti-gun bills (SB1152, SB1140)

On the heels of the supernaturally-assisted passage of AB-50 (banning .50 caliber rifles), California has enacted a measure requiring ammunition vendors to collect information and fingerprints from those buying ammunition. I got the tip from this thread on The High Road.

As if those two weren't enough, there are also reports that SB1140 passed; that's a Brady Campaign measure creating a misdemeanor offense for "keeping a handgun where a person knows or reasonably should have known a child is likely to gain access to it", as well as what they call a "wobbler" (some kind of sometimes-misdemeanor, sometimes-felony thing I think) for "storage of a firearm in proximity to ammunition".

The information demanded by the state on each ammunition purchase includes:

Yes, that's right. In order to buy ammunition in California, you are required to provide a fingerprint! And there are provisions for inspection of these records at any time (during normal business hours), by any employee of the District Attorney or the Department of Justice, which means no warrant is necessary.

And guess what? There are exceptions for two classes of people: police officers and concealed-carry permit holders. Before you start celebrating about the latter, California is NOT a shall-issue state, which means that those holding concealed-carry permits are the political cronies of the legislature and nothing more -- such luminaries as Dianne Feinstein are exempted from the law, but no ordinary peon in California can get a concealed-carry permit.

I wonder if these bills passed by a "ghost vote" too? I wonder if Arnold will sign them? Since I asked him to veto AB50, I'm going to write a follow-up email asking for an investigation of these bills on ghost-voting grounds. Please send your own letter to his email address: As always, please drop a comment on this post if you send an email.


Recently I wrote to you regarding the practice of "ghost voting" in the California legislature. This practice was used to pass AB-50, a measure banning the sale of .50 caliber rifles in California, which had languished for a long time in a very close vote. However, the legislature eventually passed the bill 45-32 when your legislators abandoned honor and decency to cast false votes for legislators not actually present! I wrote to you asking you to veto a bill passed through clear fraud and abuse of the legislative system.

I am writing to you now because two addition bills on the topic of firearms have also passed your legislature. These bills are SB1152 and SB1140. They are bills which are offensive to the Second Amendment and to any free people. SB1152 requires a fingerprint to purchase ammunition. How would you feel about being required to provide a fingerprint before making a speech protected by the First Amendment? SB1140 makes it a criminal offense to store a handgun in a manner useful for self-defense. Do you own a handgun, Governor? How is it stored? You may already be a felon.

But because of the way AB-50 was passed, I urge you to investigate the passage of SB1152 and SB1140. I urge you to find out whether these measures, too, were passed by "ghost voting". If they were, regardless of your feelings about the Second Amendment, I urge you to veto all three bills (AB50, SB1152, SB1140) due to their abuse of the people's trust. If your legislators can't be trusted to respect the sanctity of the opposition's votes with a nanny to watch them, it is your responsibility as governor to administer the spanking.

I recognize that if the Democrats in your legislator are "girly-men" as you have accused them of being, they may find the spanking more enjoyable than might be wished. But if you prefer to let them spank you with this legislation, who then is the "girly man"?

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