Mixed messages from the Governator

The governor of California exercised both his pen and his veto on Monday, resulting in a mixed return for the issues I've been watching. Here's the bad news:

Schwarzenegger signed two gun control measure. One, SB 1858, prohibits public display of fake guns that look real. He also signed AB 2431, which will require police to return firearms seized if owners pass a background check showing they can legally own a gun.

SB 1858 is silly -- it's another measure banning toy guns to help the police avoid shooting kids playing cowboys and indians. While I don't really have much problem with regulating toy guns, is it too much to ask for the police to evaluate the situation before shooting a kid? Who is the real threat to our children in this scenario?

AB 2431 seems like common sense, especially since the police seem to have a habit of holding on to any guns that enter their grasp whether they have a legal right to confiscate or not.

There was also some good news:

The governor vetoed two gun measures by Sen. Jack Scott, D-Altadena: SB 1152 would have required stores that sell bullets to keep information about buyers; SB 1140 would have made it a crime to store a handgun where a child can easily find it.

Both SB-1152 and SB-1140 were pretty bad bills. I lobbied Arnold to veto both of them, so I'm pleased that he did, but I also lobbied him to veto AB-50 (passed by the infamous "ghost vote") and he has already signed that. I think he's trying to play both sides of the issue, and frankly, that's doomed to failure. But we only got one of three really horrible bills, which is better than three of three.

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