Navarro arrested on orders of Jan 6th committee

Conservative TreehousePeter Navarro was the former Senior Trade and Economic Advisor to President Trump and a staunch critic former of U.S. policy toward China. The January 6th Commission demanded all his documented communication with President Trump and anything that might be related to the authorities of the J-6 Committee. Navarro did not comply with the Democrat subpoena from the committee.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, acting on the authority of Joe Biden, instructed the FBI to arrest Peter Navarro and bring him to federal incarceration.

Put in more clear terms, Joe Biden is arresting his political opposition for failing to reveal confidential and privileged communication with the former President.

Democrats are using the FBI as the federal police agency to arrest their political opposition. This is happening right now.

This is happening in the United States of America.

It happened the day after he pledged to help impeach Biden. The political motivation is transparent, as is the comparison to the treatment of AG Holder.

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SAF sues to challenge WA magazine ban

Just The NewsThe Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation on Friday filed a federal lawsuit against Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson and several other officials challenging the state’s ban on large-capacity magazines for handguns and rifles.

Senate Bill 5078 prohibits the sale of gun magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds, along with the manufacturing, distribution, or import of such magazines in Washington.

I'd say the Second Amendment Foundation was stepping in while the NRA was down, but the NRA has never been terribly effective at court challenges. The Second Amendment Foundation has had a leadership role here for at least a decade if not substantially more.

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Biden demands gun control

Conservative TreehouseWith barely more than a third of the country supporting the installed occupant of the White House, Joe Biden took to the podium tonight to demand a litany of new gun restrictions. Biden called for the banning of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines through reinstating the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, noting that if that can’t happen, the government should raise the legal age to purchase such weapons from 18 to 21.

Biden also called on congress to construct new federal background checks, which sounded a lot like a federal registration of gun ownership. Also, he is demanding “red flag” laws that will allow schools, counsellors, doctors and others to flag an individual as a threat to themselves or others, thereby removing their right to gun ownership. Biden also said he want’s congress to ban large capacity magazines limiting all firearms to five bullets.

Biden basically wants whatever gun control he can get, regardless of the fact that none of it would do a damn thing to stop any of the recent mas shootings, or really, any mass shootings at all. What he really wants is a political victory for his base before the midterms. And McConnell, by ordering Cornyn to negotiate, seems prepared to give Biden that victory.

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Plea bargain in AZ vote fraud case

Gateway Pundit (quoting Albuquerque Journal) An Arizona woman accused of illegally collecting early ballots in the 2020 primary election pleaded guilty Thursday in an agreement with state prosecutors that saw the more serious forgery and conspiracy charges dismissed and limited any potential for a lengthy prison sentence.

Guillermina Fuentes, 66, could get probation for running what Arizona attorney general’s office investigators said was a sophisticated operation using her status as a well-known Democratic operative in the border city of San Luis to persuade voters to let her gather and in some cases fill out their ballots.

Prosecutors were apparently unable to prove the most serious charges, dropping three felony counts alleging that Fuentes filled out one voter’s ballot and forged signatures on some of the four ballots she illegally returned for people who were not family members.

"Apparently unable to prove" is just bullshit editorializing. It's a plea bargain. Hopefully, it's one that includes an obligation to testify against other people who were involved. But, as with Durham, I'm not going to hold my breath while waiting for justice.

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True The Vote has another whistleblower

Gateway PunditWhistleblower: “Because, where I live—you can’t have a voice. If you stand up or if you want to even run against them, you will be shot.

And even, I know people who have tried to run via council or major (mayor), or just anything, and they have been even—they have lost their houses, their lives, everything. They have just run away from them people.”

She asks, “They have been afraid?” then answers her question, “Yes, of course!”

“If you work for the city or if you work for the—um—school board—because we have the Gadsen District— um, School Board, if you’re an employee over there, you have to give your ballot opened to them, so they can see who you are voting for or who you supposedly have to vote for.”

They seem to be getting at least some traction with law enforcement.

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Confirmed: Ballot images missing from Fulton County GA

Gateway PunditEven with the misinformation that was constantly being peddled out to us by not only the mainstream media, but also by certain election officials in Georgia, and around the country quite frankly, Patriots kept their heads down and continued searching. Many of these records in question have been confirmed as missing through Open Records Request by investigators working closely on shoring up Georgia’s elections.

While we have these ORR responses previously that found little to no records of the ballot images from the original count, it still could have been something that was missed by a clerk searching the records. We now, however, have a court document in which the Fulton Co Board of Registration and Elections have admitted they “did not preserve until the present time the majority of ballot images from in-person voting for the November 3, 2020 election original machine count.”

Under Federal law election data is supposed to be preserved for 2 years after the election, so those admissions are admissions of felonies.

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The flaws in utilitarian medicine

Robert MaloneA man walks into his doctor’s office for a health checkup. After completion of the exam, he asks “Doc, how am I doing?”. His utilitarian MD-MPH turns and says “you are in perfect health. Your heart is perfect, your liver is perfect, and your kidneys are perfect. And I have four other patients that will die in the next week if they do not get transplants requiring a donated heart, liver or kidney. So I will be prepping you for surgery in one hour.”

Utilitarian philosophy is the core flaw in many utopian philosophies, and also in the COVID tyranny albeit expressed slightly differently. The idea that the man in the example above will mutely accept the end of his life to somewhat better the lives of four others is insane. Of course that man will fight, to the death, to keep his own organs, his own property, his own life, and in the process, quite likely make life worse for the doctor and anyone else the proposed patient can reach. Individual humans are simply not compatible with that idea, and we ignore it at our peril.

And yet the people who claim to rule us imagine that they can push us around forever without an eventual violent response.

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AZ RINO Gov vetoes election security bill

Gateway PunditRINO Arizona Governor Doug Ducey recently vetoed a key election integrity measure that would require County Recorders to cancel voter registrations of unqualified electors.

Only legal votes count, and HB2617 sponsored by State Representative Joseph Chaplik would have helped to ensure that only legal voters can vote.

I'm tempted to say that at least the Democrats are honest about which side they are on, but evidence suggests at least some Republicans are actually controlled-opposition Democrat false flags.

We have to get better at picking candidates.

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GA: Hand recount reveals massive discrepancies

Emerald RobinsonThere’s an incredible election story developing in Georgia right now — in the same week that the U.S. Federal Government has been forced to admit that Dominion Voting machines (used in all of Georgia’s counties) are vulnerable to hacking and should be fixed!

According to the local paper Decaturish: DeKalb County (GA) just released the results of a hand count in the District 2County Commission primary race — and the hand count revealed such massive discrepancies between the May 24th machine results and the June 1 hand count that it has flipped the race!

The machines did not count 2,810 votes at all — mostly from Election Day ballots. That’s almost 20% of the total votes that mysteriously disappeared!

The machines also counted only 589 votes for the candidate Michelle Long Spears on May 24th and placed her third in the race but the June 1st hand count discovered 3,491 more votes for her. Suddenly, she’s winning the race.

And yet they keep claiming their election machines and procedures are foolproof.

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Dominion voting systems vulnerable to hacking

Emerald RobinsonLet’s summarize the corporate media coverage on this issue for the last two years in one sentence: it’s a conspiracy theory to say that America’s voting machines can be hacked (in fact it’s the Big Lie!) and if you insist on doing audits you’re crazy, but it turns out that Dominion Voting Systems machines are completely vulnerable to hacking once you allow the experts to review them by filing lawsuits but, don’t worry, there’s no evidence of any hacking (because nobody has been allowed to look at the machines) and, of course, Joe Biden got 81 million votes!

Why would you believe these people in corporate media about anything ever again?

This is a huge admission, especially when you consider that the people running the elections with physical access to the voting machines are those with the most motivation to cheat.

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Beto calls for confiscating AR-15s

Gateway Pundit“And I just took the position that may not be politically popular or maybe too honest that only should no one be able to purchase an AR-15 or an AK-47, because they’re designed to kill humans and that high-impact, high-velocity round will just tear up everything inside you. You’ll bleed out before we can get you back to life,” Beto said on May 21 at a town hall with veterans.

“But I don’t think that the people who have them right now in civilian use should be able to keep them,” he added.


Molon Labe.

Now what, you fascist prick?

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Michael TracyFew figures on the punditry scene are more adept at getting themselves into comical face-plant scenarios than McFaul — or more useful at highlighting unexamined contradictions of the yammering liberal commentariat. In this instance, McFaul demonstrates why he and likeminded commentators are so steadfastly determined to compartmentalize their positions on foreign policy versus domestic policy. Because it would apparently never even occur to McFaul that there might be some tension between his passionate calls to aggressively curtail gun circulation in the US, and his similarly passionate calls to circulate a giant number of guns in Ukraine.

Read the whole thing...

This happens because the left, at least at the level of the talking head or column byline, has ceased to think or reason at all. This has been pretty obvious for some time; consider the inherent contradictions in the left's pro-abortion choice and anti-vaccine choice policies as another example, or the inability to tell men from women. The key is that thinking is not required; unquestioning distribution of the approved opinion is.

How that opinion actually gets to the approved status is an entirely political calculus that happens in back rooms filled with smoke, billionaires, and German accents.

Once it gets approved, though, everyone must toe the lie and heaven help the hindmost. Instead of rational arguments -- of whcih they are now incapable -- the foot soldiers of the left deploy fact-checkers, disinformation nannies, and twitter cancellation mobs. And these agents are surprisingly successful, forcing even a sitting president off of his chosen social media soapbox during his reelection campaign.

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DOJ opens the settlement spigot

BattleswarmBlog President Biden’s Department of Justice appears to be rebuilding a dubious money chain known as “settlement slush funds.” The Obama DOJ used these funds to channel cash from corporate settlements to bankroll private progressive organizations, circumventing the budget and oversight authority of Congress.

On May 5, Attorney General Merrick Garland revoked a Trump-era rule that specifically prohibited the DOJ from directing funds from corporate settlements to finance third-party organizations and causes. The use of these so-called settlement slush funds became so rampant under the Obama administration that the House passed the Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act in 2017 in an attempt to end it. A similar bill was introduced in the Senate but failed to pass.

Under the Obama Justice Department, corporate fines were directed to organizations including the Sierra Club, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and the National Council of La Raza.

So, basically, the DOJ is shaking down corporations for donations to leftist (and ONLY leftist) activist groups. This should certainly be illegal and is absolutely a violation of the First Amendment. But the leftists don't care.

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Everything according to plan

Robert MaloneI almost cannot believe that I am writing this, but since my original substack article on this topic, we had the reveal of an Event 201-style wargame exercise modeled around a bioterror-related release of an engineered Monkeypox virus “caused by a terrorist attack using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory with inadequate biosafety and biosecurity provisions and weak oversight.” With amazing (coincidental?) prescience, the “table top exercise” of March 2021 (one year and three months into the Covidcrisis) models a Monkeypox bioterror attack initiated on May 15, 2022. Note the date of the CNN/Jake Tapper fearporn piece - May 20, 2022. The modeling deployed in the scenario upon which the “exercise” was based predicts 3.2 billion cases and 271 million deaths by December 01, 2023. Of course, the predictive accuracy of the simplistic public health models such as that used to support this scenario have repeatedly proven to be absolutely horrid, and these types of models should be either relegated to the trash heap (or ongoing dumpster fire) as unscientific speculation which is all too frequently weaponized by the fearporn peddlers such as CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Washington Post. By now we all know the usual USG and WEF-controlled media players.

Multiple cases were soon detected in Portugal, and to their great credit, INSA Portugal got busy and promptly did the deep sequencing necessary to enable building a phylogenic map of the Monkeypox variant associated with the outbreak.

Based on their findings, they have rapidly disclosed both their data as well as a series of startling hypothesis regarding the origin of the currently circulating Monkeypox (West African Clade) Monkeypox. Cutting to the chase, having reviewed their data and paper, I now have to conclude that one of the many “working hypotheses” concerning the origin of this particular virus must be that it is the product of laboratory-based manipulation - precisely as previously modeled by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI):Bio/Munich Security Conference . True story. Truth continues to be stranger than fiction.

I told you so.

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To everyone who says we need new red flag laws...

New York PostDisturbing new video obtained by The Post shows demented Robb Elementary School shooter Salvador Ramos grinning as he holds up a bag of blood-soaked dead cats.

The deranged 18-year-old gunman is seen smiling in the undated footage while sitting in the passenger seat of a pal’s car — holding up a clear plastic bag with at least two bloodied cats visible inside.

The Uvale murderer carried around dead cats in a plastic bag and liked to show them off to get a reaction from people. And somehow, he was able to legally buy two rifles he had no business being able to afford. Does anyone really think adding more laws would help when the multitude of actual crimes committed by this murderer were blatantly ignored?

If the police -- local, state, federal, even Interpol -- had wanted to stop this killer, they had every reason and legal justification they could possibly want to do so.

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Faulty COVID tests resulted in 100K false positives

Gateway PunditA US medical company is suing Chinese manufacturer Anhui DeepBlue who manufactured and distributed to the United States more than 100,000 defective antibody tests that showed false-positive results, according to American Military News.

AnyPlaceMD sued the Chinese medical technology company after two years “in an effort to recover nearly half a million dollars it lost buying defective tests.”

That's a lot of false positives, which coincides with the desire to incite panic in the population. Hmm...

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WHO already has a contract for a vaccine passport system

Gateway PunditIf the ratifications are agreed to this week, the WHO would also be granted sole authority over what constitutes a pandemic. And, as we have seen over the past two years, just about anything qualifies as an ‘existential threat to public health’ including, but not limited to: misinformation, parents protesting at school boards, free speech, and – of course – racism. The fact that the WHO is on the cusp of unrestricted authority to decide these measures should terrify every American.

What’s more, the changes also include plans for a mandatory and universal vaccine passport system that’s overseen by the WHO. In fact, the globalist organization has already contracted a German-based company, called ‘T-Systems’, to develop the technology.

They’re that confident the measures will be approved.

The panic over COVID has mostly passed without permanent damage to freedom. Yes, many citizens are still suffering from the induced psychosis, but even that is fading. Some of the electoral changes are still in play, which is a problem for people who want honest elections, but those are also facing challeges.

Seeking to seize power through a medical treaty that does not have to face citizen approval is a logical way to lock their election fraud mechanisms in place permanently.

How do we stop it? I'm not sure. Do the changes need ratification, or implementing regulations? The former would have to go through the Senate with 67 votes, so probably not going to happen. Implementing regulations would probably only need to go through the Biden Admin, and would need those same 67 votes (in the Senate) for Congress to override Biden. So expect to see regulations citing the WHO treaty imposing election dropboxes and other fraud-enabling mechanisms nationally as the midterms approach.

Fighting those regulations is likely best done via the state legislatures, which have Constitutional authority here.

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Election concerns in GA primary races

Mon Jun 27 22:45:07 CDT 2022 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Good guys with guns stop active shooters

Daily SignalThe FBI announced Monday that citizens stopped six active shooters in 2021, according to a report on active shooting incidents.

Citizens stopped six active shooters, whom the FBI defines as “one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area,” in 2021, killing four of them, according to the report “Active Shooter Incidents In The United States In 2021.” There were 61 active shooter incidents in 2021, 12 of which met the FBI’s criteria for a “mass killing,” up from 40 the previous year.

The police prefer to spend an hour putting together a tactical stack while kids die.

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Video evidence of ballot mules in MI

Gateway PunditIn the video, two women are seen walking through a parking lot at 10:40 AM on November 2, 2020 (the day before the election) at the Heilmann Recreation Center satellite voting center in Detroit. The woman wearing a green sweater carries a large stack of what appears to be absentee ballots as she walks toward a drop box. The woman accompanying her is wearing medical scrubs (possible nurse, nursing home employee, or costume), and as she gets closer to the drop box, she reaches into the pants pocket of her scrubs and pulls out a cell phone. Once they arrive at the drop box, the woman in the green sweater begins to drop the absentee ballot envelopes into the slot on the drop box, as the woman wearing the scrubs positions her cellphone over the woman’s hands, as she appears to film the activity.

Will anything be done about this? I doubt it.

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A guilty plea in AZ vote fraud case

Gateway PunditGuillermina Fuentes, the Gadsden Elementary School District Board Member and Ex-Mayor of San Luis, Arizona, will appear in court next Thursday for a plea hearing.

Fuentes was indicted for trafficking ballots in San Luis, Arizona,

I'm hoping they are already trying to trace back up the chain to get even more convictions... but I'm not exactly expecting it.

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New finding: 20K illegal ballots counted in Maricopa AZ

Gateway PunditA new Maricopa County 2020 election report from Verity Vote used public records requests to discover that more than 20,000 ballots were illegally counted.

Arizona’s 2020 Presidential Election was decided by less than 10,500 votes.

After numerous records requests and months of waiting for responses, Verity Vote found that Maricopa County received and counted tens of thousands of ballots after the election day deadline.

If they came in after the deadline, they were not valid and should not have been counted.

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GA brings in federal "coordinators" for "school safety"

Just The NewsGeorgia is working to create Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams throughout the state as a part of a broader school safety effort.

Eight regional Homeland Security Coordinators, all sworn law enforcement officers, will lead the teams and respond to threats or concerning behavior that may be considered a pathway to violence. The BTATs will provide help and guidance to local schools and communities to mitigate potential threats.

Gov. Brian Kemp divulged the effort as part of a school safety update he released in the wake of a shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

Threats? Fine, if they are really threats. But for federal agents, "concerning behavior" is a very broad brush with which to paint.

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DOJ won't charge FBI in olympic gymnast child abuse scandal

Just The NewsThe Department of Justice on Thursday announced it will not bring charges against the former FBI agents who botched the investigation into former U.S. women's national gymnastics team Dr. Larry Nassar, who was sentenced to prison in 2018 for the sexual assault of some of America's top gymnasts.

The DOJ Inspector General wrote that while the two former officials likely provided "inaccurate or incomplete information," more is required to file criminal charges, The Associated Press reported.

The FBI fired one agent while the other retired.

The FBI gets another pass.

I didn't follow the details closely but it sure sounded like more than a botched investigation to me.

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SC returns abortion to the States

Gateway PunditThe Supreme Court has sided with the state of Mississippi and overturned Roe v. Wade.

The opinion was written by Justice Samuel Alito.

Laws related to abortion will now be returned to the states to decide.

Abortion has always been an uncomfortable issue for me. As someone who could easily have been a victim of one, I know there are other options and I hope mothers choose those other options instead of killing their unborn children. I have long recognized that Roe v Wade was horribly decided and needed to be overturned, while being uncomfortable forcing my own moral views on others, and also acknowledging that the fact that two lives are involved changes that moral calculus.

Also, recently, the left has shifted from the position that abortion should be "safe, legal, and rare" to actively celebrating abortion in the manner of the death cults of Moloch. That shift demands a response.

I have, generally, sought to avoid participating in the debate. I intend to continue that policy.

But I do welcome this decision as both Constitutionally and morally correct.

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