We're learning more about the FBI's informants and tactics in Michigan case

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Zuckerberg admits Facebook censorship is about the election

The admission is that Facebook will impose fewer rules on content after the election, which just confirms that the restrictions -- which are transparently biased -- are intended to influence the outcome.

The harm created by Facebook's blatantly biased censorship is far greater than the harm they are trying to prevent.

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Giuliani alleges child endangerment and sexual exploitation found on Biden laptop

The evidence was allegedly delivered to Delaware police. I'm not going to speculate, since this isn't really about politics. Either it's true, or it isn't. The person directly accused isn't running. It's a major black eye for elder Joe the candidate, especially if he knew and did nothing as is alleged; but it isn't directly criminal on his part (absent facts which would support neglect or some other failure of duty). It just looks really bad.

It may be even more awkward, because the Delaware AG appears to be a friend and ally of the Bidens.

These accusations are bad enough that I hope they aren't true. Sadly, enough external validation has come out regarding emails from the laptop that dismissing all of this as a dirty trick is not justified. We'll have to await the outcome of actual investigations from people with direct access to the evidence -- if the FBI and the Delaware police are willing to conduct them.

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FBI confirms possession of Hunter Biden laptop and email authenticity

Fox News and CBS. So the next question is, what have they been doing with it all this time? The likely answer ("Nothing") demands the appointment of a special counsel.

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Famous Rapper 50 Cent endorses Trump after seeing Biden tax plan

PJMediaOn Monday, Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, endorsed President Donald Trump after discovering that Democratic nominee Joe Biden would raise taxes to 62 percent for top earners in California and 58 percent for top earners in New York state. He doubled down on Tuesday, explaining, “I don’t want to be 20 Cent.”

Welcome to the right.

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Twitter's Jack Dorsey appears to have lied under oath

Video and details here Cruz asks Jack Dorsey about the New York Post stories Twitter has been blocking. Dorsey says the story can be shared now. But it can't be. Of course it was unblocked shortly after that.

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Trump DOJ files antitrust lawsuit against Google

The case focuses on search engine preloading, which I think has some strong analogous precedents in Microsoft antitrust cases.

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CJ Roberts allows ballots without postmarks to be counted after election

4-4 split leaves absurd lower court decision in place. We need Amy on the court to resolve these decisions without absurd ties. And we need Roberts to wake the fuck up and do his job, or else resign and publicly admit that the left has been blackmailing him. Seriously. In what sane universe do you count votes without postmarks that were received after the election? That is an invitation to fraud. And if those ballots decide the presidency... well, that's a nightmare scenario we don't need.

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Biden facing scrutiny over financial ties to Kazakhstan

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Should there be a special counsel in the Biden corruption matter?

At first glance, I didn't think a special council was necessary -- yet. If Trump wins, AG Barr can handle an investigation into political figures who are not running for political office. There's no conflict of interest there after the election, and no investigation started now could possibly have an impact on the election when the election is only three weeks away.

However, if Biden wins, a special counsel appointment would be appropriate prior to inauguration.

There is a caveat to that, however. The FBI has had this laptop since 2019 and so far as we can tell, nothing has been done about it. AG Barr should demand a full accounting on the status of any investigations opened on the basis of this evidence, and make a determine whether, at this point, a special counsel is required simply to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

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DNI Ratcliffe: Laptop "not part of Russian disinformation campaign"

Adam Schiff is lying; there is no intelligence to suggest the laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign. It's hardly the first time Schiff has lied through his teeth and made up things.

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Tucker Carlson interviews Biden Business Partner Tony Bobulinski

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This is interesting...

Western JournalThe answer to many of those questions, of course, is no. That’s why the Democracy Institute is weighting things differently. Basham sees three types of shy Trump voters — blue-collar male Midwesterners, suburban white women and people of color.

On that last count, consider this: “The #1 predictor of voting Republican is owning a handgun,” Basham told Forbes. “Black female gun ownership has skyrocketed. Forty percent of new handgun owners are female; 60 percent are African-American.”

According to the Democracy Institute’s model, Trump will end up winning 320 electoral votes this November. That kind of talk would get Democracy Institute pollsters laughed out of most rooms.

[Emphasis added]
Assuming that's true, and I wouldn't question it at face value, it suggests the Republican party has grossly miscalculated what their base cares about and wants to see legislators do. The elected Republicans have for years basically told gun owners to sit down and shut up. The most we have gotten for our trouble and political effort has been nothing -- ie, Republicans sometimes block gun control legislation, and sometimes protect the gun industry from legal abuse (eg, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act). It's very rare for federal legislators to offer gun owners anything positive. Maybe it's time the party tried that.

Read the whole thing for a little bit of insight into polling about Trump, as well.

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Bill Gates says shutting down the economy won't fix climate change

OK, Bill. You said it. "Simply shutting down" the economy completely, as we did for COVID, is "not enough".

That means no solution is possible short of global suicide. I reject that. So let's go full steam ahead and let the world warm up if it's going to.

I'm betting it won't.

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Wikipedia now censoring support for traditional marriage

The problem here is that censoring something like this does not make it go away (as Wikipedia no doubt wishes), it just prevents that opinion from being expressed on a certain platform. It's a thumb on the scales of the overton window, as I saw it described somewhere earlier today; it's not a rational argument, not a discussion, not an explanation, merely a declaration that a certain position is verboten in polite society. Not only does the law not agree with that opinion (any longer, even though this change to millennia of law only happened recently), that opinion can no longer be spoken about at all, thus hampering anyone who disagrees from expressing their disagreement.

This is evil. It is evil in the unique manner of totalitarian technological societies; a minor evil that hurts millions of people just a little bit, and thus hopes to achieve great evil while sliding beneath the notice of those who might oppose it effectively.

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BOOM: Hunter Biden's emails verified by other recipients

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Trump delivers for black Americans

Rapper "Ice Cube" credits Trump for improving access to capital in black communities. I'm skeptical about racial set-asides, but there are a lot of communities that badly need access to capital to rebuild after Democrat rioters burned them down. And that's a much better solution than welfare payments.

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Fake News

The person who was going to schedule a Presidential debate got caught communicating about the debate, and then lied about it, claiming his Twitter account was hacked. (He's claimed the same twice before). And now he's been fired for lying about being hacked.

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Did the Obama Administration consider trying to delay or cancel Trump's inauguration?

AND MagazineCirca November 10, 2016, the senior official speaking to AND Magazine received a phone call in his office at the Pentagon on a secure phone. The call was from the Department of Defense Under-Secretary’s office that coordinated attendance and participation in inter-agency meetings at the White House. The call concerned planning for a short fuse, inter-agency meeting at the White House. It was explained that a new committee was being formed to finalize and establish the timeline and storyline connecting Russia with the election of President Trump. The senior official speaking to AND Magazine had been named to be part of this new committee.

During this phone call, it was explained to AND’s source that one of the committee’s taskings was to develop a plan to delay and/or reschedule the inauguration. While the official to whom the call was made ultimately deliberately avoided attending committee meetings, he did see subsequent Top Secret email traffic that showed significant inter-agency discussion of the possibility of not proceeding as scheduled with the transfer of power.

At some point, this idea appears to have been dropped in favor of proceeding with the strategy of creating an impeachment narrative, but for months apparently there was significant discussion of the possibility of simply not handing over the Presidency to Donald Trump.

Take with a grain of salt, because the source is anonymous. But they are citing emails over DOD's top-secret communications systems, which should be discoverable.

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Hunter Biden and China

In addition to yesterday's blockbuster Biden revelations, today brings revelations about Hunter Biden involving his dad (and VP) Joe Biden in Chinese corrupt cash collection.

So far the response from the Biden campaign is to call a lid on their operations early yesterday (presumably to avoid being asked about it) and to "reject" (but not deny) the allegations, while tacitly admitting that maybe a meeting did occur that was not on [Joe] Biden's "official" schedule...

The provenance of this email trove is certainly questionable. But that doesn't mean it's not news or that it should be censored. (Indeed, we had to endure four years of the Russia Hoax and it's still not being censored). There are certainly enough details in this latest batch of emails for investigators to examine and compare to facts on the ground.

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The plot against the president

This film was originally held up in "content review" by Amazon for nearly two weeks. Why? Big Tech political bias is probably why.

The movie is now available on Amazon Prime.

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CIA Director Gina Haspel still resisting SpyGate disclosure

Even after Trump repeated his order to declassify and release documents, she is still resisting disclosure, likely due to personal involvement in the scandal. I will be very surprised if she still has a job should Trump win election, along with Wray at FBI.

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Dear Hillary Clinton...

This year, for your birthday, we confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Happy Birthday!

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Biden threatens the great American comeback

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