More evidence Ivermectin works for COVID

EmeraldAt this point in recent history, we all don’t really need more reasons to despise the corporate media and the federal government’s public health establishment but we have one more reason nonetheless: Ivermectin is an effective treatment for the COVID virus.

More evidence continues to come out. The efforts to suppress this treatment may well come to be viewed as criminal.

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Reports of heart problems increasing in 2022

Gateway PunditFor several months, the US public health regime and the bootlicking media have been routinely downplaying the risk of developing myocarditis after taking the vaccine, calling the occurrence “mild” and “rare,” and systematically burying any evidence to the contrary.

However, myocarditis – a potentially life-threatening inflammation of the heart – is in no way a ‘mild’ adverse reaction to the vaccine – especially when 90% of cases that have been recorded in VAERS ended up hospitalized – so, in other words, that half of the narrative was just an outright lie.According to the most recent Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data, the number of myocarditis and pericarditis reports in the first two months of 2022 is already almost half as many as the total number of submissions in 2021.

If those numbers are at all representative of vaccine iussues in 2022 as a whole, it's going to be a huge problem. Remember, these heart problems aren't obvious. If you don't just drop dead on a soccer field due to exertion, it takes time to feel unwell, go to a doctor, run tests, and so on. Heart problems from this vaccine are going to be rising for quite some time, I'm afraid.

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15% of mail in ballots fake... in Texas?

Gateway PunditThousands of Texans who tried to vote by mail during this month’s primary elections had their ballots tossed out, many of which were rejected because of issues that voters had in trying to comply with the state’s new voting law.

A CBS News analysis of election data has found that at least 16,800 mail ballots were rejected across 14 of the 25 counties with the most registered voters. That’s about 15% of all mail ballots returned in those counties.

The Democrats are desperately trying to figure out how to fraud Texas, because that would give them the White House basically forever.

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20 election fraud issues

Just The NewsA recent poll found that 40% of Americans no longer believe in the legitimacy of the winner of either of the last two presidential elections, a stunning number for a country globally held as the gold standard for constitutional republics built on democracy.

The 2020 election results almost certainly won’t be reversed, no matter how widespread the calls for decertification grow. But the opportunity to take the many failures of the last election seriously to improve Americans’ confidence in voting in the 2022 and 2024 elections looms large, experts told Just the News.

Here are 20 of the most important revelations uncovered by Just the News over the last 15 months of reporting, complete with substantiating evidence and links"

Just a summary of the things the Ukraine war is supposed to distract you from.

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Veritas exposes fake news reporting on Jan 6th

Project Veritas via ZerohedgeProject Veritas published a bombshell video on Tuesday showing Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times correspondent, Matthew Rosenberg, speaking about the events of January 6, 2021, in a way that contradicts his own reporting.

Rosenberg, who covers national security matters for the Times says on the undercover video that “there were a ton of FBI informants among the people who attacked the Capitol.”

This revelation is a break from Rosenberg’s reporting on the matter where he characterized such a notion of FBI informants in the crowd as a “reimagining of Jan. 6.”

This was not the only time Rosenberg’s commentary to Project Veritas’ undercover reporter directly contradicted his own published words. Despite telling a Veritas journalist that January 6 was “no big deal,” his article says that downplaying the events of that day was “the next big lie.”

This has been obvious for some time, but the admission is nice.

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Recent revelations about the vaccines

American GreatnessIn recent weeks, there have been several stunning revelations concerning the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines—and they are being all but ignored by a corporate media eager to change the subject.

The FDA on Tuesday released a large tranche of Pfizer clinical trials documents in response to a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. The documents show that the company knew people were at risk of experiencing more than 1,000 unique adverse side-effects to the mRNA injections.

Additionally, scientists last week revealed that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine can enter human liver cells and be converted into DNA—something the fact-checkers and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control assured the public could never happen. Scientists also recently discovered that a sequence of genetic material patented by Moderna in 2018 bears a suspicious similarity to the spike protein in Sars-Cov2.

And a new study published on March 2 found that the synthetic mRNA found in the vaccines does not degrade quickly as promised, but continues to produce spike proteins for nearly two weeks.

So far the conspiracy theorists are beating the fact-checkers in accuracy AND timeliness.

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Legislation to mandate "fact checking"

Just The NewsU.S. lawmakers introduced the Social Media NUDGE Act (S-3608) to "reduce addiction and the amplification of harmful content" through federal research agencies and a regulatory rulemaking process.

The legislation applies to commercial enterprises specializing in user-generated content with more than 20 million monthly active users for most of a 12-month period. They must devise plans for "content-agnostic interventions" and submit them to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for approval.

Some of the proposed interventions are already common, such as Twitter's prompt to users to read links before retweeting them.

While S-3608 never refers to misinformation or false information, it also never defines the "harmful content" it seeks to prevent, allowing its bipartisan cosponsors to give their own spin on what it would accomplish.

They know they can count on the leftists running Big Tech to shut us up, at least in those walled gardens.

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CO voting machines illegally configured

Gateway PunditMs. Peters recently sent a report to the state of Colorado with the results from an investigation into the Dominion voting machines used in her state in the 2020 Election. The report is damning. It shows that the county’s voting machines were illegally certified and illegally configured in the 2020 Election. The report lists a number of significant issues in the executive summary of the report.

The full report is here.

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More details from the Wisconsin election integrity report

EmeraldThe OSC learned that all machines in Green Bay were ESS machines and were connected to a secret, hidden Wi-Fi access point at the Grand Hyatt hotel, which was the location used by the City of Green Bay on the day of the 2020 Presidential election. The OSC discovered the Wi-Fi, machines, and ballots were controlled by a single individual who was not a government employee but an agent of a special interest group operating in Wisconsin.

How on earth did that happen?

EmeraldOne of the functions of Mr. Spitzer Rubenstein’s service as “on-site contact” was to coordinate with the contractor staff at the Hyatt Regency and KI Convention Center to set up wireless networks for Election Day operations. At Mr. Spitzer Rubenstein’s instruction, there were three WiFi networks available. One was the general conference facility public network that would be available to members of the press and others. That network was password-protected, but the password was widely available. A second password-protected WiFi network was created for Central Count staff. Mr. Spitzer Rubenstein also directed that a third WiFi network be established, but that network was to be hidden and it was not to be password-protected. Spitzer Rubenstein also ensured that “both networks reach[ed] [his] hotel room on the 8th floor” (App. 262-266).

A little tech note here: that "invisible" wifi network that was set up without a password? It's not actually invisible; normal devices don't show them but special tools can easily scan for them. And the lack of a password on that supposedly hidden network means anyone could scan for it and use it. Not JUST Rubenstein, not just anyone he happened to tell the network name, but literally anyone at all.

What else was using that hidden network, aside from Rubenstein himself? Given that we know the purpose of the first two password-protected networks, I can only assume the hidden, unprotected network was used for the voting machines themselves.

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True the Vote interview

Conservative TreehouseCatherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips from ‘True the Vote’, sat down with Charlie Kirk for a lengthy interview and discussion about the 2020 ballot harvesting process that took place in multiple states.

Boiling it down: 7% of the vote was fraudulent. With video evidence, cell phone location ping evidence, and more.

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The Wisconsin election report

The FederalistNearly $9 million in Zuckerberg grant funds directed solely to five Democratic strongholds in Wisconsin violated the state’s election code’s prohibition on bribery. That conclusion represents but one of the many troubling findings detailed in the report submitted today by a state-appointed special counsel to the Wisconsin Assembly.

Last August, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos authorized the Office of Special Counsel, headed by retired state Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman, to investigate concerns about election integrity and the 2020 election. Gableman delivered an interim report to the state assembly on November 10, 2021. Earlier today, the special counsel provided a second interim report to the state legislative body, noting the report “is final in the sense that it provides a list of recommendations with time for the Legislature to act before the close of its session in March.”

The report is devastating. There were criminal acts, and the investigator calls for the election to be decertified. People who keep insisting this is all nonsense have now been thoroughly proven wrong.

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New info from Durham's investigation

The FederalistSince Friday, several developments have exposed more of the behind-the-scenes details of the special counsel investigation into Spygate, including the public release of the deposition of Tech Executive-1, Rodney Joffe. Joffe’s deposition, coupled with other details previously known, reveals several significant facts while highlighting the many questions that remain unanswered.

Here’s what we learned and what investigative trails require further probing.

No new indictments, but there is news.

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Michigan voter rolls not properly updated before 2020 election

Just the NewsMichigan voting rolls were not properly updated prior to the November 2020 election, according to an audit released Friday by the Michigan Office of the Auditor General.

The audit of the Bureau of Elections concludes Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office did not adhere to state election law by properly updating and reconciling Michigan’s qualified voter roll. This oversight, according to the audit, increased the risk of ineligible voters casting ballots. Additionally, the audit identified discrepancies and inconsistencies in Benson’s statements in defense of her department’s internal post-election audits.

I highly doubt this is unique to the 2020 election. Many states have issues maintaining their voter rolls, deliberate or not. But it may well have been worse than usual.

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Twitter suspends journalist for tweeting link to peer-reviewed study

Just The NewsTwitter on Thursday suspended the account of Just the News CEO and Editor John Solomon for tweeting a story about a peer-reviewed study on COVID vaccines published in a respected medical journal by a research university that has worked with the both National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization.

The platform claimed the story was "violating the policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19" even though the story quoted federal agencies' context for the issue raised by the story.

The offending @JohnSolomonReports post was a link to a Just the News story posted Thursday morning with the headline "Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine converts to DNA inside human liver cells, according to new study" and the url:

The story is about a study by Swedish scientists that found when the Pfizer vaccine's mRNA enters human liver cells it triggers a number of reactions that yield a reverse transcription that turns the mRNA into spike DNA and notes the story was first reported by another news outlet.

The censorship continues. They are fact-checking real, serious reporters using a few people in a shack in India.

He was talking about this study.

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Raffensperger claims he will investigate harvesting in GA 2020

Just The NewsGeorgia's election chief is vowing a full-scale investigation into allegations Democrats may have illegally harvested ballots in the 2020 election, saying his team is preparing subpoenas to "follow the money" and bring prosecutions if warranted.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger sought to dispel whispers in conservative circles that he is slow-walking the probe he announced in January, explaining to Just the News that the only delays are related to administrative changes on the State Elections Board. That panel possesses the power to issue subpoenas Raffensperger says his investigators need to solve the case.

Of course he's slow-walking the probe. He's been covering for shenanigans since the beginning, and may well have been involved in sabotaging the election he was running. He has no interest in getting to the bottom of anything.

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Spygate figure pleads the 5th to avoid Durham

Free BeaconA prominent tech guru who worked with the Clinton campaign to investigate Donald Trump’s possible links to Russia pleaded the Fifth to avoid cooperating with Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation, according to court filings.

Rodney Joffe said in a deposition this month that he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination in response to a grand jury subpoena by Durham. Joffe testified that he was contacted by the special counsel more than a year ago to provide testimony and documents, seemingly about his efforts to investigate Trump. Joffe has been identified as the tech executive who worked with Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann to investigate purportedly suspicious email server contacts between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank. The FBI investigated the allegations but ultimately found them baseless. Durham has released other evidence that casts doubt on the Trump-Alfa link.

Joffe’s interactions with the Durham team suggest the prosecutor is taking a hard look at Joffe’s work with the Clinton campaign to dig up dirt on Trump. While Joffe has not been accused of criminal wrongdoing, Durham has alleged that he "exploited" web traffic data for the White House, Trump Tower, and Trump’s apartment building in order to find "derogatory" information on Trump. Durham alleged that Joffe provided the information to Sussmann, who in turn shared it with the CIA in February 2017. Responding to the revelation, Trump called for criminal prosecution for the people involved in the "spying operation" against him.

Durham does seem to be pressing his case.

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The vaccine actually increases your chance of getting COVID

Just The NewsThe efficacy of Pfizer's mRNA COVID-19 vaccine for the youngest population authorized to receive it turns negative by the sixth week after full vaccination takes effect, according to buried findings in a study of more than 1.2 million New York children since the Omicron variant's emergence.

Vaccinating kids against COVID is nuts, and it turns out, is actually harmful.

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Fraud? 95-100 percent turnout from Wisconsin nursing homes

Just The NewsThe special counsel investigating suspected irregularities in Wisconsin's 2020 election has found that 91 nursing homes in the counties of Milwaukee, Racine, Dane, Kenosha, and Brown had voter turnout rates ranging from 95% to a 100% in 2020 — as compared to overall nationwide participation rates of 67% in 2020 and 60% in 2016.

The nursing home data only reflects voting at the facilities that the special counsel "has been able to vet to this juncture," according to the report compiled by retired state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman for the state Assembly. "There are more facilities in these counties, and after auditing the votes from other facilities, the above percentages may change."

Of course it was fraud. All you have to do is watch the videos of cognitive tests being given to people who supposedly voted.

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WHO already planning for the next pandemic

UncoverDCWhen the COVID-19 pandemic got underway, many of the draconian measures swiftly mandated in the U.S. and the world directly resulted from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR). Now, as COVID restrictions are being lifted and humanity is distracted by the situation in Ukraine, the WHO’s focus has pivoted to “kickstart the process” of dealing with the next global pandemic. On Dec. 1, 2021, the 194 members of the WHO’s World Health Assembly established an intergovernmental negotiating body (INB) to draft and negotiate an “international instrument” on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. The next meeting to decide working timelines is noted to occur by Mar. 1, 2022.

After two whole years of complete COVID BS, they are already planning to try their totalitarian takeover again at the next opportunity.

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Biden associate Devon Archer sentenced for defrauding tribe

Media BlackoutDevon Archer, Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner/best friend, was just sentenced in NY District Court to 1 year, 1 day in jail plus 1 year parole and $15m forfeiture for defrauding a Native American tribe. Only a presidential pardon will save him.

The Bidens are corrupt and the media doesn't care.

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AZ GOP files lawsuit over election rules

Gateway PunditThe Arizona GOP has filed a lawsuit against radical leftist Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to protect Arizona’s elections from bad actors.

The full forensic audit of Maricopa County discovered numerous election law violations, including lack of signature verification and chain of custody documentation. Auditors identified over 700,000 ballot discrepancies during the audit.

The lawsuit was filed in the Arizona Supreme Court on Friday seeking to ban unconstitutional drop boxes and no-excuse mail-in voting. It will also require the Arizona Secretary of State to include signature verification guidelines in the Arizona Elections Procedures Manual.

Our elections are still not safe.

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Democrats about to change course away from COVID panic

PJMediaThe polling firm that proudly served Joe Biden in 2020 has some advice for Democrats. Impact Research wrote a memo, which is circulating on Capitol Hill, alerting Democrats that no one likes their policies regarding COVID-19. Prepare for the most comprehensive attempt to retcon the last two years we have seen yet as Democrats now understand that their political fate depends on embracing reality.

The reality is that they were the party of COVID panic. They can only hope everyone has forgotten about that by the time the elections come around. That, or find a big shiny distraction like Ukraine.

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New Zealand vaccine mandate struck down

Just The NewsJustice has prevailed in this New Zealand court battle against immoral COVID-19 jab mandates.

A High Court challenge questioning the legality of COVID-19 jab mandates for Police and Defence Force employees has been upheld, with the court saying the mandate represented a “gross violation of human rights.”

A victory, but too late for those who already took it. If it turns out to be harmful, the payback will be epic.

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CDC acknowledges vaccine risk of heart problems

Legal InsurrectionThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been very busy recently revising recommendations.

The agency recently amended its mask guidelines, now allowing communities to take in to account the level of hospitalizations in an areas rather than just relying on case counts. Now it is recommending that younger males should consider waiting longer between doses of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines to reduce a rare risk of heart inflammation.

They acknowledged the risk and revised their recommendations, which does no good for all the people who have already taken their damned shots.

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More Biden laptop data

Daily MailWhistleblower who handed Hunter's abandoned laptop to congressmen and reveals he has 450 gigabytes of DELETED material including 80,000 images and videos - and has fled to Switzerland fearing retaliation from White House

Well, this explains why news orgs were suddenly admitting that the laptop was real.

UPDATE: Hmmmm. It's possible the original data is real, and the new data has mixed-in fake material designed to discredit the original data. The size of the drive is a good argument that not all the data is valid.

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