Prosecutor disqualified for fundraising off a self-defense case

PowerLineReaders will recall that Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia pointed guns at BLM protesters outside their home in St. Louis last July, and that Kim Gardner, the incompetent left-wing St. Louis circuit attorney, decided to prosecute the McCloskeys. But thanks to a ruling by a St. Louis judge, Gardner will not be allowed to prosecute Mark McCloskey; nor will her office be permitted to do so.

The reason? Gardner exploited the McCloskeys in fundraising emails during her reelection campaign.

The McCloskeys made national TV this year by defending their home with firearms against a "mostly peaceful" protest that broke into their private property and threatened them. Now the prosecutor has been thrown off their case (one of their cases; separate trials apparently).

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Tue Dec 15 08:08:06 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

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