Another Muslim terrorist attack

PJMediaTERROR IN NORWAY: 5 killed, 2 injured in bow and arrow attack in Norway, considered terrorism. “Police said the man who they said shot several people was a Muslim convert who had been flagged in the past for being radicalized, police said, according to The Associated Press. The deadly attack is now being considered an act of terrorism, the AP reported.”

By the way, the first couple of stories I saw on this just identified him as a “Danish citizen” and then went on to talk about right-wing attacks. Because #journalism.

Funny how these mass murders can happen without guns, but they rarely happen without Muslims.

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Colorado mass murderer identified, likely Islamic terrorist

TwitchyBoulder Police have identified the shooter in yesterday's violence at King Soopers as 21-year-old Ahmad Alyssa of Arvada. He is being held on ten counts of murder. The victims range in age from 20 to 65.

Based on his name and religion, it's very likely we're looking at another case of Islamic terrorism. And he hates Trump. And the FBI knew he was a threat before the attack.

It's very convenient that the Democrats have control of all three branches of government and suddenly the mass murders start happening again.

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Obama Admin gave money to Al Qaeda

YahooNon-profit humanitarian agency World Vision United States improperly transacted with the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) in 2014 with approval from the Obama administration, sending government funds to an organization that had been sanctioned over its ties to terrorism, according to a new report.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) recently released a report detailing the findings of an investigation his staff began in February 2019 into the relationship between World Vision and ISRA.

This was already pretty well known, but the Senate report confirms it.

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Two shooters?

I haven't been following the Las Vegas shooting details closely, but the official story isn't adding up. This video suggests there were two shooters, one of which had an M240 machine gun (based on the rate of fire, 600RPM) firing a string of 94 shots in a single string of fire. AR-15s fire about 800RPM and sound very clearly different.

Yes, the sound on the various videos could be edited. It's not conclusive. But it is -- if the evidence wasn't tampered with -- strong support for the multiple-shooters idea, and counter-evidence for the use of AR-15s with bump fire stocks (exclusively, anyway).

I honestly don't have a good idea why someone would want to cover up the multiple-shooters angle. Well, I could speculate and come up with several possibilities; the problem is that I don't have evidence for any of them. What I do have is evidence that the official story doesn't explain, and in many cases, actually contradicts the official story. And, increasingly, thanks to SpyGate, I have evidence that the government and the FBI are not worthy of blind trust.

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ISIS claims credit for California wildfires

Arrests have been made in previous fires, usually described as illegal immigrants. Now ISIS is claiming credit for the latest round of fires. Refusing to secure our southern border is practically an invitation.

UPDATE: If, in fact, this was an ISIS attack in the form of a fire set by arson, 71 people are confirmed dead and 1,000 more are missing.

If, in fact, those thousand people are dead -- or even some significant fraction of them -- then we are looking at the largest terrorist attack since 9-11. Even the Vegas mass murder only killed 58, though it wounded over 500 more.

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Bump stock ban ready

SayUncleIt appears that the Department of Justice is about to ban bump stocks. I say about to because the Final Action is slated for the imaginary date of 12/00/2018.

The imaginary date suggests December, ie, next month. BATFE is going to do this without legislation, and it will have a significant economic impact (hundreds of millions) even ignoring the fact that the law will take probably thousands of people who bought legal products for their firearms and turn them until felons unless they destroy their property for basically no reason, all sparked by a shooting that the government continues to hide details about -- and can't even prove the shooter actually used bump stocks, because they did not examine any of his firearms.

Trump should step in and smack this down hard. But he probably won't, because it's not really his issue.

Maybe the NRA can wake him up... except they are kinda-sorta-agreeing.

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Mass stabbing attack in France

They are refusing to call it terrorism, even though the suspect is Afghan and apparently was stabbing people randomly on the street. Armed with a knife and an iron bar, he wounded seven people, and four of them are in critical condition.

This is proof that you'll still have mass murders even if you manage to wave a magic wand and take away guns. There will always be murderous people. They will commit murder even if it's just Cain, Able, and a handy rock.

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Police sued over Orlando nightclub terror attack

ABCNewsA city police officer acting as a security guard didn't do his job and more than two dozen of his colleagues failed in their duties or violated the civil rights of surviving victims after the 2016 Orlando, Florida, nightclub massacre, according to a new federal lawsuit...

The lawsuit also lists 30 unidentified Orlando police officers who the plaintiffs allege either remained outside the nightclub while the shooting occurred or held witnesses against their will after they fled the massacre. The city of Orlando is listed as an additional defendant.

"While people, unarmed, innocent were inside a club getting absolutely massacred by a crazed gunman there were a bunch of people ... with guns, with the training and capability to take that shooter out,” Solomon Radner, attorney for the plaintiffs in the case, told ABC News.

“Instead of doing their job, they worried about themselves, they stayed outside, they worried only about their own safety, knowing that people were literally getting mowed down by the dozens just a few feet away.”

I think the suit against the guard is probably BS. Even if he screwed up in some fashion, he's not responsible for the attack. The civil rights claims against the responding police officers are more interesting.

Police have no legal duty to protect people. That's well established law. Do they have the legal authority to detain people in a situation like that? Maybe temporarily, but the suit claims 10 to 12 hours. That's stretching it a lot. So is confiscating cell phones (and presumably searching them) absent probable cause.

What seems to happen in these cases is that police completely lose their shit and panic while holding everyone in the area captive until the panic fades.

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Likely terror attack in Pennsylvania

A shooting spree by a man with an islamic/arab name, originally from Turkey, recently traveled to the middle east. Officials say he was targeting police officers. And the FBI appear to have stopped another attack before it was carried out, although in the latter case, we see the usual pattern of an FBI informant urging an individual to specific violent acts.

We can't stop terrorist attacks by pretending there are no terrorist attacks.

UPDATE: He's here on a chain-migration visa through a distant relative.

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